Sunday, June 19, 2011

[the prince of nqada]

Their civilisation was in decline.
Neither their gold, nor the gems or his wisdom
would be able to save their culture from disappearing.
Nqada's prosperity was over, and soon their skulls, adorned
with golden crowns of light would watch over the ruins of his city
fading to dust in the sun's sparkling glow.

[the prince of nqada]

"Nqada" is the name of this breathtaking set *Finesmith Designs* has put out at the Accessory Fair 2011 - for free! You receive the armbands, headdress and corset, made from rich, patterned gold and adorned with deep-red gems reminding of corals. Each piece is resize-scripted, so you can also fit it nicely on a (slender) male shape. The fair, whose topic is "Ancient Egypt: Discover the Treasures", runs until Sunday, June 26th and is well worth a visit - not only because of the variety of stores and the possibility to buy exclusive items at the RFL-vendors, but also because of the nicely designed sim. Go and take a look!

Skin: [.:Mascarade:.] - Nilan
Hair: Magika - Nayla
Eyes: Poetic Colours - Classic - Amber

Jewelry: Finesmith - NQADA - Accesory Fair (free - sim has a central landing point!)
Loincloth: Al Jamal - Shamsee Silks
Henna-tattoo: ~Enlil~ - Sawa

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