Friday, March 28, 2014

Steam The Hunt IX - When Angels Fall

She had been the Guardian since... since Eternity had begun. She couldn't recall a moment when she was not watching, alert and dedicated. She had always been true and sincere. Yet, suddenly, she was ruthlessly scrapped. Why...? Maybe because a cogwheel or two needed replacing? Because she required more maintenance time than those shiny stainless steel automatons recently introduced by Management? So nothing but economy mattered now? What about human qualities, such as... loyalty and faith? Are the Machine Guards becoming... plain machines right now?

When Angels Fall
You still have a few days to pick up the amazing gifts along the path of the ninth Steampunk Hunt. Although - as Glorf Bulmer smartly observed - this hunt was mostly about hats, there are plenty of non-hat surprises as well... such as the stunning "Adriael" female avatar by Mobius Creations. Crosswired Deanimator, the self-confessed building maniac behind the company name offers you a male avatar as well, "Archronus"... so, why are you still here, hesitating? Pick up the landmark and run!

"Adriael" complete avatar - Steam IX Hunt gift by Mobius Creations - 0 L$.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ready to Rock

There was nothing like music in her life. Unfortunately the moments on which she could enjoy them were unbearably rare. But there the parties. Initiated to make sure that the houses would not start to fight each other. For her they meant hours of boredom until all the really important people had left. After that she and the other younger ones enjoyed the opportunity to listen to music  - so loud that the floors vibrated.
Captivity Poses created an awesome pose prop for the Rock Attitude Fashion Fair 2014. It is a set of speakers with 16 different poses. Some of them are funny some sexy but all are great. The Fair will start at the 29th March and run till April 11.


Hair: /Wasabi Pills/Erika Mesh Hair - Iceberg
Shirt: *Fishy Strawberry* New York Deep V Shirt - Red (sold at Collabor88)
Skirt: *Fishy Strawberry* Frankfurt Pencil Skirt - Black (sold at Collabor88)
Shoes: Ingenue :: Maryse Heels (Slink Feet Add-On) :: Noir

Pose: Captivity Poses- ReAmped Exclusive for RAFF! (16 poses)

Sunday, March 23, 2014

RMK Gothic Bunny Hunt 2014 - The Red Princess

The Red Princess was ready to become the Red Queen... oh yes, she was ready and greedy to rule. Yet, the current Red Queen was so impolite as not wanting to abdicate in her favour. What a shame. She was still young and energic, she said, and she planned to spend another decade on the throne. Or maybe two, if she couldn't finish her plan and have all the necessary heads chopped off... and, of course, there were those roses to be painted red, every year. "I'll die a princess if I don't come up with a plan soon!" - the Red Princess thought. "Mummy, Mummy, I'd rather you reconsider that abdication...or else." Her lips curled up into a nasty smile as she started walking towards the rose garden.
It's March and the capricious bunnies are back to the RMK Gothic sim, to be waited on front and back paw and to be silently begged to drop a precious gift card. If you want to know everything about this unusual hunt and/or patience game, read the instructions at the RMK Gothic website; or, if you want to read a truly thorough review of what's going on (with lots of pictures), visit Deoridhe Quandry's blog.

Dress (complete with collar, stockings and hat; the latter not worn here): Ambrosia RMK Bunny Hunt gift (0 L$).
Necklace: Insanya RMK Bunny Hunt gift (0 L$). I love those rabbit ears! :)
Skin: The Skinnery "Haruko" in Milk - The Chapter Four gacha prize (100 L$ per play).
Hair: Ayashi RMK Bunny Hunt gift (0 L$).
Staff: DDD Alice's Chess Rod, "Red King" - gacha prize (40 L$ per play).
Eyes: Sterling Artistry "Dolly Deadly" in Danger (65 L$).
Nails: Pulcino RMK Bunny Hunt gift (0 L$).
Pose: Theater Chain "The Duchess" - from the "Alice in Wonderland" 10-pose pack (150 L$).