Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Shades of pink

Shades of pink

Seems like summer is the time to be hunting and indeed I have! I generally like to cover quite a few items from the hunt that I am currently undertaking, however it's been tricky for me to keep up with them all if I'm honest but here is one you won't want to miss The summer breeze hunt < (check for hints & slurls) it only runs until the end of July so don't waste anytime checking this one out! it's where i picked up this amazing outfit from Izm,  oh and by the way you're looking for a green leaf.


I really want to tell you about this great little store V.E.L which has the most wonderful make ups - not for the shy retiring types Oh no! it's edgy and vibrant and well worth a visit! there's some great creative things there so I urge you to take a sneaky peek.

Hair: 0L group gift > D!va
Skin: 600L -  Melissa > Les petits details
Pink eyeshadow: 65L - pigments 2.0 - blush > V.E.L
Hat& dress: 0L - Pink dress -  the black butler hunt item (look for the black rabbit) > Izm
Necklace: 0L - Summer Breeze hunt item  (look for the leaf) > Chop zuey
Shoes: 200L - I'm a vintage housewife - red > Les petits details

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