Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Tree adventures

Once upon a time there lived a young treeman. He belonged to the race of the arboreals. But he always had the feeling that he did not really belong to the other trees. So one day he decided to wander away to find other rebels like him.But on his journey he did not meet any other arboreal. So when he saw a very old sleeping one of his race he decided to exchange news with the elder. He hugged the other tree to whisper secrets to it but when doing so he his a drow priestress which was leaning against the elder thinking that it was a normal tree. She was furious. He couldn t even find the time to apology before she used her staff on him and turned him again into a sapling.
Afraid he quickly ran away. First he wasn t able to think at all. He was shocked and also afraid that the drow might follow him. So he ran as fast as possible. After a while he thought that he would grow up again anyways. Some hours after that thought he realized that this would take about 500 years again. That was some hours before he became very sad and started to hope that he might find some help.
He wandered and wandered. He climbed onto mountains and walked through rivers. He saw big and ancient beings sleeping. And decided not to wake them.
One day he found a hut and knocked at the door. A strange looking guy came out saying lots of words like "hiya" and "howdy". The tree told his story to the man, hopeing that the guy would be a magician or a witcher.
And he had luck. The man was into alchemy and even had some ideas about how to help the arboreal. So they tested a lot of potions.
And one of them worked. But not in the way the tree hoped. He quickly grew but somehow his form wasn't like before. He had turned into a she. The alchemist came closer curious examing her knotholes. So she thanked him very much for his help and also promised him to visit him again. She also told him that she had to handle some tasks and walked away as quick as possible.
When being sure not to be watched by the man anymore the tree digged his legs into the ground. There she stood for a day. In the morning her wood started to split and she was male again. But he wasn't alone anymore. The arboreal had used its cell division skills to change its gender and to get a sapling. Together they disappeared into the woods.

Fallen Gods takes part in the kawaii hunt. And their hunt gift is just amazing. Its a little sapling avatar. But thats not the only treeavatar which is available as gift in that store at the moment. With spending some time at the lucky fortune reader it is possible to win a adult arboreal avatar. Its very nice to spend time at that fortune teller. Its like a meeting of the fantasy lovers of second life. Nearly like the fantasy faire in small. The avatars are of course amazing. The textures are great and i love the little details. For example the flowers on the male tree are different to the ones on the female tree. The sets include covers for pg sims. So its also possible to be a tree with bits or to roleplay on sims where it is asked to be decently clothed. The fortune teller visits Fallen Gods Inc. till 30th September.

Male: ARBOREAL fortunes MALE +Fallen Gods Inc.+ (0 Linden lucky fortune)
Female: ARBOREAL fortunes FEMALE +Fallen Gods Inc.+ (0 Linden lucky fortune)
Child: ARBOREAL Sapling +Fallen Gods Inc.+ (0 Linden Kawaii hunt)

Mean Drow:
Dress: Steam 3 Hunt Giftie Gear : #86 Wishbox
Skin: Ibanez Skins - Lyra - Moonlit Drowess (799 Linden)
Staff: Deviance - Enchantress - (was a Group Gift)

the wizard:
hair: Dirty Biker Hair black (freebie at different locations)
Skin: Belleza Thomas V2 Tan Release Groupgift (available at Belleza store - groupjoin 250 L$)
Ears: NV YOJO ELF EARS (Pride Hunt Gift - Hunt is over)
Outfit: Discord MU-DOU (Groupgift)

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