Saturday, May 4, 2013

We Love Role-Play - Nakooma


Nakooma, the maid hunter whose feet hardly touch a blade of grass.

Turquoise Shards
The memories of this year's amazing Fantasy Faire are still vivid, but some tireless Second Lifers already offer us new entertainment. SL roleplay fans must be very, very grateful to Arica Storaro and her friends who not only had the brilliant idea of setting up a market for warriors, damsels in distress and adventurers, but did indeed find the time to rope in some of the best creators in the field and organise something original and new. "We Love Role-Play!" is a monthly shopping event where you can buy goodies from (just in order to bait you with some random names) Evie's Closet, The Plastik, Fallen Gods Inc., Kouse's Sanctum, Analog Dog, Elvenbreath and many other excellent brands, for a special price.

UPDATE: visit the market here.

A visit to Arwen's Creations was on my "To Do" list for a while. I sincerely admire those SL creators who have an eye for details and also the necessary skill and patience to build an object accordingly, and Arwen Serpente is one of them - so you can imagine how happy I was when I received a polite message from Arwen herself, gently asking me whether I was interested in blogging her "Nakooma" outfit that she prepared for the opening of the "We Love Role-Play!" event. With the single exception of a spectacular feather crown I'd never worn a Native American outfit in SL, but I knew I just had to say yes, as I was absolutely sure that whatever I'd find in Arwen's boxes must be beautiful... and oh my, was I right. The "Nakooma" gown and the matching moccasins are so lovely that I won't even try to describe them... you must visit Arwen's store in the "We Love Role-Play!" market, period. "Girly" girls like myself will love the long and beautifully decorated skirt, the feather-and-turquoise necklace and the elaborate belt, while "tough" girls will appreciate the leggings and the mittens that allow you to jump, run and shoot your arrows with ease.
Talking of arrows, EZ Weaponry by Deccan Arida offers a splendid set of quiver and bow to the avid roleplayer. The "Gilded Bow of Jie" is a beauty to look at... and, as far as its firepower and other technical details are concerned, I'll tell you more when I'll have already slain my first SL troll or something equally big and dangerous. :)
For the poses I must thank Miyoko Magic of HelaMiyo, a generous pose maker and a fellow duck lover... quack quack, and thanks again for the giftie box! :)

Outfit and shoes: "Nakooma" Gown and Moccasins by Arwen's Creations - 399 L$ for the gown and 99 L$ for the moccasins... a real deal!
Bow: "The Guilded Bow of Jie" by EZ Weaponry - 450 L$.
Skin: "Dark Fairy Skin" by Eat Paste - a former hunt gift not available any more.
Hair: "Bonnie" in Smoke by Truth - the sale is still on although it's still impossible to access the sim (75 L$).
Eyes: "DragonEyes" in Blue Shards by Sterling Artistry - 65 L$.
Poses: "Unbalanced No. 4" and "Fashion Blogger No. 4" by HelaMiyo - 50 L$ for one pose, 100 L$ for a set of 10 poses.
The pictures were made at Mirromere.

Thursday, May 2, 2013


They were all girls.. can I make it any more obvious?

Ok. That's enough of that! While they were well aware of the song, their tastes had moved on a bit. As a group of people, they were a rarity. As a sports team, they were unique... as unique as four virtually identical sisters could be. Each had her own style, her own tastes, her own moves. Let's meet them!

Cadance: 5"7.
Enjoys : Writing novellas, reading the classics, studying the works of Byron and Shelley by candlelight for inspiration.
Signature move : Mute Air
Samantha : 5"7.
Enjoys : Watching cartoons. Only the classics, from merry melodies to all those with mice and rabbits and cats, where villains would scheme and plot, just for an acme anvil to fall, and set the world to rights.
Signature move : Hand Plant
Rayne : 5"7.
Enjoys : 80's Music. Spandau Ballet, Ah-ha and Duran Duran. White stripes on the cheeks of Prince Charming, and heading for a White Wedding with Billy Idol.
Signature move : Rail Grind
Mercy : 5"7.
Enjoys : Travel, visiting new places, experiencing the tingle of adventure with each destination, until even the strangest locations start to feel like home.
Signature move : Handstand

These lovely Skater Skirts are new from S U G A R for the XY ROOM Event running May 1- 20
This month it's an epic Gatcha Fest, with all the designers having items priced - as usual less than L$100
 Many with Rare and even SUPER RARE versions!

Here are shown some of the rarities from S U G A R
Cadance wears the   RARE Writer's Block
Samantha wears the   ULTRA RARE MINI - with its additional bow
Rayne wears the   RARE 80's
Mercy wears the   RARE Paris News

You can find the event, and these fabulous items (This round there's even a range for the Bois) here..

Also shown:
Location : What? Skate and Surf Park
Skateboard + Poses : HISposé  -  HISkate v.2 [phatpac] Version v2  L$ 100
Skateboard + Poses : No Strings Attached  - Skater (Pro)  L$ 100
Top : Gawk! Cozy Mini Sweatshirt - Black L$ 180
Appliers for Top : Gawk! Black Cozy Mini Sweatshirt - APPLIER FOR LOLAS! TANGO- L$ 100
Hair : Magika - Blame 03 - L$ 250
Skin :  :Sugar: [4] DB Bay / InK {1} [Teeth] L$ 699 - for a myriad of skin options 

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Farewell to the Fantasy Faire 2013

Fiammetta 1
The week of the faire, the great coming together of such disparate races and peoples, was coming to its conclusion. Their work, for now, was nearly over; though it never truly ended. All the wares, along with the hopes and dreams of designers and merchants would be packed up, and taken back to their homes, their own lands. As the sun began to dip, the warm stones of Magnificat harbour made an excellent place for Fiammetta to sit, and watch the others as they took their leave.
Fiammetta 3
It was always such a sad time, this departure. The week of the faire had been as joyous, and as poignant as ever. Strangers coming together in the name of a good cause in lands so beautiful few would ever want to leave, but when they did, it would be with new friends, comrades in the fight they all faced. This remarkable, fantastical world held so many wonderful people, it warmed her heart every bit as much as the sun warmed her skin. Watching the boats sail smoothly from the harbour, a soft breeze picked up from the centre of the Fairelands, helping each to their homes. This was the wind of change that they inspired, each year it was stronger and it would continue to grow. Sending the tresses of her hair dancing, the wind reminded them all that by working together, this was a fight
they would win.
Fiammetta 2

Oh I am going to miss this place!!!  Thankfully, these items are coming home with me! 
More beautiful items from Luna Barak at FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK.

Fiammetta is a mix and match outfit in creamy linen and burgundy leather. Shown here in the top picture is the dress version - a minidress with amazing detailing. Other pictures show the skirt and top option, the MESH and prim combination works really well. I'm always a big fan of arm warmers, and these are fantastic, echoing in their ties the intricate pattern of the belt. 
And the shoes... I really need to look into getting shoes like this RL. Beautiful arabian pumps with curled toes. Love these.

Also shown is hair by .:EMO-tions:. - available at the Fantasy Faire

Just incase it has passed anyone by - the Fantasy Faire in SL raises money for Relay For Life - the American Cancer Society. So far this Faire we have raised L$ 6,158,196 . That's $24,674 USD. Bringing the five year total raised by the Fantasy Faire to $100,000 USD!

Shopping time for this year is nearly at an end - get on down there, and lets beat this together!