Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cyber Warrior

Jump, run, jump, stab. It was the rhythm she followed from nine to five. Today she was busy with her favourite training. She had to jump over light beams and avoid touching them with her body or her swords. During this she fought against training drones. It was exhausting but she loved the feeling of sweat on her pale skin.
Happy cyber with katanas
She avoided a beam of light jumped into the air not thinking how long she needed to train to be able to move like this wearing high heels. The drone was close and with a move of both of her hands she cut it into pieces. The parts fell onto the ground and started to repair themself. They formed two drones now instead of only one. She moved around and went on with her training while the drones became more and smaller.
Happy cyber running
When seeing a woman in an outfit from Happy I needed to go to the store to have a look what else they have there. And it was more than a good idea to have a look at this store. The items are all very well textured, elegant and sophisticated. I feel for this grey short dress. With the sculpted sleeves and the collar it looks very cyberish. The dress has a black tuck at the bottom which also divides it in the middle. The collar and the sleeves have a black tuck as well but it is smaller there. When looking at it is also seeable that the inside of the collar and the sleeves is covered by a different fabric which is black with grey patterns. The parts of the dress come on all layers but the tattoo layer.
The Vicky Hair from Wasabi Pills goes very well with the dress. It comes in several colours. The hair has a resizescript and cute short bangs at the front while the hair is cut shorter at the back of the head than at the front.
The swords belong to the Taki armor set from Kimagawa. The swords are compatible to ccs and dcs. They are controlled either via hud or gestures.

Dress: {Happy} Lunar (Gray) (199 L$)LinkHair: /Wasabi Pills/ Vicky Hair (250 L$ one colour pack)
Swords: Kimagawa's FORGE : Taki Armor (1250 L$)

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