Tuesday, June 21, 2011

In Which Sian Travels

Artefact 3

I seem to be standing on a geometric structure arranged around some sort of long-dead tree. There are no doors or windows. It was left here, presumably, by some intelligent agency. Readings indicate it is between twelve and seventeen million years old.

Artefact 2

There is no animal life on the planet now beyond the plankton level.

The weather is clement. The sea is utterly tranquil. It's beautiful. I could stay here forever.

- Last transmission of RSF Exploratrix FLiS27

Artefact 1

Outfit: [Bare Rose] Cyber Diver
Gauntlets: [Bare Rose] Night Arms Lady
Shoes: [Graves] G102 Alpha Boots (just the prims, retextured)
Earphones, tattoos: Sian's own