Saturday, June 25, 2011



Well folks meet Jennifer she is the latest shape release at CS Shapes and I love her! Jennifer has been designed with a Brazilian body form in mind, so she is tall, leggy and has fabulous curves in all the right places & as you can see has the perfect pout! Where better to pick up a skin to match the shape than Shine who caters for Brazilian type skins. I've blogged Shines skins before and they're fantastic (p.s there is an mm board & luckychair there too).

If you're not familiar with CS Shapes then you should be because for me Xanthe Audeburgh gets the proportions absolutely perfect and I'm sure you'll agree we've all tried making our own shapes & it's much harder than you would think. CS Shapes has both male & female shapes & there are demos to try out so you can find the perfect you!

 Throughout my whole time in sl I kept the shape I made for myself  on my very first day, until  that is, I picked up Lana at CS Shapes at the surf N skate hunt. What  occurred to me  most about having this new shape is how great other skins looks on it, I'd tried so many skins in the past that didn't seem to suit my shape, REALLY!...sounds odd I know but it's true, so it just goes to show what difference a greatly designed shape makes!

Shape: 499L -  Jennifer shape > CS Shapes
Skin: 900L - Katie - red/tan >Shine
Hair: 0L - group gift > Yuna's hair
Dress: 75L - LouLou floral dress for Tosl > PiCHi
Corset: 25L - echo button red corset > Phoenix rising
Necklace: 0L - Luckyboard item > Mezzo
Ring: 99L - Arabesque ring - red jasper > Bewildebeest

Rat Princess

She was the princess of the rats. Normaly she never went somewhere without her family. They crawled over her coat - which had been made of the corpses of her shortliving friends - and loved to massage her scalp with their tiny paws.
covered in rats
Sometimes their movements made her jump. The tiny snouts tickled her normaly when they whispered into her ears. Silently hissed ideas about food and prosperity. Hints where she might find the next source for clear water. Ideas how she might find a partner.
Running with Rats
The rats had always cared for her. Her parents had to work a lot so they let her alone at home even when she was a few month old. The old and verminous house was filled with rats. Somehow they cared for the neglected baby instead of trying to eat it. They stroked her with their tail and brought her food they stole in the neighbour houses. With the time she was able to communicate with the animals.
Rat coat front
She was also able to speak with humans but she often did not know what exactly she should talk with them about. The rats were more easy so she stayed with them. Or more they stayed with her. Crawling over her arms enjoying that they were safe when she was around.
rat coat without hoodie
And as the rats had been nicer to her than even her own parents she liked being with them much better than being with the ones of her kind.
rat coat back
When seeing the mi$e coat at Deviant Girls I was not able not to buy it. The design is wonderfully unique with the coat which is covered by albino rats and even looks like it is made of their fur. The coat comes on the jacket layer and of course the most of it is made with prims. The most rats sit on the shoulders and also form the hoodie. It is also possible to wear the coat without the hoodie as it are many rats and not everybody likes those animals. It is nice that the rats are not symetric placed on both arms, this makes them look even more like they would be alive and crawl over the coat. There are also getas with rats available at Deviant Girls but I prefered the combination of tight trousers and highheeled boots with the coat.

Coat: *deviant girls* mi$e coat (250 L$)
Trousers: +++BB+++ Noah Pants (150 L$)

The queen of the rats

The pictures have been also taken at the Deviant Girls sim.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

In green light

Eliza's body followed the beat. She moved her hips in an energetic movement before spinning around. The few loose streaks of her hair moved around her face and tickled her cheeks. Every body around her supposed that she was just having fun. A lot of fun. But she was working. She was one of the true rangers. Their legend has caused the fashiontrend most people followed at the moment. Corsets, Pants which looked like being made to use them as riding pants and old fashioned pistols. Of course the pistols were not allowed in this club. It was her club she had opened it to find her prey. It was much smarter to let people come to her than to search for them. And it was much more profitable. On the surface Eliza seemed to be like a spoiled brat, rich, the source of scandals and of course the creator of trends.
dancing in green light
She did everything to keep that reputation. Her club was always filled with people and she was in the middle of them. Kind, funny and damn hot. Most of her guests had no clue about her real identity. And her human guests had no clue about the real identy of those sometimes very unique dressed ethereal looking people in the club. Eliza had founded this club which was popular among the humans and the nonhumans to attract those beings who lived in disguise among the humans. Fairies, Elves, Pixies and even now and then an ent. The magical shields she had woven were strong enough to keep the real shape of her magical guests hidden from the humans. She was a dragon wandering around in her human form to punish those who acted against laws which were older than humans were able to imaging. She was one of those who dragged fairies who did not bear anymore to be ruled by Titania back into the fairylands. She spend ages on teaching unwilling pixies to sing and now and then she took care that those of her kin did not spread their hoard everywhere and behaved as greedy dragons should behave. Eliza simply could have killed those beings but there seemed to be less magical beings everyday so she only took care that their dance of the dead followed some rules. Once the true rangers had been hunters but now they were more busy with keeping the prey alive.
alone in a club
The caustic corsets from blue blood are great. They have two lacings at the front and at the bottom they end in a flowerish cut, which reminds on petals. They are available in two colour packs one in which the most parts of the corsets are made of black leather and one in which two different kinds of coloured fabric are used. All of them have the same cut and come on the Jacketlayer. For those who might want to combine the corset with a jacket or a coat there are also extra layers included into the set. Those are still boxed which is smart of the creator as it means less items in the inventory until they are needed. The Noah pants are also from blue blood. They have many details and are as the corsets handmade. They remind me a bit on rinding pants as they have an inlay of an other colour at the inner thights. They are available either made completly of leather with an inlay of leather and the bottom of the flares in an different colour, or with the inlay and bottom of the flares made by using tartan cloth. The trousers also have sculpted leg pieces which are worn on the thights. Those have amazing pretty paterns on them. But it is also possible to wear the trousers without them although I think they look cooler if the leg pieces are worn.
blue blood corsets

Corsets: +++BB+++ Caustic Corsets (150 L$ per colourpack which contains 4 corsets)
Trousers: +++BB+++ Noah Pants (150 L$ for one of the pants)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shades of pink

Shades of pink

Seems like summer is the time to be hunting and indeed I have! I generally like to cover quite a few items from the hunt that I am currently undertaking, however it's been tricky for me to keep up with them all if I'm honest but here is one you won't want to miss The summer breeze hunt < (check for hints & slurls) it only runs until the end of July so don't waste anytime checking this one out! it's where i picked up this amazing outfit from Izm,  oh and by the way you're looking for a green leaf.


I really want to tell you about this great little store V.E.L which has the most wonderful make ups - not for the shy retiring types Oh no! it's edgy and vibrant and well worth a visit! there's some great creative things there so I urge you to take a sneaky peek.

Hair: 0L group gift > D!va
Skin: 600L -  Melissa > Les petits details
Pink eyeshadow: 65L - pigments 2.0 - blush > V.E.L
Hat& dress: 0L - Pink dress -  the black butler hunt item (look for the black rabbit) > Izm
Necklace: 0L - Summer Breeze hunt item  (look for the leaf) > Chop zuey
Shoes: 200L - I'm a vintage housewife - red > Les petits details

City Runner

Sina stared up to the tower. She had gotten the task to climb on it in the morning. Now it was the right time. Some time ago she had found a small advertisement in the newspaper her parents read. The text was mysterious. It said "Become a city runner. Help saveing New Badenbaden from the black knights." Sina lived in New Badenbaden and she loved the town. Some things were not really the best there but it was the city she lived her whole life in so she was attached to the town. She had no clue what a city runner might be also not who the black knights were. But she was bored and curious. So she wrote an application and placed it under a barrel near the bridge. This had been demanded in the ad and it had been which caused mainly her desicion to aply.
Lightning in the city
A week later she got the first instruction letter. She found it in a magazine she bought. Sina was the only person who read this magazine. Sina had seen "Musical saw - Past, Present and Future" in a kiosk when she visited her aunt. She did not play a singing saw but the magazine was intresting. In her opinion most of the stories were invented. She did not believe that the first singing saw had been played by a maya princess, but the stories made her laugh so she ordered the magazin in a kiosk near the house she lived with her parents.
Lightning running on metal
After she had aplied to become a city runner she always found a letter with tasks in the magazin. Sometimes she was ordered to hide something at a special place. At other times she had to take notes about her classmates, teachers or neighbours. But she liked the ones which were like the one she got in the morning best. Those letters instructed her how to get to different points in the city. At the beginning it had been exhausting for her to climb onto towers and to balance over steel beams but after a year of training it was like a relaxing walk for her to get onto the roof of the tower.
Lighting looking over the city
The Lightning avatar is one of the gifts in the on going hunt at 1st act. Lightning is a Final Fantasy character and the similarity of this avatar to the gamecharacter is amazing. The avatar comes with skin, shape, eyes, hair and of course all the clothing. The primparts are mod so it is possible to make them fit an other avatar if you do not like to use the complete one. The quality of the complete avatar is stunning and its great that it is an hunt gift. The avatar is of course great for roleplay.
To take part in the hunt you have to teleport to the 1st act store. In the middle of it you see four cutouts of avatars. All those avatars could be won in the on going hunt. To start hunting touch the avatar you like to get. You will receive a hud. After wearing it click on the shards on it to get the hunt hints. The hints wi also tell you in which area you should search for the shards which are also the hunt items. The shards are not visible but if you click on the right object the shard appears and you collect it by touching it. The hunt is fun as the hints are all easy to understand. If taking part in it, it might be a good idea to wear as few scripts as possible and to have low avatar rendering costs. I made the hunt yesterday together with Paco from 22769 and the sim was really crowded. But the huntgifts are definitly worth to stand the lag.

Avatar: [1A] Lightning v1.1 (0 L$ Huntgift)

The Pictures have been taken at S.I.C using Fairy blue (Paulina) as windlight setting.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In Which Sian Travels

Artefact 3

I seem to be standing on a geometric structure arranged around some sort of long-dead tree. There are no doors or windows. It was left here, presumably, by some intelligent agency. Readings indicate it is between twelve and seventeen million years old.

Artefact 2

There is no animal life on the planet now beyond the plankton level.

The weather is clement. The sea is utterly tranquil. It's beautiful. I could stay here forever.

- Last transmission of RSF Exploratrix FLiS27

Artefact 1

Outfit: [Bare Rose] Cyber Diver
Gauntlets: [Bare Rose] Night Arms Lady
Shoes: [Graves] G102 Alpha Boots (just the prims, retextured)
Earphones, tattoos: Sian's own

[ashton penn?]

Ashton, the new group-freebie from -Belleza-, is a face that could be seen quite often on the feeds during the past days - nonetheless, I couldn't help but to wonder who he reminded me of once I slipped into the skin. After a good while, and after deciding on a proper haircut, I had an epiphany: Ashton had a touch of younger Sean Penn!


The more mature, but not 'old' looking skin comes in 5 skin tones (tan, deep tan, medium, pale and sk), and each of them either with hairbase, bald, with chesthair or without. Please keep in mind that the group has a joining fee!

Also free: the stunning and vibrant "Summer Breeze"-eyes from Poetic Colors and VITAMEN's latest gift for June, a tight-sitting pair of boxer briefs in black which are certainly a good basic and belong into every man's underwear drawer.

Skin: -Belleza- - Ashton Group Gift (free - group joining fee!)
Hair: Uw.St - Denis-Hair
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Summer Breeze (free)

Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: - Neptune w/out Chest Tattoo
Underwear: VITAMEN - Monthly Freebie on June 2011 (free)

Monday, June 20, 2011



In this post I want to gush about this new store Bewildebeest, it's only been open 1 month so a great many people will not have visited yet and I really must urge you to do so. How cute and wonderfully detailed is this little set I am wearing and it comes in a range or unusual & delightful colours too.

 I personally love this store, it has a magical element to it where I feel like a child in a sweet shop, I want to touch & devour it's entire contents! There are a great range of unusual, creative and totally wearable pieces. I say wearable because there are some delightfully artistic jewelry designers  out there, but I find it hard to wear the items in everyday use.  It's hard to be different, creative  amusing & appeal to many but I think Coyote Momiji has really nailed it so I urge you to visit her store I'm sure you won't fail to be impressed!

Necklace: 149L Short & stout necklace - jade green  > Bewildebeest
Earrings: 149L- short & stout earrings - jade green  > Bewildebeest
Hair: 0L Wang - dye tones-  Express & cream > Vive9
Eyes: 0L - summer breeze - dark > Poetic colors
Skin: 90L - tan skin - shiny by Jesylilo >  The Grunge soul project

Purple gods

Isor felt emotions run through his body when recognizing that his servant did not full fill the tasks he told him to do. It was always the same with those servants. He did not want to have them. But he was one of the last living gods in this corner of the known world so he had to deal with them. Humans who came to serve him. Mainly their intentions were the wrong ones. They hoped to gain knowlege from him. Others hoped to seduce him and to become immortal. But the last human who had managed to seduce him was a goddess herself living on a nearby island.
purple reptile god pondering
Isor remembered the moment he saw her for the first time. She had come to his temple to seek help for her ill lover. In Isors opinion that lover had been a worthless being. His illness had been caused by drinking too much of the nectar of the fivepetalled purple Orchid. This drug caused illness among the ones with lack in will and intelligence. But the will and the devotion of the woman who loved this ill man intrigued Isor. He healed her lover but demanded from her to serve him for five years. She was desperate enough to agree so she started to work in his temple. Isor spend a lot of time talking with her. The more they discussed the more he wanted her. He would have been able to force her to be with him but he wanted her to be with him by free will. And she really seemed to fall in love with him, they shared the bed with each other and she had not to work for him anymore. He only wanted her to be around him. But after a while she demanded to work again. She told him that she would need to work with her hands. Isor supposed that this was a normal human need so he agreed. But his normaly so cold blood boiled when he found out that she had an affair with his favourite cook. Then he started to plan his revenge. He watched her and found out that she really loved the cook. It was a shock for him and he only wanted to punish her. His revenge seemed to be not a revenge at all but he was a god and knew the pain of immortality. He turned her into an immortal without her knowledge. Not even telling her what he did. His hearts were filled by dark emotions but he didn't show any of them to her until the last day of the five years. At this day he told her that he had made her immortal. She left his temple filled with pride and joy. Secretly giggling inside her mind as she thought that she had managed to cheat on a god. The cook left the temple with her for a while they lived together. When her lover became older and older and died she realised that Isor must have known about her betrayal. Her powers had been grown during her abnormaly long life and although she was not able to keep her lover from ageing and dieing she was able to heal sick humans. Not knowing what else to do she started to use that ability to help others. She was very sad as she knew that she would never see her true love again. Her soul being caught in an immortal body. The humans called her the healing sorrow. Isor sometimes heared stories about her in his temple. But he was still angry at her else he would have given her the power to end her life.
purple reptile god looking slightly nervous
After her he never used his powers again to make a human immortal. Of course they came to his temple hopeing that he would do so. He accepted when they wanted to serve him and all his servants became much older than a normal human. But all of them died after around twohundred years. Isor knew whom he had told to mow the lawn. It was that new servant. Then he remembered that he saw this servant speak with his sister.
Where is the one who should use the lawn moyer
He moved faster starting to search for his sibling. But when he finally found her talking with her favourite alligator he knew that he was too late. Ishta smiled when seeing her brother. The alligator grinned up to him. Isor was not sure if its name was Fluffy or Cutie he never managed to keep all the names, Ishta gave the alligator, in mind. The god formed his hands to fists when seeing both lick at the same moment over their lips. Ishta beamed up to him looking lightly guilty. Isor bend down to stroke the alligator not even asking what they did with the servant.
purple reptile goddess with aligator
The purple versions of the scales skins from Fallen Gods Inc. have been only sold for two hours during the fantasy faire. At this week a silent auction, in which a female and a male version of the skin are available, takes place. The auction is organized by Friends fighting Cancer, the relay for life team which also organizes the Fantasy Faire. The skins are great and perfect for roleplaying as demon or dragon or a creature I can not think of. There are also other items in the auction so its worth to visit the place where it takes place. The auction will end at Sunday, June 26 5pm SLT.
The white long hair with the two braids in the front is the latest release from Wasabi Pills. It has also a braid at each side which keep it out of the face. Those braids are joined on the backside. It is great for elven warriors, adventurers and everybody else. It is copy and mod and has a resize script so it also fits women.
The short orange/yellow silks are the gift from Al Jamal in the menstuff hunt. The silks are full of details and colourful. And of course the primparts come with resize scripts.
The white outfit is the Adorabelle set in white and silver from Angelwing. The set contains many prim parts, some of them were not used for the picture. For example the wing and the staff. Very nice are the many extras which are included into the set. There is a stripable versions of the clothing as well as lockmeister compatible cuffs in the set as well as unscripted versions of the primparts. The outfit is available in several colours.

Skins: SCALES +Fallen Gods Inc.+ PURPLE natural (auctioned at the FFC Ultimate Auction)
Hair on him: /Wasabi Pills/ Thalion Hair (250 L$ for one colour pack or 1500 L$ for all colours)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair - (250 L$ for one colour pack or 1500 L$ for all colours)
Silks: Al Jamal - Sabalan silks for menstuff - (0 L$ huntgift)
White dress: **Angelwing** Adorabelle White/S set (500 L$)

Her hour

Seraphina danced through the leaves. She enjoyed the light on her wings and the soft tickling of her skirts on her legs. It was her hour. The hour when the light was nearly purple. It made her glad. She visited her friends. Spend some time with stroking the bunnies and feeding the beavers and ferrets. Her world was pink and wonderful, she loved being the princess of the meadows and forests.
Evie Fairy with crown
Satira was awake. The moon was shining and created shimmering spots on her soft skin. She enjoyed the cold wind on her back and even more the sounds of small animals running through the grass, afraid and in panic of the huntress. It was her hour. Her reptilian eyes found every prey. But she killed only what she needed. Her world was filled by excitement and intresting noises under fallen leaves, she loved being the princess of the meadows and forests. As all 24 of them did. Every awake at an other hour. Never meeting each other but always knowing that the others are there. Some people supposed they would be 24 sisters. Others beliefed they would be only one person which changed at every hour. The animals which looked into Satira's eyes knew it was time to run.
moonlight princess
The Tuala Gowns and the Tuala crown and the collar are the latest release from Evie's Closet. They are available in many colours. I liked the one in blueberry best. The set includes wings which are sheer and in the maincolour of the dress. The cut of the skirt lets the waist of the one who wears the dress look very slender. The upper sleeves remind on leaves while the lower ones have a bell like cut. The lower sleeves contain of two parts. The allready mentioned bell like part which have the same texture as the corset and end in sheer ruffles and a tight laced wrist cuff. It was easy to adjust the primparts even to my avatar. That means this dress will fit also avatars which are not very tall compared to other avatars.
The crown and the collar are sold seperatly. They look like having been created by using leaves leaves. There also grow leaves out of the crown and the collar those are smaller and green. The shape of the pikes of the crown is organic. Both the crown and the collar are very elegant. It is the same with the dress. The dress and the jewellery could be worn at many occasions. They fit to fantasy and medivial roleplay sims as well as into a ballroom. It is worth to visit Evie's Closet to take a look at the many colours in which the dress and the crown and the collar are available.

Dress: *Evie's Closet* Tuala Gown - Bluebell (600 L$)
Jewellery: *Evie's Closet* Tuala Crown & Collar - Bluebell (250 L$)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry DragonEyes (60 L$)

The pictures have been taken at Ode. One of the most beautiful sims in second life.

In Which Sian Defines the Term "Parthenoid"


Gynoid, n. A robot or a cyborg with feminine characteristics and anatomy, often with erotic or sexual overtones. Greek, gyne, woman.

Parthenoid, n. A robot or cyborg with feminine characteristics explicitly defined as something other than a sex object. Greek,
parthenos, virgin.

We are perfect. We are beautiful. We are artificial. We have the right to make ourselves transhuman.

We are not your sex toys. We are not your porn stars. We exist for ourselves and each other.

We are something new.

Miamai Eve Legacy set

Sian came across the word "parthenoid" a few years back, and was sad that it never caught on. She loves being a cyborg, and she loves wearing beautiful clothes and looking gorgeous (and these outfits by Monica Outlander's Miamai label are gorgeous), but she always feels in tension with the idea of the gynoid because no matter how you spin it, female androids and cyborgs are almost always sex objects, and even if they're supposedly emancipated, they are still basically pervy blow-up dolls. Sian doesn't want to be anyone's pervy blow-up doll.

So Sian started a group. Do you feel the same way? Search for the word "parthenoid" or find the group on Sian's profile and join.

Both Pictures
Jewellery: Sian's own

First Picture
Eye Makeup: [a.e.meth] Egyptian Glam L$100
Boots: [Miamai] Kyrie Boots L$500
Outfit: [Miamai] Grix Jacket and Hine Leggings L$600

Second Picture
Outfit: [Miamai] Eve Legacy White (includes Kyrie Boots and makeup as part of package) L$700

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cyber Warrior

Jump, run, jump, stab. It was the rhythm she followed from nine to five. Today she was busy with her favourite training. She had to jump over light beams and avoid touching them with her body or her swords. During this she fought against training drones. It was exhausting but she loved the feeling of sweat on her pale skin.
Happy cyber with katanas
She avoided a beam of light jumped into the air not thinking how long she needed to train to be able to move like this wearing high heels. The drone was close and with a move of both of her hands she cut it into pieces. The parts fell onto the ground and started to repair themself. They formed two drones now instead of only one. She moved around and went on with her training while the drones became more and smaller.
Happy cyber running
When seeing a woman in an outfit from Happy I needed to go to the store to have a look what else they have there. And it was more than a good idea to have a look at this store. The items are all very well textured, elegant and sophisticated. I feel for this grey short dress. With the sculpted sleeves and the collar it looks very cyberish. The dress has a black tuck at the bottom which also divides it in the middle. The collar and the sleeves have a black tuck as well but it is smaller there. When looking at it is also seeable that the inside of the collar and the sleeves is covered by a different fabric which is black with grey patterns. The parts of the dress come on all layers but the tattoo layer.
The Vicky Hair from Wasabi Pills goes very well with the dress. It comes in several colours. The hair has a resizescript and cute short bangs at the front while the hair is cut shorter at the back of the head than at the front.
The swords belong to the Taki armor set from Kimagawa. The swords are compatible to ccs and dcs. They are controlled either via hud or gestures.

Dress: {Happy} Lunar (Gray) (199 L$)LinkHair: /Wasabi Pills/ Vicky Hair (250 L$ one colour pack)
Swords: Kimagawa's FORGE : Taki Armor (1250 L$)

It's the mens turn again hurray!


With another Menstuff hunt well under way, I found it a good excuse to man up! well I apparently look like the fifth Beatle in my new male look ( so i'm told ) and I can totally live with that! yes it's quite a retro mod look and as it's Fathers day today, I thought I'd pay tribute to my very own & super special father as this is exactly how he used to dress in his youth.

For details on the Menstuff hunt hints & slurls please look here.

Shape: 0L menstuff hunt item - Laz boy shape > CS shapes
Skin: 10L - Bruno skin > Essences
Hair: 0L - group gift Elli hair > Kletva
White sweater: 0L - Menstuff hunt item > Bleh
Jacket &  Brown sweater: 0L - group gift > Airflow
Jeans: 0L - Menstuff hunt item > Somapop

[the prince of nqada]

Their civilisation was in decline.
Neither their gold, nor the gems or his wisdom
would be able to save their culture from disappearing.
Nqada's prosperity was over, and soon their skulls, adorned
with golden crowns of light would watch over the ruins of his city
fading to dust in the sun's sparkling glow.

[the prince of nqada]

"Nqada" is the name of this breathtaking set *Finesmith Designs* has put out at the Accessory Fair 2011 - for free! You receive the armbands, headdress and corset, made from rich, patterned gold and adorned with deep-red gems reminding of corals. Each piece is resize-scripted, so you can also fit it nicely on a (slender) male shape. The fair, whose topic is "Ancient Egypt: Discover the Treasures", runs until Sunday, June 26th and is well worth a visit - not only because of the variety of stores and the possibility to buy exclusive items at the RFL-vendors, but also because of the nicely designed sim. Go and take a look!

Skin: [.:Mascarade:.] - Nilan
Hair: Magika - Nayla
Eyes: Poetic Colours - Classic - Amber

Jewelry: Finesmith - NQADA - Accesory Fair (free - sim has a central landing point!)
Loincloth: Al Jamal - Shamsee Silks
Henna-tattoo: ~Enlil~ - Sawa

Lazy summer days

Lazy days

I took a tip and trotted off to this fabulous sim which is currently having a mini hunt it's The where it begins Flea market. There are some stalls set up with bargain great items on offer and a nice little hunt on the sim (you're looking for little strawberries).

It's such a pretty sim that I decided to take a picture there and since you are able to rez there too I rezzed this cute little chair which is one of the hunt prizes. It seems such an ideal place to take a picture of this very pretty little summer dress from Villena which is a fantastic bargain, you have to love this store! and for my second bargain of the day - get a load of this gorgeous skin from Jesylilo which has the most beautiful tones for the grunge soul project! love the grunge soul project, which by the way if you have not heard of it has a male and female section so go check it out everyone!

Hair: 0L - Group gift - Tiramisu - dark brown > LoQ hairs
Skin: 90L  Tan skin - Shiny by Jesylilo @ > The grunge soul project
Dress: 90L - Vintage tunic - blossom > Villena
Scarf: 150L - summer scarf - gold pearls > artME fashions
Chair: 0L - flea market strawberry hunt item by Sur+ > Where it begins flea market