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Fantasy Faire 2012 - Cropped Wheat

Laurentiana felt a bit sad, yet very, very proud. Even as a little girl she was dreaming of becoming a „Croppie”, as her people lovingly called the college of priestesses responsible for a rich harvest. Little Laurentiana was so envious of the ladies who walked with royal dignity, always wore wonderful dresses whose soft folds embraced their majestic figures, and always displayed the symbol of their office, too: a handful of golden wheat.
What little Laurentiana didn’t notice, though, was that some of the queenly priestesses walked around bald... because, whenever the promise of a rich harvest was at risk, like when the gods forgot to send rain or a thunderstorm threatened, a priestess had to crop her hair in order to placate the supreme powers. And now adult Laurentiana, a proud “Croppie”, was expected to offer this sacrifice, and she was ready to do what was required of her. Your hair grows back, after all... while a field of wheat, once damaged, is lost for good.
„Indira” is another RFL donation item from Elvenbreath, and with it Selina Forder has created a beautiful gown in a vivid pink and such a light powder blue that it almost appears white. I particularly like the softness of the dress, and the beautiful golden ornaments shaped like bunches of delicate wheat. The dress also includes a pair of long sleeve attachments that I’m not showing you here. You can find Elvenbreath in the “Shifting Sands” sim.
The “Hawk2” hair is also a novelty that made its debut at the Fantasy Faire, and it’s already a classic, like practically each and every creation of MissAllSunday Lemon, the brain driving Wasabi Pills. You can find her shop at The Tides, where you can buy a special edition of “Hawk2” as a donation item for RFL.
The “Caritas” skin has been created by Pixy Snook for the April “Structure Your Skin Project” event. I’m blushing because I’ve been planning to show you it for some time, and now the SYS market is closed in order to prepare the next show. Luckily, “Caritas” is now available in the main PixyStix shop in five different tones.

Outfit including the necklace: Elvenbreath “Indira” – RFL donation item (350 L$).
Bracelet and headpiece: Mashooka “Arpita” – a previous hunt gift not available any more.
Wreath: Unveiling the Goddess “Golden Laurel Wreath” – a previous hunt gift not available any more, but you can find a similar wreath in the shop for 149 L$.
Hair: Wasabi Pills “Hawk2” Mesh Hair – 250 L$ for a colourpack that contains a “normal” and a “boobs” version of four various shades, the matching hairbases and a HUD to change the hairband colour.
Skin: PixyStix “Caritas” in Custard - 100 L$.
Eyes: Sterling Artistry “Jelly Eyes” Princess – free camping prize in the shop (0 L$).
Poses: Glitterati “Long Hair” - it was a previous hunt gift, now the single poses are available for 50 L$ and the 10-pose pack is 250 L$.

The pictures were taken at The Tides, the breathtaking FF sim built by Alia Baroque.

[horned and butterflied]

[horned and butterflied]

Fantasy Faire is a huge success - big enough that it's gonna last one more day than additionally planned. You can now visit the gorgeous sims with their extraordinary variety of fantasy-related stores until Monday, the 30th of April! I've been there rather early, right at the beginning, and as soon as I entered [ni.Ju]'s booth and my eyes focused on these gorgeous horns, I knew they had to be mine. The attached 'armor' is scripted to texture change (you can swap between gold, silver, black and bronze - silver is shown in the picture above) and the pearls are colour changeable as well... no less than 16 colours are available to pick from! A version without the armor is included in the pack, too.

Quite fitting for this fantasy look was one of Miamai's latest releases, the Catwalk Lashes Fantasia and Fantasia II, with either tiny butterflies or likewise small dragonfly-wings bustling around on your lashes. -Glam Affair-'s TDR-skin, Leah, which comes in an ethereal shade of blue and the cutest freckles, was the perfect skin to complete the look.

On Raven

Skin: -Glam Affair- Leah - Fantasy Line (at The Dressing Room)
Hair: =TEKUTEKU= - Float (store has closed)
Eyes: Izzie's - Dark MESH Eyes *clear blue*
Lashes: Miamai - Catwalk Lashes_Fantasia_Blue Butterfly

Horns: [ni.Ju] - Portmanteau (black) (at the Fantasy Faire)
Corset: TheAbyss - F_Gear//Pruriency_Corset [Black]

GPD at The Fantasy Faire


I am pleased to say that the Fantasy Faire has extended for another day yipeeeee! so any of you unfortunate folks that weren't able to get there yestersday due to SL being down for the craziest amount of time, can breathe a sigh of relief and cram your last bit of shopping in today. If you like a bit of Gothic then please do take a peek at GPD which specialises in Gothic themed clothing and is where this saucy little number I wear is from. I would like to add more to this post, but I'm afraid that my computer keeps freezing and I am conscious of getting it published ASAP ...and I did have a lovely little story planned to accompany the picture too. Not to worry, happy shopping for the most worthy of causes, remember it all makes a difference.

Outfit: 200L -  Hearts - red > GPD

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Lovely Pet

The neighbours tried from time to time to complain about the strange sounds, which were located on the balcony. It never helped. Hestor hadn't served for centuries in hell just to let humans ruin his retirement. He always had dreamed of spending time on a calm island after having finished the years of work he owed some demonlords. But also wanted to live close enough to humans to be able to corrupt one or two of them to his own pleasure. He had two choices either he would bring people to a calm island or he would bring an calm island to a town. Knowing his obsession for all kind of entertainment a town offered he prefered the second. Demon on the balcony So he somehow transported a part of an island onto the balcony of his flat. Luckily the walls were high enough so people were not able to see much of it. Unfortunatly he also brought a aligator egg with the rest of the island. And when the aligator hatched Hestor wasn't able to resist its cuteness. He had to keep him. So he decided to call the aligator Pinky and Pinky grew fast. Hestor was not worried about it. He had dealt with way bigger beasts and he loved his aligator as much as a demon was able to love. Hestor did his best to get meat for Pinky and even tried to teach her - he had found out that the Aligator was female - how to eat well mannered as he always dreamed about taking her out to dinner. But Pinky was not able to learn those things at all. She kept eating very very loud. Not that Hestor cared of course it would have been nice to go out with the aligator but there were other jolly things he could do without Pinky. Only the neighbours were a bit annoying as they complained about the sounds Pinky made while eating. But with the time Hestor had less and less neighbours. Demon on the balcony IIUrsula allready blogged many of the lovely things De la Soul released to the Fantasy Faire. This demon is a mix of some of their items. The Wings, Horns, Feet and shape belong to the purple demon set. This set also contains a skin and ears. The skin is one of the relay for life donation items from the same store. I really like the patterns around the eyes it has. The skin comes with fitting ears. The decorations in the background and the aligator come from 2xtremes. Its a great store for elegant furniture, skyboxes and wild animals. The aligator can be chained and has a great animation which looks like it would eat people when they sit on it. Besides this it makes all the time great munching sounds. 2xtremes has more animated animals and its worth to visit their mainstore to have a look at them. But the store takes also part in the fantasy faire.
The hair is the Telooh hair from Wasabi Pills. Its a really great mesh hair which is available for both genders. The poses come from purple poses which have a growing section of male poses.

Shape, wings, hooves, horns, clothes: De la Soul - Deamons - RFL Violent Male (1000 L$ Relay for Life Donation item at the Fantay Faire)
Skin:  De la Soul - FF 2012  - Beaux IKON - Chrys (350 L$ Relay for Life Donation item at the Fantay Faire)
 Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh MALE Mesh Hair - (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack sold at the Fantasy Faire)

Crocodile: :: 2Xtreme :: man eating gator box (725 L$ sold at the Fantasy Faire)
Skybox: :: 2Xtreme ::  Skybox New York box v5.0

Pose: Purple Poses

Fantasy Faire 2012 - Raggedy Rosie

Rosie May Copperstone was poor. So poor that she couldn’t afford to buy a proper dress in her entire life. She wandered around in the country, sometimes she asked for food, but more often she begged for a piece of rag, an old shirt that nobody used any more, a skirt that was too small for the lady of the house. She was very apt with the needle, and quite soon people were calling her “Raggedy Rosie” because of her billowing, huge patchwork dress.
Raggedy Rosie
Then, one bright summer day, Rosie met her luck. A pair of lovely shoes lay scattered along the path she was taking, as if they had been waiting for her to pass by. Rosie May didn’t think twice, she put the shoes on... and after a few steps she felt so very odd. Why was she walking with such ease now, as if she were flying? And when Rosie May looked around she discovered she was indeed floating, the butterflies on her shoes came alive and a swarm of these beautiful winged creatures was also grabbing at each square inch of her colourful dress, whisking her away. People were talking about Raggedy Rosie for a long time thereafter... but nobody saw her and the patchwork dress again.
Butterfly Attack
I still remember how I first arrived to the shop of Grim Bros. One day I saw a girl wearing a long, floaty dress with so many lovely details that I just had to find out about the creator… who happened to be one Cutea Benelli. I immediately TPd over to her shop, where I got a minor shock seeing what an unbelievable product range she offered… and how incredibly crazy and quirky some of her creations were. Ever since I’ve been a regular at Miss Benelli’s lair and whenever I feel like wearing a truly creepy funny demented avatar, I only have to look under the „Grim Bros” chapter of my inv.

Cutea has her shop at the Fantasy Faire and offers many RFL donation items, among which the explosively colourful yet lovely „Patchwork Princess” gown and the pale „Butterfly Mask” skin that completes the look. Yet my personal favourites are the „Butterfly Love” heels, not only because the colour of the shoes perfectly matches the blue of the butterfly mask, but also because the butterflies are animated and they gently flap and flutter… now who wouldn’t want a pair of heels like this?

You can find Grim Bros in the Meandervale sim. Check out the shop thoroughly, because you’ll find many more RFL items that you’ll certainly covet and, quite probably, also buy... and if you click on the white commando bunny that hops around in the booth, and you answer his riddle properly, you even get a lovely prize!

Dress: Grim Bros „Patchwork Princess” – RFL donation item (180 L$).
Shoes: Grim Bros “Butterfly Love” heels - RFL donation item (150 L$).
Jewellery: Finesmith “Enlightened” set – April group gift (0 L$).
Skin: Grim Bros “Butterfly Mask” skin - RFL donation item (40 L$).
Hair: Evie’s Closet “Butterfly Effect Hair” – Crazy Hair Hunt 3 gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until April 30th.
Eyes: Sterling Artistry “Neko Felidae” Look – camping prize available in the shop.
Butterflies: Talevin’s Designs “Staff of Butterflies” – MM Board prize (0 L$).
Poses: No Strings Attached “Frankenfae” in the first picture and Long Awkward Poses “Butterfly” in the second one – neither are available any more.

The pictures were taken at Alirium Gardens.


The fish flew when feeling it come closer. The waves it created in the water were something they hadn't felt before and they prefered not to get in contact with something they didn't know. So it cry got lost unheard. Not that there could have been many of its kind around. It was a fugitive just escaped the mental chains its former owner had used to controll it. Now it was swimming freely for the first time it remembered. The feeling was great. Before it always had been just a living weapon in the strange wars of the seafolk. Its race had been created by them using what ever creatures they found useful until they finally got its kin. The seadrykes. Europa SeadrykeSwimming feeling felt amazing. And it recognized the difference between the deepth where it had been kept all its life. Like a waterbutterfly it was gliding higher and higher leaving the cold zones of the sea. In its long time as useful prisoner it never had the feelings it was having know. The witches of the seafolk always kept their pets caught in dreams. It would be fatal if they would realize their powers. Not fatal for the seadrykes but for the seafolk which prefered using them to defend against others.
The moment when it crashed through the watersurface and jumped into the air was a shock for it. But the air felt as good on its wings as the water did before. The stones of the towers vibrated as it started to call the ones of its kin which were still kept underwater. Now nervously moving in their dreams.
Europa Seadryke test pic 1 Europa is one of the amazing stores which have a truely own style no matter if its wings, dragons or more human like avatars. This makes them fit so wonderfully to the fantasy faire. The seadryke in coral is one of their many donation items. Its a complete dragon avatar with a very unique look. It comes with an own ao which contains several poses for the avatar. The ao also has beeing used when taking the pictures. The movements of the dryke somehow remind of a fish. The avatar consits of a mix of sculpted and flexi parts which makes it very beautiful to look at. On the Europa store at the fantasy faire its not only possible to buy their wonderful creations they also show some of their art and a model of one of their dragon avatars. Their sim is also definitly worth a visit.
The pictures for this blogpost have been taken at the Tides. Which offer a perfect contrast to the tones of red of the seadryke.

Avatar: [europa] CORAL Seadryke (1200 L$ sold as Donation item for Relay for life at the Fantasy Faire)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

+ eX + e z u r a X u e at the Fantasy Faire

"Ahhh..." sighed Caliope with an air of satisfaction as she stepped out onto the rotting log, dank moss springing her step. Turning her face to the sky, eyes smudged with soot and ashes from the fires of divination she had tended throughout the day, she gazed at the heavens. "Stars be bright tonight.." she mused to no one in particular. "That's good..." Her soft drawl turned the heads of the toads sitting on the swamps ragged lily pads. Ripples spread across the dark water as the eyes and snouts of alligators rose up, moving languidly toward her. Everything in the swamp was as anyone would expect, covered in lichen and dirt, all natural, all living and dying in turn so other things could live. Everything was coated in slime, cobwebs or dirt, all except the chest in her den, the chest where she kept her few lasting treasures, including the silks she wore tonight.

Faire 1

These garments were special, as natural as the rest of her world, woven intricately with both the silk of swamp spiders, and golden thread she had made from small discs of the eternally shiny metal she had found in the deepest pools in the midst of the mangroves. She wore these on the nights of the ritual. Her footsteps along the crumbling bough over the water were sure, even though her gaze never wavered from the sky, her eyes seeking out the moon. Clouds scudded across its face, the longer she looked, the clearer it became, gilding the swamp and all of its creatures with moonlight. The pulse of the fireflies intensified, snakes writhed over the muddy ground as the miasma swirled around her feet and legs, dampening the silk, giving it weight and presence as a soft dew formed over the gold, making the runes shimmer and seem to move. Murmuring the incantation they depicted, she began to fade from view, becoming part of everything. Sinking into the mists she would be everywhere, able to see all, and feel all, protecting this sanctuary for another season. 

Faire 2 

This is the Arcane Mage outfit, one of the Relay for Life donation items at + eX + e z u r a X u e. It helpfully comes with a guide to resizing the prims - which is very good for anyone who hasn't done a lot of modifying. The collar and skirt prims sit very nicely. The runes throughout the outfit tie all the pieces together, and this would really work for any mage or soothsayer RP, as an outfit for rituals - or just because you like it!

Outfit : + eX + e z u r a X u e  +Arcane Mage   Relay for Life Donation Item @ the Fantasty Faire 250L
Skin : :::insanya::: Marzia Wheat - ZombiePopCorn Special Edition (Old Hunt Item)
Nails : [Virtual/Insanity] : Kitty Galore Sharp Claws (Twisted Spring Hunt Item 2012)

Fire Gypsy

Normaly there were no traces in the sand. The wind blew everything away which could have been tracked. Of course there were some people who were able to track in the sands. Others called them Fire Gypsies but their real name was Oornie. Not much was known about them. Of course there were the usual rumors about stolen children. Which were not true but it was always good to have a scapegoat when not being able to take care of a child. And many were not so they left their children in the dessert sands secretly hoping that they would be found by the fiery ones. Fire Gypsy One of the unknown secrets of the Oornie was that they were not able to leave the desert it was their curse and also their benefit. Centuries ago a tribe got lost in the desert. Those people were the root of the Oornie. Lost in the desert nearly dead because of lack of water in combination with too much heat they started to pray and to beg for help and a god answered. It was none of the soft modern gods more an ancient entity with a hunger for admirers and devotes. So the Oornie got the offer to become the beings of that god. And having no other choice they accepted. Their skins turned into red and they didn't drank water anymore. Heat was now their food. They also stopped ageing. They might have been imortal if there hadn't been fights now and then in which they sometimes got killed. Later they found out that now that they didn't need it anymore they were able to call water. For a long time they ignored this abilitly but then there seemed to be a famine outside the dessert. They found more and more children. They could have transformed them so that they would become fire gypsies themself but the Oornie knew their own life too well to force it onto somebody else. So they started to use their abilities to build an oasies in the middle of the dessert. An oasis which had mainly children as inhabitants. Later some of those decided to become Oornie as well while others left the dessert to live again among humans never finding the way back to the oasis of their childhood.  Fire Gypsy II Mirror's Enigma released their first Fantasy Skins to the Fantasy Faire. This is the red version of it. Its called Kaldreia  Cursed Fire. The set contains the skin with 4 makeups and each of those makeups with hairbase, with cleavage, with hairbaise and cleavate and plain. The skin is great for fantasy roleplay or to create special avatars. There is also a shape and eyes included in the set which also have been used for taking the pictures .
Wasabi Pills released a lot of new hair at the Fantasy Faire. The one on the picture is their Hawk II hair. It has two little tails at the front. The hairbands can of course be recoloured with the help of a hud.
The Outfit is an other faire new release. It comes from Evie's Closet. Fauna blogged it in an other version and wrote a lovely story about it. The outfit consists of a top and a skirt. The top can be worn with or without the sleves. All the primparts of the outfit are mod. I like the way the skirt seems to be held up by the hips. Its an outfit which is great for a gypsie or hippie look.
The pictures have been taken in Shifting Sands using poses from Miamai.

Skin:  [:Mirror's Enigma:] Kaldreia Cursed Fire Skin (300 L$ Fantasy Faire Donation Item)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Hawk II  Mesh Hair - (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack sold at the Fantasy Faire)
Outfit:  Dress: *Evie's Closet* - Lenka - Clove (450 L$ sold at the Fantasy Faire)

Pose: Miamai (Sold at the Pose Fair)

oh windlight love

Evie's closet at The Fantasy Faire

Polonadine lived her whole life in obscurity, hidden from society and locked away in long forgotten folly which lay dormant in King Tyrodone's Castle grounds. For when she was born, she had been granted with a magical gift of beautiful golden nectar infused hair, which was the only source of nectar on which the Monarch Morphios butterfly could feed. It was her legacy that she, Polonadine, would be responsible for the preservation of these rare species of butterfly. As she was such a striking beauty King Tyrodone soon heard of this young maiden with her rare gift and decided that he must have her as his own.

Evie's-closet @ Fantasy Faire 2012

Polonadine had never attempted to break free from her incarceration but one day she grew curious. That was the day when the kings Lepidopterist came for his usual visit. Polonadine had convinced the man she had seen a new unknown species of butterfly and that it must be investigated at once! Polondine told the Lepidopterist that the new species liked not humidity, but the coolness of the well, and as he made to look in the well Polonadine pushed the man in! As Polandine reached the boundaries of the Castles confines she lamented, actually, she thought, I do have such pretty clothes and many books to read, I have no chores to do, perhaps I should give this more thought. As she turned and made back for the folly, she considered her options which would not be difficult, especially since Lepidopterist had met such and unfortunate fate & who else knew so much about butterflies?

Evie's closet Fantasy Faire 2012

Continuing on my Fantasy Faire theme I share this beautiful outfit from Evie's closet there are 4 other colour/design options available all with matching butterfly crowns, I probably didn't co-ordinate my properly but I still like it a lot!

Dress: 450L -  Lenka - Tarragon > Evie's Closet
Butterfly crown: 100L -  Cayenne > Evie's closet
Skin: 99L - Tori skin - tan by WoW @ > XYROOM
Hair: 120L - Love, selma - blonde sparkle > Pomme d Amour

Fantasy Faire 2012 - Hulk

„Rhurrrrrr…. rahahawRRRR! RhuawwRRRR!” The howl was bloodcurdling enough… yet something was still missing, Puwynpod thought. Maybe he should add another cadence of throaty, menacing „HrrrawwwwRRR”s? Yes, that’s it, concluded Puwynpod, and flexed his biceps. His muscles were dancing a dangerous waltz under his bright green skin, and he watched them contentedly with a thin wicked smile playing on his lips.
“I want to see your faces the next time we meet, you bloody cowards!” – Puwynpod snarled. “Oh yes, I’m going to teach you how to steal and pillage. HrrrawwwwwRRRR! Tremble, filthy worms!” Ready to fight his battle, Puwynpod rose and stood in full glory, his 3-inch-tall body erect and proud. When you’re a Green Pea Pixy and your duty is to scare away mice and snails who want to feast on the fresh crop, you must look monstruously fearsome indeed.

In addition to the “Beatrice” skins, De La Soul also has a series of beautiful male hides for the Fantasy Faire, appropriately called “Beaux”. This time I’m showing you the bright “Jade” tone... highly recommended to every aspiring Pea Pixy, or anyone who just wants a show stopper of a skin. :) Go to the “Shifting Sands” sim in order to buy it, and walk around to see some more splendid items for sale.

Skin: De La Soul “Beaux Ikon” in Jade - RFL donation item (350 L$).
Outfit: PeKaS “Maroon Green” kilt – MM board gift (0 L$).
Horns: Illusions „Cerwnw” – 75 L$.
Hair: EMO-tions „Jesse” – a previous group gift, not available any more.
Shape: Sophistishapes „Gabriel” – a previous hunt gift, currently available for 1000 L$.
Eyes: Sterling Artistry „March Grasses” – monthly freebie still available in the shop (0 L$).
Poses: Embody „Desperado” in the first picture, „Flex” in the second one. Both poses are previous hunt/MM gifts, now the single poses are available for 49 L$, the 5-pose packs are 199 L$.

The pictures were taken at Selidor.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Skinthesis at The Fantasy Faire

untitled collage

Well I see what all the fuss is about The Fantasy Faire, it's the most incredible opportunity for creators to be totally unfettered and wow are there some amazing things to be seen. The realms of fantasy in this world are boundless and today I'm sampling out some gems from Skinthesis which are from the day 2 releases. My choices are butterfly themed, being the wings and make up, Ok I might just have a wing obsession now. For the wings there are 13 shades which come in 2 sizes. The make up there are 6 colour options. For more details of the Fantasy Faire check the official website > HERE

Main picture: Wings - Crystal  Make up - Fantasia > Skinthesis

Green: Wings - Majesty &  Make up - Majesty > Skinthesis
Purple: Wings - Fantasia & Make up - RFL > Skinthesis
White: Wings- Cocoon & Make up - Powder > Skinthesis
Black: Wings - Velvet & Make up - Ink > Skinthesis
(Wings are 75L & make up is 100L)

Other credits
Skin: 90L - Cherry skin by Vendetta @ > XYROOM
Hair: 280L - QPT129 > Boon

Tickling Fish

The jungle was deep and the dragon was happy. It was alone. So it could spend time with the things it loved. At some days it told itself stories. On others it used its tail to catch fish. After tickling them gently with a scale it threw them back into the water. It liked catching but eating fish was something never got into its mind. After all it prefered eating flowers. And there were enough of it. So it ate flowers and pestered fish. Of course the fish knew what would happen to them after being caught by the dragon. They even did their best to be caught. The first had been shocked when being pulled out of the water with a quick move of the Dragon's tail but the tickling was quite enjoy able for them. Dragons can become very old so although it was very small this forest dragon was ancient and it lived for ages in the forest. Tickling generations of fish. Wonderful hatchling Its the fifth day of the Fantasy Faire and still there are so many things to explore. This year Isle of Wyrms take part in the faire. Isle of Wyrms is not only a simchain which is the home of many dragons there are also Dragonavatars being sold. The one on the picture is the spirit hatchling avatar - a hatchling is a small dragon which has just hatched. Although the definition of just of a Dragon might be a bit different to how a human might describe the same. The avatars from Isle of Wyrms come all with a hud which allows to tint and to choose different textures for the avatar. This one has been turned into a little glowing silver dragon. The hatchling avatars are tinies that means they work also with the tinymatic hud or the tiny couple animator. But Isle of Wyrms also sell very big dragons and at four times in the year its possible to get an adult dragon. Isle of Wyrms is one of the stores which make and sell tiny stuff on the faire. But there are more of them. Drums for tinies and more Xavian Starsider put out amazing drums as relay for life donation item. The drums are available in a version for humans and a version for tinies and even one for Petites. Besides of having a very cute animation the drums are scripted extremly well. This allows to form bands togehter which play all the same song.This allows to form bands together. Of course this has happend at the Fantasy Faire. Maybe if going there you will manage to see a concert of Captain Ferret and the Jungle Bungles.

Welcome to Fantasy Faire

Avatar: Isle of Wyrms - Spirit Hatchling (visit Isle of Wyrms at the Fantasy Faire)
Drums: Tiny Calypso Steel Drums - RFL Vendor (325 L$ which go for relay for life sold at the Fantasy Faire)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

.la petite morte. Fantasy Faire 2012

Elvira loved this time of day, the twilight, the shadows in the forest that kept everything so cool, so pleasantly murky. The others, her sisters, all had their favourite times and places, some were happiest in the ice, snowflakes dusting their skin, others relished the burning heat of the sun, and the feel of dry sand between their toes. This was where she was at home.

Fantasy Faire VP

As easily as she could blend into the crepuscular atmosphere in the heart of the ancient forest, bending her lithe form to match the curve of fallen bough, her eyes always sparkled with more light than found its way through the leaves. She danced nimbly over tree roots, sending small creatures scuttling over the leaf litter. Giggling, she would chase the forest deer, running swiftly with barely a sound. Pausing whenever her eye caught the glint of water, stopping to gaze at their reflection in the slow flowing pools. Slowly tracing her fingertips over the markings she had woken with that evening, the flash of colour around her eyes, wondering what this meant, what adventures this new plumage would bring...

Make ups

The donation items from la petite morte for the Fantasy Faire make a great look, several looks actually, if you opt for the fatpack. I've chosen not to wear the horns here, but they are sweet little things, perfect for a young demon or imp, even a pixie! The tail - worn here, but for once my ass isn't showing, is cute and small, with an arrowhead tip. Also available at the faire you can find the skin in different colours, from dark midnight, to snowy white, ice blue and dawn pink. The makeups, skins and shape are all beautifully detailed. 

Top Left - > Right .la petite morte. francesca twilight M1 CL, M2 CL, M3 CL
Bottom Left - > Right .la petite morte. francesca twilight M4 CL, M5CL

Skin -  Francesca Twilight (ALL makeups and fatpack are donation)
Prices in general: Single Makeup Pack + CL option+color changing horns, tail and ears (horns and tail not shown in picture here) -500L
Fatpacks are all makeups plus above options-1500L
Shape- Francesca Imp Shape 250L
Outfit - Chaospire "Nightmist" Fae 300L

Words of Light

A distant observer would have had the impression that there might be a swarm of fireflies on the ruins of the temple. Normaly people stayed anyways away from this area of the forest. It was known for an area full of ghosts and others spirits. Talking through light As always the truth was different. Non human beings lived in the temple. Not hidden but also not belonging to the human realms. They called themself Sinorei not that this was important as they seldom communicated with beings which did not belong to their kin. Sometimes they saw birds, animals and humans them but for them those were not real. Sounds were normaly ignored by them. They of course heard them but sounds were not interesting for the Sinorei. There was no music in their world but light and feelings. They walked past humans, wore even sometimes clothes they found left by them but never tried to communicate with them. Maybe they would have reacted on a torchlight but their language was more subtile. Waves of lights running over their skin. Glowing sparkles which escaped their fingertips. And soft touches during with the light of one floated onto the skin of the other. They did not even think that there could be other ways of communication.  How could words ever be so accurate like a slight shimmer of blue combined with a white sparkle?Patterns on the skin II Trap always has been a store I love. So I was really happy when seeing that they are taking part in the Fantasy Faire. They relased new skins and tattoo to this event. The skins are available in male and female versions while the tattoos are unisex. The range of colours for the skins ranges through all shades of the rainbow to black and white while the tattoos are sold in glowing colours. A rainbow version of the tattoo is one of the relay for life donation items of Trap at the fantasy faire. The hair is a faire release from wasabi pills. Combined with the hairlayertattoo it comes with it looks like one side of the scull has been shaved while the other side is long. It is a great hair for roleplay but also goes well with a goth look. The horns and eyes on him come both from De La Soul also one of the stores which takes part at the Fantasy Faire. While all the clothes are all available at Miamai.
The couple pose on the first picture is a Posefaire Release from Captivity. Its a very sweet pose and of course its possible to edit it so that the avatars are placed together in a way which fits to their size. The other two poses come from oOo Studio.
Patterns on the skin On him:
 Tattoo: [][]Trap[][] - Chromatic Tintable Tattoo (1000 L$ sold on the Fantasy Faire)
 Skin: [][]Trap[][] Chrosa Blues male (800 L$sold on the Fantasy Faire)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh MALE Mesh Hair - (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack sold at the Fantasy Faire)
Horns: De La Soul - Deamon Horns Small belong to DLS - Deamons - RFL Violent Male (1000 L$ sold at the Fantasy Faire)
Eyes: De La Soul - Radiance - MESH Eye - Violet (199 L$ sold at the Fantasy Faire)
Pants:  MIAMAI_[BL]_ChodCollection_Begtse Black (500 L$)
Nails:  MIAMAI_[BL]_Isis Nails (200 L$)

Tattoo: [][]Trap[][] - Chromatic Blue Light tattoo  (700 L$ sold on the Fantasy Faire)
Skin: [][]Trap[][] Chrosa Grays fem (1000 L$ sold on the Fantasy Faire)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh  Mesh Hair - (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack sold at the Fantasy Faire
Top: MIAMAI_[BL]_ChodCollection_Yama (450 L$)
Trousers: MIAMAI_[BL]_ChodCollection_Dakini White (500 L$)

1: Picture [Captivity Co.] Possessive (Sold at the Pose Fair )
2. and 3. Picture: oOo Studio (Sold at the Pose Fair )

The pictures have been taken at the Ruins of Nu Orne. One of the wonderful sims where the Fantasy Faire is taking place. The sim has been built by Elico Ember the owner of Cerridwen’s Cauldron.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fairy by night

It was early morning and in the first sunlight her wings started to disappear as every day. She had enjoyed the time she spent flying through the night. The air had been warm and felt amazing on the skin. Now her wings would faint until nobody could see them anymore and she would wander home to start her normal everyday life. Cooking coffee, reading the newspaper while having breakfast, going to the opera to train for the concert at the evening. All those things and then when the last tone of the last song at the evening would be still in the ears of her audience her wings slowly would become visible again and she would fly through the night again. Never a fairy by daylight.
Secret Wings
Its The second day of the Fantasy Faire and it would be wrong not to show this wonderful dress which is one of  the donation items from Evie's Close. Often dresses with an empire cut cause that the one who wears them looks not well proportionated, Evangeline Miles the owner of Evie's closet and creator of this dress managed to avoid this effect. Which alone makes the dress worth buying. The style of the dress is simple but with the details like the flowerish petals at the part of the dress where the top turns into the skirt make it look more playful without destroying the elegance of the cut. The dress comes with wings which could be worn or not. The skirt looks transparent. This means that there could be easily the png error which makes transparent items look strange. To avoid this the set contain non transparent underskirts in the colour of the dress. This is a very smart way to deal with that error and not to avoid transparent textures. The hair on the picture comes from Wasabi Pills. Its called Shiki. It looks like a ponytail with some streaks escaped. The clips and the hairband can be coloured in different colours with a hud which comes with the hair. The pose comes from Miamai.

Dress: *Evie's Closet* - Elora II (Ruby)- RFL 2012 (450 L$ for Relay for Life sold on the Fantasy Faire)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Shiki Mesh Hair (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)
Pose: Miamai (Sold at the Pose Fair

The picture has been taken at Seraph City.

Fantasy Faire 2012- Studio Sidhe

Of all the things about life under the sea that Marianne enjoyed, from pulling faces at fish, to luring the odd fisherman over the side of his boat to sink into the depths, there was one thing that she always enjoyed most. Scouring the sea bed in regions where light still reached the sands, she would search for clams, for oysters, for all the shellfish who could perform their own little miracles, the production of pearls. The small ones she would carefully prise open, not wanting, or needing to harm the creature inside to get at the pearls. She found tiny seed pearls, the smallest you could see, to those large enough to pierce and string on a necklace. She left those, giving the creatures time to do their work, to create their own little masterpieces. She was after larger game, more dangerous quarry, wanting the ultimate prize.

Faery Sola Pearl

She found it, hidden in the depths of a colony of oysters and clams.. each one getting larger as she swam through the water, toward the centre of the group, the oldest part of this living city. She kept above the seabed, not wanting the group to taste her presence in the water and clamp down too soon, no sense in making things harder than they would be. She dove, pushing her hands inside the shell of the giant clam, using all of the strength in her tail to help lever it open, reaching down inside for what she hoped would be it...
A powerful swipe of her tail and she was free, prize in hand, her spine arching in delight as she held the giant pearl high, making its flawless surface shine even in the low dappled light under the water.

Pose :  Studio Sidhe   Mermaid Pearl Diving   (Fantasy Faire RFL donation item 150L) Pose includes the giant pearl!
Mer outfit - marketplace item - 150L

Fantasy Faire 2012 – A Splinter Of Amethyst

„Ugh!” – Splinter felt disgusted and itchy at the same time. A dress to wear… with wings! What an annoying situation! She was a Blue Steel Spook, after all. The traditional job of her kind was to stalk around in the pits and scare the hell out of those fools who wanted to find something valuable in the ancient mines. Those silly Gemstone Ghosts, on the other hand... Bleah, what a gang of softies! They flap around and whisper instructions to the scroungers, so they can find a rough diamond as big as a pigeon’s egg. A bunch of namby-pambies... who have captured her and forced her into becoming an Amethyst Ghost in order to redeem herself.
Wild Spyralle
Someone knocked on the door of her cell and she heard a chirpy voice. “Hurry up, please! An adventurer has just arrived, he is dreaming of a really big piece of amethyst, so it’s your turn to guide him! No kicking and no pushing, and you’re not allowed to call him a ‘blind idiot’, either! Whispers and fluttering wings only, you hear me?” Splinter didn’t even deign her of an answer. “No kicking, huh?” – she thought. “Then just watch him fall over his own leg... on a huge piece of amethyst, all right, but he will crash and ouch. Big time ouch.” Splinter left to perform her duty, with fluttering wings... and a broad wicked grin on her blue steel lips.
Masked Spyralle
Spyralle products by Kerryth Tarantal are based on a simple yet truly brilliant idea, one of those that make you smack your forehead and shout, “Why haven’t I ever thought of that?” Kerryth has imported fractals in SL, and she’s made a great job of it. It’s a pity Benoit Mandelbrot, the father of fractal geometry, has passed away in 2010... I’m quite certain he would have enjoyed these Spyralle creations quite much.
The fabulous “Rhapsody” gown is a RFL donation item at the Fantasy Faire that comes with a pair of small matching wings, yet I’ve decided to pair it with another donation item, the amazing “Rhapsody” fractal flappies... and if you really want to move in for the kill, wear the matching “Rhapsody” mask as well :).

I’ve shown you the “Beatrice” skin in soft pale Gold by De La Soul here, now it’s time for another tone, the greyish-blue Chrys. The tattoo pattern around the eyes is the same, yet the steely hue gives the skin a very different aura... brrrr, you feel a bit cold when you look at it.

You find Spyralle and De La Soul on the “Shifting Sands” sim here, and here.

Gown: Spyralle “Rhapsody Gown” – RFL donation item (400 L$).
Wings: Spyralle “Rhapsody Wings” – RFL donation item (80 L$).
Mask: Spyralle „Rhapsody Mask” – RFL donation item (80 L$).
Choker: GankeD “Royalty” – a former hunt gift not available any more.
Skin: De La Soul “Beatrice Ikon” in Chrys - RFL donation item (350 L$).
Eyes: De La Soul “Radiance” mesh eye in Violet – comes with the “Beatrice” skins (0 L$).
Hair: !lamb “Teased Up” Kinda Blueberry – freebie fatpack in the shop (0 L$).
Manicure: Sterling Artistry „Raindrops Dark” - it is a former monthly freebie not available any more, but you can buy the very similar „French Cloud” in the shop (10 L$).
Poses: HelaMiyo “Symmetry” – 50 L$ for one pose; the 5-pose pack is 200 L$.

The pictures were made at Da Vinci Gardens.