Thursday, November 22, 2012

Remember what I said about temptations?

Such advice was fine for the little wooden boy who came to life. For others of more importance to the cosmos, those deities at the edges of life and thought, something with more depth was needed, and found. Each to their own, Zathor chose to listen to both sides of each argument.

In one hand could always be found Desdemona... she saw things from a dark perspective. All actions and motives from the softest smile to the harshest blow she viewed with eyes open wide, seeing the currents running underneath like smoke.
Demon3 She knew every level of the world, saw deep into the hearts of its people, the flames of their desires and hatred kept her warm. Yearnings cried out to her, and she could interpret truth from lie. She spoke these dark truths and no others, letting Zathor see the darkness burning within each person.

Anabel, the eternal balance to Desdemona was always to be found at Zathor's other hand. She saw everything her opposite did, but from the perspective of light. Eyes open just as wide missed nothing, streams of consciousness, motives drawing across the faces below like strands of silk.
Angel2 Her gaze sought out each level of life, each strata, every interaction. The goodness and fairness which shone from the hearts of the living kept her serene, brought light to her existence. She spoke the truth of justice and good, letting Zathor see the best in people and their works.
Desdemona :
Skin :  : S u g a r : [3] DB - Lush {Cleav-3} [Teeth] Crease
This beautiful skin is coming out in December 2012 - there will be more shots of this coming up soon!
Dress :   +REDRUM+ Knot Dress Alchemy Red  L$89
Oh yummy yummy. a MESH dress that really really fits. Amazing on the bewbs too fantastic shape, and as ever from REDRUM, kickass designs, here a Dantesque heart and flames.
Hair :   >TRUTH< Cheyenne - Blaze
Always amazing from TRUTH, epic colour options for a fantastic price. The MESH hair shown here is from the FADES fatpack L$ 300
Eyeliner : +REDRUM+ Black Eyeliner - Heavy L$29
Nails and rings :  [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] ASIA Rings & Nails Red v2
Sadly these don't seem to be available any longer - I may have missed them in the store, it's always worth a nosey around!
Shoes : : S u g a r : Dangerous Heels L$499
Love these. Love love love them. Fantastic textures to shoe and foot, and with the HUD a wide range of colours for shoe and sole. Mix or match. Perhaps handiest of all, is the included HUD which has the option to match to each of S U G A R's skintones at a single click. Well, two clicks, as these beauties have options to the footpart, and the ankle, for a more seamless join to your legs.

Anabel :
Skin : *Epic Skins* Dark Elfin Singles {Darkest Mist} [Glo] Cleavage
This skin came from the EPIC vendor at this years Fantasy Faire
Dress :   +REDRUM+ Knot Dress Alchemy Cream L$89
Same style of dress, with the design that puts me in mind of money!
Hair :  >TRUTH< Cheyenne w/Roots - surf
This hair is from the same FADES pack as that worn by Desdemona -so you can see what a great range of colours are included. Two styles shown, Anabel wears the w/Roots version. L$300
Nails and rings : [MANDALA]Milky Nails/Atlantis Blue  L$97
Eyes : REPULSE - Zombie Eyes (Veined) L$99
Shoes :  : S u g a r : Dangerous Heels L$499
Here again, to show the sheer versatility of these beauties! As mentioned above, included is a HUD to match skintone to the range of skins available at S U G A R. There is also another HUD included, where you can match the skintone of ankles and feet to any RGB colour you can think of, so you can wear the shoes with any skin you like!

Prop : [Virtual Props] The Masters Hand Photography Prop L$700
Spent a long while after thinking up the idea for this post thinking I had imagined this props existence. Thankfully a shout out plea for help in the Virtual Props chat led me to this. It includes 10 poses, and is 12 Prims.

Cloud brush used on Anabel shots can be found here..

Monday, November 19, 2012

Come Back To Me - The Enchanted Frost Hunt

Hrotswytha Frostgarth looked through the window and shivered. She was indeed an ice witch, but the blizzard ruthlessly raging in the outside world was too much even for her... and she was also deeply worried. Her beloved pet was outside, somewhere in the snow, trying to find his way home. Oh, Hrymwyr was so bold and stubborn, and enjoyed wandering alone in the wilderness so much! Now he was in trouble... because even the stamina of the boldest and most stubborn stag is eventually consumed by the wind, the frost and the ice.
Frost Witch Not far away, Hrymwyr was to lie down in the snow... the deadly snow, which was so inviting and soft, it beckoned him and whispered, it offered him a cosy feather bed. Yet, in the last second, he pricked his ears and stood still. Hrotswytha was near, he suddenly realised, and she was reaching out for him. Hrymwyr started walking, and at a faster pace. His task was simple now. He must return home. Hrotswytha was waiting.
The Stag
A borrowed PC and some very limited time in SL... what could I do? With much luck and friendly help I rushed through The Enchanted Frost Hunt by MadPea and boy, was it worth it! You must buy a HUD for 10 L$ at the starting point, but it’s really a symbolic sum if you look at what you receive in exchange. The gifts are simply amazing and I’m truly sorry I can show you only a very few items here! Just to tickle your curiosity a bit more: do you remember Ceri the friendly giantess who was a regular at The Tides during the 2012 Fantasy Faire? Well, you can become just like her, because you find a complete set of Colossus avatars, outfit included, among the endgame gifts. The hunt is on until December 22nd, so you'd better run... errmmm... slide or skate for your HUD!

On her:
Skin: Azil Snow Skin in “Winter Ice” by Curious Kitties. It was a seasonal gift not available any more, but the “Winter Forest” skin is quite similar (800 L$).
Hair: Melinda in “Lucky White” by Alice Project – Lucky Board gift (0 L$).
Eyes: Ice Elf Eyes in “Dark Glacier” by Fallen Gods – “The Enchanted Frost Hunt” gift.
Tattoo: Gods TAO Female in “Young Frost” by Fallen Gods – “The Enchanted Frost Hunt” gift.
Hat: “Winter Spell” Hat by Whimsy – “The Enchanted Frost Hunt” gift.
On him:
Skin: “Crystal” by Fallen Gods – it was a Fortune Teller prize now regularly available in various tones and makeups (990 L$ for one skin, 2200 L$ for a fatpack of four, and 5200 L$ for a full pack of 16 skins).
Hair: Melinda in “Lucky White” by Alice Project – Lucky Board gift (0 L$).
Eyes: Ice Elf Eyes in “Dark Glacier” by Fallen Gods – “The Enchanted Frost Hunt” gift.
Tattoo: TAO Male in “Young Frost” by Fallen Gods – “The Enchanted Frost Hunt” gift.
Antlers: “Frosted Faun Antlers” Male by Vita’s Boudoir – “The Enchanted Frost Hunt” gift.
Shape: “Ian” by Tellaq - an old Menstuff hunt gift not available any more.