Tuesday, September 14, 2010

22769 for women

22769 are currently releasing the autumn collection for women. So here a little peek on the dresses. For example this jugendstil inspired dress. It has some typical art noveau patterns and the golden lines are also typical for that style. I think the dress could be great in roleplay for example for a priestress.
Dress: 22769 casual couture Flower Gown (230 Linden)

The grey knitdress is perfect for the autumn. It keeps the hands warm but is short enough to look cute. And the bow around the hips is just lovely.
It also could be worn as short mini dress. It has a good lenght for be also worn with jeans under it. At least the outfit is that short that you could wear it very well with boots. There is also a third wearing option. In the pack is also a sweater included.
Dress: 22769 casual couture Knitdress (210 Linden)

Of course there is also a cheapie to welcome the autumn. Its a short knit vest with matching brown trousers. The trousers are lowrise ones so you could show off your undies.
Outfit: 22769 casual couture Knit Vestlet Outfit (10 Linden)

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