Monday, June 20, 2011

Her hour

Seraphina danced through the leaves. She enjoyed the light on her wings and the soft tickling of her skirts on her legs. It was her hour. The hour when the light was nearly purple. It made her glad. She visited her friends. Spend some time with stroking the bunnies and feeding the beavers and ferrets. Her world was pink and wonderful, she loved being the princess of the meadows and forests.
Evie Fairy with crown
Satira was awake. The moon was shining and created shimmering spots on her soft skin. She enjoyed the cold wind on her back and even more the sounds of small animals running through the grass, afraid and in panic of the huntress. It was her hour. Her reptilian eyes found every prey. But she killed only what she needed. Her world was filled by excitement and intresting noises under fallen leaves, she loved being the princess of the meadows and forests. As all 24 of them did. Every awake at an other hour. Never meeting each other but always knowing that the others are there. Some people supposed they would be 24 sisters. Others beliefed they would be only one person which changed at every hour. The animals which looked into Satira's eyes knew it was time to run.
moonlight princess
The Tuala Gowns and the Tuala crown and the collar are the latest release from Evie's Closet. They are available in many colours. I liked the one in blueberry best. The set includes wings which are sheer and in the maincolour of the dress. The cut of the skirt lets the waist of the one who wears the dress look very slender. The upper sleeves remind on leaves while the lower ones have a bell like cut. The lower sleeves contain of two parts. The allready mentioned bell like part which have the same texture as the corset and end in sheer ruffles and a tight laced wrist cuff. It was easy to adjust the primparts even to my avatar. That means this dress will fit also avatars which are not very tall compared to other avatars.
The crown and the collar are sold seperatly. They look like having been created by using leaves leaves. There also grow leaves out of the crown and the collar those are smaller and green. The shape of the pikes of the crown is organic. Both the crown and the collar are very elegant. It is the same with the dress. The dress and the jewellery could be worn at many occasions. They fit to fantasy and medivial roleplay sims as well as into a ballroom. It is worth to visit Evie's Closet to take a look at the many colours in which the dress and the crown and the collar are available.

Dress: *Evie's Closet* Tuala Gown - Bluebell (600 L$)
Jewellery: *Evie's Closet* Tuala Crown & Collar - Bluebell (250 L$)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry DragonEyes (60 L$)

The pictures have been taken at Ode. One of the most beautiful sims in second life.

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