Monday, June 20, 2011

In Which Sian Defines the Term "Parthenoid"


Gynoid, n. A robot or a cyborg with feminine characteristics and anatomy, often with erotic or sexual overtones. Greek, gyne, woman.

Parthenoid, n. A robot or cyborg with feminine characteristics explicitly defined as something other than a sex object. Greek,
parthenos, virgin.

We are perfect. We are beautiful. We are artificial. We have the right to make ourselves transhuman.

We are not your sex toys. We are not your porn stars. We exist for ourselves and each other.

We are something new.

Miamai Eve Legacy set

Sian came across the word "parthenoid" a few years back, and was sad that it never caught on. She loves being a cyborg, and she loves wearing beautiful clothes and looking gorgeous (and these outfits by Monica Outlander's Miamai label are gorgeous), but she always feels in tension with the idea of the gynoid because no matter how you spin it, female androids and cyborgs are almost always sex objects, and even if they're supposedly emancipated, they are still basically pervy blow-up dolls. Sian doesn't want to be anyone's pervy blow-up doll.

So Sian started a group. Do you feel the same way? Search for the word "parthenoid" or find the group on Sian's profile and join.

Both Pictures
Jewellery: Sian's own

First Picture
Eye Makeup: [a.e.meth] Egyptian Glam L$100
Boots: [Miamai] Kyrie Boots L$500
Outfit: [Miamai] Grix Jacket and Hine Leggings L$600

Second Picture
Outfit: [Miamai] Eve Legacy White (includes Kyrie Boots and makeup as part of package) L$700

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