Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Candy girls...

                            do   do   doo   do  do  do...

                                                                                                                                 Honey honey...

Candy and her friend Floss lived in a sugar coated world. Marshmallow stars glittered in a blue velvet sky each night, and each day broke with the rising of a shining slice of candied orange. The people you could meet there were as sweet as you could hope for, but never too much, they wouldn't want to give any visitors a toothache.
Candy loved pastels, the lightest treats, with delicate flavours. Strawberry and blueberry, icecream sundaes, the finest spun sugar. She would decorate the prettiest of cakes, swirling flowers in frosting, adding sprinkles and glitter to all she came near. Loved by everyone, her gentle nature added delight to each treat, all finished off with a cherry on top.
Floss was every bit as sweet as her friend, getting to know this occasionally just took people a little longer. There was a hard shell protecting her, to some she would seem sour, but with time and patience, you could come to know the real her. She was hard, sure, but she had a softer side, her company enjoyable to keep for hours at a time.
Together these candy girls could really sweeten up your day. 

Wow wow woW
How have I not stumbled across this before? The Perfect Wardrobe is a bi weekly event - currently the theme is Candy Shop. It features many fabulous designers, who have items matching the theme on offer for a mere L$90 each. The value of these gifts is mindboggling. As I was opening up what I'd bought I was amazed. If you like the items, you better get there quick - not sure when this round is going to end!

Both girls :
Skin  : Izzie's - Geanna Skin Bubblegum
A very pretty skin, comes with normal and cleavage options - shown here with the cleavage
Nails and Ring  :  -UtopiaH- Sweet Coated Hand Set - Mesh
The hand set contains a modifiable glove layer to tint to match your skin. The ring with the sprinkles is lovely!
Arm tattoo  :  -UtopiaH- World of Candy [Arm Mesh Tattoo]
My first ever try of a mesh tattoo! I found this worked remarkably well. No sizing or layering issues, and the design is very cute,
Poses  :  :: Focus Poses Candy Set ::
This pose set knocked my socks off. For the L$90, you get 10 poses, prop cupcakes and lollipops, the lolly is even colour change on touch. Amazing.

Candy outfit :
[y] Vellent Retro Dress - Tutti-Frutti
Love this dress, MESH, with fantastic shape, there are two L$90 packs available, the blue and pink as shown here - which is paired with a negative version of itself in pink and cream. Also available is the same dress in chocolate and cream - and yellow and chocolate. Be careful which section of the poster you click on to buy!

Floss outfit :
{le fil casse} candy hearts mesh outfit
Another amazing range with this item. The MESH skirt comes with the usual 5 size options, as does the top. However, you get the top in four different colours! Blue, butter, mint and pink. Shown here in Pink. The lovehearts on each colour version also spell out different mottos - so you can pick if you want kisses, or just to be sweet!

Also shown - not from the Perfect Wardrobe event
Hair - Magika Whimsical   - MESH L$250