Wednesday, June 22, 2011

City Runner

Sina stared up to the tower. She had gotten the task to climb on it in the morning. Now it was the right time. Some time ago she had found a small advertisement in the newspaper her parents read. The text was mysterious. It said "Become a city runner. Help saveing New Badenbaden from the black knights." Sina lived in New Badenbaden and she loved the town. Some things were not really the best there but it was the city she lived her whole life in so she was attached to the town. She had no clue what a city runner might be also not who the black knights were. But she was bored and curious. So she wrote an application and placed it under a barrel near the bridge. This had been demanded in the ad and it had been which caused mainly her desicion to aply.
Lightning in the city
A week later she got the first instruction letter. She found it in a magazine she bought. Sina was the only person who read this magazine. Sina had seen "Musical saw - Past, Present and Future" in a kiosk when she visited her aunt. She did not play a singing saw but the magazine was intresting. In her opinion most of the stories were invented. She did not believe that the first singing saw had been played by a maya princess, but the stories made her laugh so she ordered the magazin in a kiosk near the house she lived with her parents.
Lightning running on metal
After she had aplied to become a city runner she always found a letter with tasks in the magazin. Sometimes she was ordered to hide something at a special place. At other times she had to take notes about her classmates, teachers or neighbours. But she liked the ones which were like the one she got in the morning best. Those letters instructed her how to get to different points in the city. At the beginning it had been exhausting for her to climb onto towers and to balance over steel beams but after a year of training it was like a relaxing walk for her to get onto the roof of the tower.
Lighting looking over the city
The Lightning avatar is one of the gifts in the on going hunt at 1st act. Lightning is a Final Fantasy character and the similarity of this avatar to the gamecharacter is amazing. The avatar comes with skin, shape, eyes, hair and of course all the clothing. The primparts are mod so it is possible to make them fit an other avatar if you do not like to use the complete one. The quality of the complete avatar is stunning and its great that it is an hunt gift. The avatar is of course great for roleplay.
To take part in the hunt you have to teleport to the 1st act store. In the middle of it you see four cutouts of avatars. All those avatars could be won in the on going hunt. To start hunting touch the avatar you like to get. You will receive a hud. After wearing it click on the shards on it to get the hunt hints. The hints wi also tell you in which area you should search for the shards which are also the hunt items. The shards are not visible but if you click on the right object the shard appears and you collect it by touching it. The hunt is fun as the hints are all easy to understand. If taking part in it, it might be a good idea to wear as few scripts as possible and to have low avatar rendering costs. I made the hunt yesterday together with Paco from 22769 and the sim was really crowded. But the huntgifts are definitly worth to stand the lag.

Avatar: [1A] Lightning v1.1 (0 L$ Huntgift)

The Pictures have been taken at S.I.C using Fairy blue (Paulina) as windlight setting.

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