Saturday, June 25, 2011



Well folks meet Jennifer she is the latest shape release at CS Shapes and I love her! Jennifer has been designed with a Brazilian body form in mind, so she is tall, leggy and has fabulous curves in all the right places & as you can see has the perfect pout! Where better to pick up a skin to match the shape than Shine who caters for Brazilian type skins. I've blogged Shines skins before and they're fantastic (p.s there is an mm board & luckychair there too).

If you're not familiar with CS Shapes then you should be because for me Xanthe Audeburgh gets the proportions absolutely perfect and I'm sure you'll agree we've all tried making our own shapes & it's much harder than you would think. CS Shapes has both male & female shapes & there are demos to try out so you can find the perfect you!

 Throughout my whole time in sl I kept the shape I made for myself  on my very first day, until  that is, I picked up Lana at CS Shapes at the surf N skate hunt. What  occurred to me  most about having this new shape is how great other skins looks on it, I'd tried so many skins in the past that didn't seem to suit my shape, REALLY!...sounds odd I know but it's true, so it just goes to show what difference a greatly designed shape makes!

Shape: 499L -  Jennifer shape > CS Shapes
Skin: 900L - Katie - red/tan >Shine
Hair: 0L - group gift > Yuna's hair
Dress: 75L - LouLou floral dress for Tosl > PiCHi
Corset: 25L - echo button red corset > Phoenix rising
Necklace: 0L - Luckyboard item > Mezzo
Ring: 99L - Arabesque ring - red jasper > Bewildebeest

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