Monday, June 20, 2011

Purple gods

Isor felt emotions run through his body when recognizing that his servant did not full fill the tasks he told him to do. It was always the same with those servants. He did not want to have them. But he was one of the last living gods in this corner of the known world so he had to deal with them. Humans who came to serve him. Mainly their intentions were the wrong ones. They hoped to gain knowlege from him. Others hoped to seduce him and to become immortal. But the last human who had managed to seduce him was a goddess herself living on a nearby island.
purple reptile god pondering
Isor remembered the moment he saw her for the first time. She had come to his temple to seek help for her ill lover. In Isors opinion that lover had been a worthless being. His illness had been caused by drinking too much of the nectar of the fivepetalled purple Orchid. This drug caused illness among the ones with lack in will and intelligence. But the will and the devotion of the woman who loved this ill man intrigued Isor. He healed her lover but demanded from her to serve him for five years. She was desperate enough to agree so she started to work in his temple. Isor spend a lot of time talking with her. The more they discussed the more he wanted her. He would have been able to force her to be with him but he wanted her to be with him by free will. And she really seemed to fall in love with him, they shared the bed with each other and she had not to work for him anymore. He only wanted her to be around him. But after a while she demanded to work again. She told him that she would need to work with her hands. Isor supposed that this was a normal human need so he agreed. But his normaly so cold blood boiled when he found out that she had an affair with his favourite cook. Then he started to plan his revenge. He watched her and found out that she really loved the cook. It was a shock for him and he only wanted to punish her. His revenge seemed to be not a revenge at all but he was a god and knew the pain of immortality. He turned her into an immortal without her knowledge. Not even telling her what he did. His hearts were filled by dark emotions but he didn't show any of them to her until the last day of the five years. At this day he told her that he had made her immortal. She left his temple filled with pride and joy. Secretly giggling inside her mind as she thought that she had managed to cheat on a god. The cook left the temple with her for a while they lived together. When her lover became older and older and died she realised that Isor must have known about her betrayal. Her powers had been grown during her abnormaly long life and although she was not able to keep her lover from ageing and dieing she was able to heal sick humans. Not knowing what else to do she started to use that ability to help others. She was very sad as she knew that she would never see her true love again. Her soul being caught in an immortal body. The humans called her the healing sorrow. Isor sometimes heared stories about her in his temple. But he was still angry at her else he would have given her the power to end her life.
purple reptile god looking slightly nervous
After her he never used his powers again to make a human immortal. Of course they came to his temple hopeing that he would do so. He accepted when they wanted to serve him and all his servants became much older than a normal human. But all of them died after around twohundred years. Isor knew whom he had told to mow the lawn. It was that new servant. Then he remembered that he saw this servant speak with his sister.
Where is the one who should use the lawn moyer
He moved faster starting to search for his sibling. But when he finally found her talking with her favourite alligator he knew that he was too late. Ishta smiled when seeing her brother. The alligator grinned up to him. Isor was not sure if its name was Fluffy or Cutie he never managed to keep all the names, Ishta gave the alligator, in mind. The god formed his hands to fists when seeing both lick at the same moment over their lips. Ishta beamed up to him looking lightly guilty. Isor bend down to stroke the alligator not even asking what they did with the servant.
purple reptile goddess with aligator
The purple versions of the scales skins from Fallen Gods Inc. have been only sold for two hours during the fantasy faire. At this week a silent auction, in which a female and a male version of the skin are available, takes place. The auction is organized by Friends fighting Cancer, the relay for life team which also organizes the Fantasy Faire. The skins are great and perfect for roleplaying as demon or dragon or a creature I can not think of. There are also other items in the auction so its worth to visit the place where it takes place. The auction will end at Sunday, June 26 5pm SLT.
The white long hair with the two braids in the front is the latest release from Wasabi Pills. It has also a braid at each side which keep it out of the face. Those braids are joined on the backside. It is great for elven warriors, adventurers and everybody else. It is copy and mod and has a resize script so it also fits women.
The short orange/yellow silks are the gift from Al Jamal in the menstuff hunt. The silks are full of details and colourful. And of course the primparts come with resize scripts.
The white outfit is the Adorabelle set in white and silver from Angelwing. The set contains many prim parts, some of them were not used for the picture. For example the wing and the staff. Very nice are the many extras which are included into the set. There is a stripable versions of the clothing as well as lockmeister compatible cuffs in the set as well as unscripted versions of the primparts. The outfit is available in several colours.

Skins: SCALES +Fallen Gods Inc.+ PURPLE natural (auctioned at the FFC Ultimate Auction)
Hair on him: /Wasabi Pills/ Thalion Hair (250 L$ for one colour pack or 1500 L$ for all colours)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair - (250 L$ for one colour pack or 1500 L$ for all colours)
Silks: Al Jamal - Sabalan silks for menstuff - (0 L$ huntgift)
White dress: **Angelwing** Adorabelle White/S set (500 L$)

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