Monday, September 13, 2010

Makeup/Telling Time in Japan


Isn't this lipstick cute? You can get it at Glamorize, along with the pink leopard eyeshadow I'm wearing. In fact, there's a whole wall of makeup there, all fatpacks starting at just 5L. The model pictures admittedly make you wonder if they'll fit on you, but give it a chance. Some of the craziest-looking stuff available actually looks great on me.

As with all makeup, I suggest you not load on too many loud colors at a time. Balance one bright aspect out with a nude; a strong lipstick with a soft eyeshadow, or vice versa. Too many colors on your face all screaming for attention just makes other people want to look the other away. You didn't spend your hard-earned Ls for that to happen!

I'm also wearing the Bini skin from Mother Goose, which I learned about from Juicybomb. Thank you for writing about it! This skin comes with four variations for 50L, and is so well-done that it's my going to be my skin for a while.

As I promised, we're visiting our first foreign map today. Most people know about Metabirds, but many don't know about some hidden freebies there. Chronokit offers an array of free clocks for anyone with the prim allowance to pick up. They actually keep time, and are incredibly stylish.


Explore the rest of that sim while you're at it, and the 7 additional sims full of Japanese stores associated with it. I've picked up plenty of fun stuff from Metabirds so we'll be exploring more there soon.

Lipstick: Glamorize Playtime Fatpack (nude), 30L
Eyeshadow: Glamorize Wild Eye Makeup Fatpack (pink leopard), 10L
Glasses: Lucky Card Free Glasses (Xstreet), 0L
Skin: Bini from Mother Goose (Fatpack), 50L
Clocks: various @ Chronokit, 0L

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