Thursday, June 23, 2011

In green light

Eliza's body followed the beat. She moved her hips in an energetic movement before spinning around. The few loose streaks of her hair moved around her face and tickled her cheeks. Every body around her supposed that she was just having fun. A lot of fun. But she was working. She was one of the true rangers. Their legend has caused the fashiontrend most people followed at the moment. Corsets, Pants which looked like being made to use them as riding pants and old fashioned pistols. Of course the pistols were not allowed in this club. It was her club she had opened it to find her prey. It was much smarter to let people come to her than to search for them. And it was much more profitable. On the surface Eliza seemed to be like a spoiled brat, rich, the source of scandals and of course the creator of trends.
dancing in green light
She did everything to keep that reputation. Her club was always filled with people and she was in the middle of them. Kind, funny and damn hot. Most of her guests had no clue about her real identity. And her human guests had no clue about the real identy of those sometimes very unique dressed ethereal looking people in the club. Eliza had founded this club which was popular among the humans and the nonhumans to attract those beings who lived in disguise among the humans. Fairies, Elves, Pixies and even now and then an ent. The magical shields she had woven were strong enough to keep the real shape of her magical guests hidden from the humans. She was a dragon wandering around in her human form to punish those who acted against laws which were older than humans were able to imaging. She was one of those who dragged fairies who did not bear anymore to be ruled by Titania back into the fairylands. She spend ages on teaching unwilling pixies to sing and now and then she took care that those of her kin did not spread their hoard everywhere and behaved as greedy dragons should behave. Eliza simply could have killed those beings but there seemed to be less magical beings everyday so she only took care that their dance of the dead followed some rules. Once the true rangers had been hunters but now they were more busy with keeping the prey alive.
alone in a club
The caustic corsets from blue blood are great. They have two lacings at the front and at the bottom they end in a flowerish cut, which reminds on petals. They are available in two colour packs one in which the most parts of the corsets are made of black leather and one in which two different kinds of coloured fabric are used. All of them have the same cut and come on the Jacketlayer. For those who might want to combine the corset with a jacket or a coat there are also extra layers included into the set. Those are still boxed which is smart of the creator as it means less items in the inventory until they are needed. The Noah pants are also from blue blood. They have many details and are as the corsets handmade. They remind me a bit on rinding pants as they have an inlay of an other colour at the inner thights. They are available either made completly of leather with an inlay of leather and the bottom of the flares in an different colour, or with the inlay and bottom of the flares made by using tartan cloth. The trousers also have sculpted leg pieces which are worn on the thights. Those have amazing pretty paterns on them. But it is also possible to wear the trousers without them although I think they look cooler if the leg pieces are worn.
blue blood corsets

Corsets: +++BB+++ Caustic Corsets (150 L$ per colourpack which contains 4 corsets)
Trousers: +++BB+++ Noah Pants (150 L$ for one of the pants)

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