Monday, June 20, 2011



In this post I want to gush about this new store Bewildebeest, it's only been open 1 month so a great many people will not have visited yet and I really must urge you to do so. How cute and wonderfully detailed is this little set I am wearing and it comes in a range or unusual & delightful colours too.

 I personally love this store, it has a magical element to it where I feel like a child in a sweet shop, I want to touch & devour it's entire contents! There are a great range of unusual, creative and totally wearable pieces. I say wearable because there are some delightfully artistic jewelry designers  out there, but I find it hard to wear the items in everyday use.  It's hard to be different, creative  amusing & appeal to many but I think Coyote Momiji has really nailed it so I urge you to visit her store I'm sure you won't fail to be impressed!

Necklace: 149L Short & stout necklace - jade green  > Bewildebeest
Earrings: 149L- short & stout earrings - jade green  > Bewildebeest
Hair: 0L Wang - dye tones-  Express & cream > Vive9
Eyes: 0L - summer breeze - dark > Poetic colors
Skin: 90L - tan skin - shiny by Jesylilo >  The Grunge soul project

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