Sunday, April 28, 2013

Farewell to the Fantasy Faire 2013

Fiammetta 1
The week of the faire, the great coming together of such disparate races and peoples, was coming to its conclusion. Their work, for now, was nearly over; though it never truly ended. All the wares, along with the hopes and dreams of designers and merchants would be packed up, and taken back to their homes, their own lands. As the sun began to dip, the warm stones of Magnificat harbour made an excellent place for Fiammetta to sit, and watch the others as they took their leave.
Fiammetta 3
It was always such a sad time, this departure. The week of the faire had been as joyous, and as poignant as ever. Strangers coming together in the name of a good cause in lands so beautiful few would ever want to leave, but when they did, it would be with new friends, comrades in the fight they all faced. This remarkable, fantastical world held so many wonderful people, it warmed her heart every bit as much as the sun warmed her skin. Watching the boats sail smoothly from the harbour, a soft breeze picked up from the centre of the Fairelands, helping each to their homes. This was the wind of change that they inspired, each year it was stronger and it would continue to grow. Sending the tresses of her hair dancing, the wind reminded them all that by working together, this was a fight
they would win.
Fiammetta 2

Oh I am going to miss this place!!!  Thankfully, these items are coming home with me! 
More beautiful items from Luna Barak at FANTAVATAR & MOONSTRUCK.

Fiammetta is a mix and match outfit in creamy linen and burgundy leather. Shown here in the top picture is the dress version - a minidress with amazing detailing. Other pictures show the skirt and top option, the MESH and prim combination works really well. I'm always a big fan of arm warmers, and these are fantastic, echoing in their ties the intricate pattern of the belt. 
And the shoes... I really need to look into getting shoes like this RL. Beautiful arabian pumps with curled toes. Love these.

Also shown is hair by .:EMO-tions:. - available at the Fantasy Faire

Just incase it has passed anyone by - the Fantasy Faire in SL raises money for Relay For Life - the American Cancer Society. So far this Faire we have raised L$ 6,158,196 . That's $24,674 USD. Bringing the five year total raised by the Fantasy Faire to $100,000 USD!

Shopping time for this year is nearly at an end - get on down there, and lets beat this together!

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