Saturday, September 18, 2010


A rocker standing in a forest and saving a bird which was blown off a tree by the wind. Now she has a little talk with the mumbird and they decide together where to place the nest.The bird nest is the gift from No strings attached in the Snow white hunt. Its a nest with some eggs in it and a bird sitting on it. The rocker outfit is from the Chicatique slap and dash board. It comes with an asymmetric top, torn jeans and some accessories.
Outfit: Chicatique - Rebel Oufit (0 Linden Midnight Mania)
Pose: 'NSA' - Snow White (0 Linden Snow -White Hunt)


Wandering through an autumn forest. While wearing a dress in colours which fit to the leaves. The outfit is currently sold at the festifall . Festifall was organized by before sleep and all the stores which take part in that event sell at least one item for 10 Linden at the market.Dress: 22769 casual couture autumn skirt dress (190 Linden)

The stall next to the 22769 is the one from Stylesucks. There are some tintable shirts available. And they are all a bit naughty. For example this one. It comes in a short and in a longer version.
T-shirt: : LADY LOVE GIRL (119 Linden)
An other one of the tintable shirts is this one. It showes ahm legs.
T-shirt: IN HEAVEN GIRL tintable (119 Linden)
Besides the tintable shirts there are also nontintable shirts available. For example this one with a guitar bomber. Pure exploding rock.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Crawling around on the floor while searching a lost earring. At least the carpet is fluffy so the knees do not hurt so much. The untamed teddy outfits are the latest release from Ezura. Its a bodysuit made of lace and fitting gloves and stockings. The suit comes on the underwear and the shirt layer. And its very sheer. So when wearing it in public it might be good to wear pasties under it.
Left: + ezura + Untamed Teddy Set *White (228 Linden /114 Linden for Vip members)
Middle: + ezura + Untamed Teddy Set *Black (228 Linden /114 Linden for Vip members)
Right: + ezura + Untamed Teddy Set *Red (228 Linden /114 Linden for Vip members)

Ezura also has a new lucky board gift. Its a black/teal neko outfit. The outfit looks like being made of latex. With short gloves and fitting socks.

Outfit: + ezura + Neko Camo Set *Cyan (0 Linden Lucky board)

Little dog gone bad

Jumping through the garden to train to catch a little nasty and fast dog at the roman sim. The Otukimi hunt started today on the Roman sim. You hunt for a little dog. The items are hidden on tricky places but its do able. Some great stores take part in the hunt. Like Tomoto, likka house, Lika Ruby or 129*129. So here some hunt items:
1. *+.RosePrincess.+* Hasu_Meigetsu (Roman hunt 0 Linden)
2. LIKKA*HOUSE RinRIn-bunny- : Otsukimi hunt prize (Roman hunt 0 Linden)
3. *SilverRoseDesign* Otsukimi Hunt Gift (Roman hunt 0 Linden)
4. Top: !129129**031_SHIRT_ROMAN_BLACK (Roman hunt 0 Linden)
Trousers: *MTU J-Style::Demin & Tshirt Set (Roman hunt 0 Linden)
5: Top: +Lika Ruby+Tee Moon (Roman hunt 0 Linden)
6: tomoto, kimono Otsukimi usagi (Roman hunt 0 Linden)
7: *MTU J-Style::Demin & Tshirt Set (Roman hunt 0 Linden)

The outfit on the first picture is the gift from honey kitty and named moon bunny. The hunt will end at the 26th September. The starting point is here. The gifts are hidden all over the sim. Most hunt items are not hidden in stores.


A pale demon warming herself a bit in the fire. Slowly her body becomes warmer and she starts to dance. The fire hair from the Tracy pack from the red seal hunt is just great. It looks very much like fire and fits very well to the new lucky board skins from Dimbula rose.
Outfit: AngelsDemons Creations : Darkness (0 Linden lucky chair)

Dimbula Rose
have new halloween skins on their lucky boards. I was keen on the one with the butterflys and the bats. Its just lovely. I love the butterflys at the eyes and the ones all over the body look quite nice.
Skin: Dimbula Rose : :::DR::: Americana Exotica skin_HW LB 02 (0 Linden Lucky board)
Hair: !!Calico Ingmann Creations!! Tracy - Calico's Picks (0 Linden Red Seal Hunt)

There is also a skin for guys on the lucky board. Its dark grey with golden spiders on it. As long as the body is covered it looks like a unisex skin.
Skin: Dimbula Rose : :::DR::: Black Demon skin(Male)_HW LB 03 (0 Linden Lucky board)
Hair: !!Calico Ingmann Creations!! Ben - Calico's Picks (0 Linden Red Seal Hunt)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Slow walking

Slow baking and cooking is latly not as popular as it uses to be in germany. So sitting in the white with a zebra and spend some time on slow drinking. Before i performed some slow walking at the Rue D'Antibes. There is currently a great hunt taking place and the gifts are not only clothes. For example the gift from Second Spaces. Its table with fitting seats and lamps and some more decoration. The Zebra isn t in the gift but was attracted by the parasol. Table and so on: #26. Second Spaces (0 Linden Red Seal Hunt)
Zebra: Neon Frog Studios : Zebra (0 Linden on the Midnight mania or 700 Linden if you buy it)

An other nice hunt gift is this purple flower dress. It comes with two skirts which are mod so its possible to make the outfit fit smaller avis (or bigger ones). The texture of the lace is very detailed.
Dress: *Reale* Margarida dress (purple) (0 Linden Red Seal Hunt)

The hunt gift from WAP is a short jacket with a shirt under it and a very short skirt. It looks comfy and because the skirt is so short it also looks a bit sexy. The red hair is also a gift from the Rue D'Antibes hunt. The gift contains the haircut in all normal haircolours and also some which are not found in rl without the help of a barber.
Dress: .:WAP Design:. Outfit Urban [1] (0 Linden Red Seal Hunt)
Hair: !!Calico Ingmann Creations!! Tracy - Calico's Picks (0 Linden Red Seal Hunt)

Hunting on the streets

Icing is one of the best stores for elegant clothes for women i know. All the dresses are well made and perfect for the need to look sexy but not cheap. And the dresses from Icing do not look cheap at all. Even although the prices in that store are quite low compared to other stores on the same quality level. But of course its great to have the chance to test the quality of the dresses from a store without paying money and this is currently possible at the Rue D’Antibes Hunt. Icing has a store on that sim and takes part in the hunt. Their gift is a dress which could be either worn with a black skirt. Or with a pink skirt. It has some ruffles around the neck which make the strict cut pencilskit outfit look more playful.
Dress: RSH> #21. *ICING* Coquette - Pink (0 Linden Hunt gift)

[shadow of your love]

It is just
Another year in
Another city with
Another job and just
Another new haircut
Another cat on a different
Sunday morning

Exchangeable like raindrops
falling from autumnal clouds

[shadow of your love]

The only thing being constant
is your shadow falling upon me
as I sleep, the blanket of your love.

Underwear: VITAMEN - Monthly Freebie for September
Skin: *Kento* - *KENTO* Josh_T1 - Vegas
Ears and Tattoo: Aitui - (Type 2) Stretched Ears, Aka Hyou /Sleeves

More autumn

In autumn warm clothes are needed. There are some great warm clothes available at ibizzare. Its a wooljumper with cute flowers and a fitting belt. Fitting to that there are leather trousers and wonderful woolen leg warmers. The legwarmers come in two versions either with flowers on them or just made of black wool. Outfit:
Top: Ibizarre Helen Wool Jumper - black (150 Linden)
Trousers: Ibizarre Leather Crop Pants - (120 Linden)
Legwarmers: Ibizarre Helen Legwarmer - black (75 Linden)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

22769 autumn freebies

Its autumn the leaves are falling and it rains a lot. 22769 is currently giving away two freebies in autumn colours. First there is a new groupgift. Its a white sweater with a leaf printed on it and brown striped trousers. All the prim parts are resizeable.
Outfit: 22769 groupgift september 2010 (0 Linden)
They also take part in the fashion freaks hunt. The gift from that hunt looks a bit like the august groupgift. Its a sweater with a leaf on it but this time the shirt is white and not red. The trousers are brown with darker stripes.
Outfit: 22769 Fashion Freaks Huntgift (0 Linden)

Tree adventures

Once upon a time there lived a young treeman. He belonged to the race of the arboreals. But he always had the feeling that he did not really belong to the other trees. So one day he decided to wander away to find other rebels like him.But on his journey he did not meet any other arboreal. So when he saw a very old sleeping one of his race he decided to exchange news with the elder. He hugged the other tree to whisper secrets to it but when doing so he his a drow priestress which was leaning against the elder thinking that it was a normal tree. She was furious. He couldn t even find the time to apology before she used her staff on him and turned him again into a sapling.
Afraid he quickly ran away. First he wasn t able to think at all. He was shocked and also afraid that the drow might follow him. So he ran as fast as possible. After a while he thought that he would grow up again anyways. Some hours after that thought he realized that this would take about 500 years again. That was some hours before he became very sad and started to hope that he might find some help.
He wandered and wandered. He climbed onto mountains and walked through rivers. He saw big and ancient beings sleeping. And decided not to wake them.
One day he found a hut and knocked at the door. A strange looking guy came out saying lots of words like "hiya" and "howdy". The tree told his story to the man, hopeing that the guy would be a magician or a witcher.
And he had luck. The man was into alchemy and even had some ideas about how to help the arboreal. So they tested a lot of potions.
And one of them worked. But not in the way the tree hoped. He quickly grew but somehow his form wasn't like before. He had turned into a she. The alchemist came closer curious examing her knotholes. So she thanked him very much for his help and also promised him to visit him again. She also told him that she had to handle some tasks and walked away as quick as possible.
When being sure not to be watched by the man anymore the tree digged his legs into the ground. There she stood for a day. In the morning her wood started to split and she was male again. But he wasn't alone anymore. The arboreal had used its cell division skills to change its gender and to get a sapling. Together they disappeared into the woods.

Fallen Gods takes part in the kawaii hunt. And their hunt gift is just amazing. Its a little sapling avatar. But thats not the only treeavatar which is available as gift in that store at the moment. With spending some time at the lucky fortune reader it is possible to win a adult arboreal avatar. Its very nice to spend time at that fortune teller. Its like a meeting of the fantasy lovers of second life. Nearly like the fantasy faire in small. The avatars are of course amazing. The textures are great and i love the little details. For example the flowers on the male tree are different to the ones on the female tree. The sets include covers for pg sims. So its also possible to be a tree with bits or to roleplay on sims where it is asked to be decently clothed. The fortune teller visits Fallen Gods Inc. till 30th September.

Male: ARBOREAL fortunes MALE +Fallen Gods Inc.+ (0 Linden lucky fortune)
Female: ARBOREAL fortunes FEMALE +Fallen Gods Inc.+ (0 Linden lucky fortune)
Child: ARBOREAL Sapling +Fallen Gods Inc.+ (0 Linden Kawaii hunt)

Mean Drow:
Dress: Steam 3 Hunt Giftie Gear : #86 Wishbox
Skin: Ibanez Skins - Lyra - Moonlit Drowess (799 Linden)
Staff: Deviance - Enchantress - (was a Group Gift)

the wizard:
hair: Dirty Biker Hair black (freebie at different locations)
Skin: Belleza Thomas V2 Tan Release Groupgift (available at Belleza store - groupjoin 250 L$)
Ears: NV YOJO ELF EARS (Pride Hunt Gift - Hunt is over)
Outfit: Discord MU-DOU (Groupgift)


As .:i *Towa* i:. takes part in two hunts at the moment i saw that they also have a camping chair in the store. The gift is a shiny blue dress with lightly sheer prim parts. Its floaty as the most dresses from that store. It comes with a blue scarf. Dress: .:i *Towa* i:. rainy drop dress (0 Linden 30 mins camping)
Pose: 'NSA' - Whimsy 04 (35 Linden)

Kawaii Snow White

Snow white wandering through the mountains eating a tasty apple and finding some cute treasures. And the apple is just so tasty.

The snow white hunt started today and there are some cute gifts in the hunt. For example this dress from likka house. It comes with different skirts and even in a torn bikini version. Useful for example when snow white wants to manippulate some dwarfs. Dress: LIKKA*HOUSE Snow White?? : *SW* Hunt Prize (0 Linden hunt gift)

But there are some more gifts in the hunt. So here some of them. The zebra is from the neon frog midnight mania board. Its a very well made animal. The creator needed only 13 prims for the zebra. And of course the t-rex which was some time ago on the midnight mania board at that store is looking forward on meeting the zebra.

1.: *GR*twilight snow white hunt gift (0 Linden hunt gift)
2.: SW Hunt gift from Ducknipple (0 Linden hunt gift)
3.: Top: Lark - Apple Bee Corset (0 Linden hunt gift)
Trousers: =IZUMIYA=Kawaii Hunt Prize (0 Linden hunt gift)
Shoes: Kawaii Hunt - 05 - Scribble (0 Linden hunt gift)
Necklace: Frippery : ~The Blood of the Rose Necklace (0 Linden hunt gift)
4.: ***Ambrosia***Polka Dots dress[pink] (0 Linden hunt gift)
5.: Top: =IZUMIYA=SW Hunt/Apple T Shirt (0 Linden hunt gift)
Trousers: =IZUMIYA=Kawaii Hunt Prize (0 Linden hunt gift)
6.: !129129**038+046 (0 Linden hunt gift)
7.: ***Ambrosia***Blanche-Neige comme Rose (0 Linden hunt gift)

Zebra: Neon Frog Studios : Zebra (0 Linden on the Midnight mania or 700 Linden if you buy it)

Girls with guns

A girl standing innocent around taking care that nobody enters the house. Its a bit boring so she uses her gun to train her armmuscles.In the next floor an other girl takes care that nobody gets close to the house. So she looks out of the window while walking slowly through the room.
The guns are from some midnight mania boards at ** RESIDENT EVIL ** Umbrella Inc.. They could be drawn and when touching them a menu appears. With that you could choose between three poses, a standing one, a kneeling one and a lying one for sniper fun. Its even possible to choose to activate a silencer. Of course you also could have different kind of bullets.
For this entry i used two colourful skins with cute makeup. The left one is from the lucky board at Eternity. The one with the blue dots in the face is from the whats your sign hunt. Its from the starting point from the aquarius path.
Left: .:o0o:.* Eternity * .:o0o:. ~eternal love~ skin (LB only) (0 Linden lucky board)
Right: Dulce Secrets Mainstore : #001 WYS Aquarius Dulce Secrets (0 Linden Hunt gift)

The brown dollie dress is from the blue blood midnight mania board. In that colour its perfect for crawling through the bushes so you could wear it while spending time with a guerrilla unit. The white lace dress is a groupgift from ribbon.
Brown dress: +++BB+++ Rachel OCRE (SPECIAL COLOR EDITION) (0 Linden Midnight mania)
Lace dress: *RibboN*LaceDress for GIFT (0 Linden group gift)
Ak-47: ** RESIDENT EVIL ** Umbrella Inc. : [KAMUFLASH] Eckert AK-74 (0 Linden Midnight mania)
M4: ** RESIDENT EVIL ** Umbrella Inc. : [JOSHI] M4 Rifle w gl (0 Linden Midnight mania)

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

22769 for women

22769 are currently releasing the autumn collection for women. So here a little peek on the dresses. For example this jugendstil inspired dress. It has some typical art noveau patterns and the golden lines are also typical for that style. I think the dress could be great in roleplay for example for a priestress.
Dress: 22769 casual couture Flower Gown (230 Linden)

The grey knitdress is perfect for the autumn. It keeps the hands warm but is short enough to look cute. And the bow around the hips is just lovely.
It also could be worn as short mini dress. It has a good lenght for be also worn with jeans under it. At least the outfit is that short that you could wear it very well with boots. There is also a third wearing option. In the pack is also a sweater included.
Dress: 22769 casual couture Knitdress (210 Linden)

Of course there is also a cheapie to welcome the autumn. Its a short knit vest with matching brown trousers. The trousers are lowrise ones so you could show off your undies.
Outfit: 22769 casual couture Knit Vestlet Outfit (10 Linden)

Monday, September 13, 2010

Freebies from Nederpoort

Nederpoort is a nice sim with a great little restaurant and a showroom. And there is a freebie shop called Freebie Fashionista. They have some nice free or cheap clothes. For example this blue white dress. It comes with two kinds of skirts. Dress: #445 Wetherby's Salem's Dress - Blue (0 Linden)

This black white dress is an other freebie from there. It is tintable but i didn t test that feature as i like the contrest between black and white.
Dress: FAB.PONY "Vickie" Minidress (Blk & Wht) tintable! ( 1 Linden)

Makeup/Telling Time in Japan


Isn't this lipstick cute? You can get it at Glamorize, along with the pink leopard eyeshadow I'm wearing. In fact, there's a whole wall of makeup there, all fatpacks starting at just 5L. The model pictures admittedly make you wonder if they'll fit on you, but give it a chance. Some of the craziest-looking stuff available actually looks great on me.

As with all makeup, I suggest you not load on too many loud colors at a time. Balance one bright aspect out with a nude; a strong lipstick with a soft eyeshadow, or vice versa. Too many colors on your face all screaming for attention just makes other people want to look the other away. You didn't spend your hard-earned Ls for that to happen!

I'm also wearing the Bini skin from Mother Goose, which I learned about from Juicybomb. Thank you for writing about it! This skin comes with four variations for 50L, and is so well-done that it's my going to be my skin for a while.

As I promised, we're visiting our first foreign map today. Most people know about Metabirds, but many don't know about some hidden freebies there. Chronokit offers an array of free clocks for anyone with the prim allowance to pick up. They actually keep time, and are incredibly stylish.


Explore the rest of that sim while you're at it, and the 7 additional sims full of Japanese stores associated with it. I've picked up plenty of fun stuff from Metabirds so we'll be exploring more there soon.

Lipstick: Glamorize Playtime Fatpack (nude), 30L
Eyeshadow: Glamorize Wild Eye Makeup Fatpack (pink leopard), 10L
Glasses: Lucky Card Free Glasses (Xstreet), 0L
Skin: Bini from Mother Goose (Fatpack), 50L
Clocks: various @ Chronokit, 0L

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Being glad about comfy sweaters and jumping a bit around. The sweaters are the gift from the indie rose lucky chair. They are a bit big and very comfy. The trousers are from a freebie store which belongs to the dominion fashion district. They are wellmade and made for being worn with boots. Left: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ Striped Sweater {Pink}
Middle: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ Striped Sweater {Blue}
Right: ~*INDIE ROSE*~ Striped Sweater {Grey}
Trousers: [O.D.C] Wear - Ripped Pants 2 (0 Linden)

Sterling artistry eyes released their monthly freebies. This time its a pair of autumn eyes. Im always surpised how talented the creator of those eyes is.
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Eyes : September Freebies (0 Linden)