Saturday, September 3, 2011

Venom ~ By Vengeful Threads

The crickets suddenly stilled as the horned one approached the crypt. Creatures of the night flock over her head as she stares off into the distance, the full moon casting an eerie glow on her leather clad body.

This is one of my favorite outfits from Vengeful threads and love all the extra attachments it comes with! It compliments my demon avatar quite well and has buckles and straps galore!

Skin: Mynerva Platinum Drow Skin Set 1000L
Hair: Nina, Rouge with roots from Exile 250L
Additional Attachments:
Hooves, wings and tail "Demonic Influence" From Sn@tch 250L
Horns: Deviance "Mistress" Horns 175L or from the Lucky apple bob in the cellar!

For the birds

Finn was waiting for the right moment then he would start to play his flute. It was important to catch the right moment for that at least as faun. His tunes would let the trees grow bigger, the flowers become more colourful and the bushes would carry more berries at the end of the summer.
Faun boy
In the right moment he started to play. It was important to start playing at exactly the right moment. Else the berries would be ripe to late or to soon. Both would be against the natural balance. Finn mainly cared about berries. He normaly ate only fruits. Other Fauns cared about other plants.
Faun boy II
Nila, his sister, cared about flowers. She loved how they looked and spend even time among them while she wasn't playing for them. When she heared the first tones of Finn's flute she knew that she also needed to start playing. She always had problems to find the exact moment. She felt guilty when she recognized that she left her flute at a tree. But she luckily was quick.
Faungirl II
With some wide jumps she was back in the forest and found the flute. She had used it to play for some squirrells who had asked her to take care that they would have more nuts this year. Later she would help Finn to let more berries grow. Some birds wanted some and Nila loved animals as much as flowers.
Jumping faun girl
Some time ago I blogged the awesome Cyborg suit from ND/MD. The faun avatars come from the same store. They are complete avatars that means the set includes the legs, shapes, skin, clothing hair, eyes, ears, horns, tail and even a flute. The tail and the horns come in two versions one with facelight and one without. The fauns are small the girl is 1,3m or 4 feet and 4 inches tall the boy is 1,35m or 4 feet 44 inches tall. Both avatars could be worn with or without the dots on the skin as those come on the tattoo layer. The clothes come on the undies layer (if you need them on more layers send the designer a message and he will make them for you). The hooves are resizeable so it is possible to wear them with a bigger avi. The skin also fitted my normal shape and its of course the same with the ears, horns, tail and eyes. It is amazing how well the clothing and the skin are shaded. The lights are placed exactly where they should be and I love the huge brown eyes.

Faun: ND/MD - LITTLE FAUN BOY (1800 L$)
Fauna: ND/MD - LITTLE FAUN GIRL (1800 L$)

{Just A Pose} Simply Hippy
Juxtapose - Munchkin Poses
The pictures have been taken at Ode except the 3rd one which has been taken at Loch Haven.

Friday, September 2, 2011


She was waiting. From time to time she curled her toes like she would test if she would manage to dig her toenails into the white floor. She never managed to do so but she did not care her attention was focused on something else. If her plans were working the humans would be quite busy with killing each other at the moment. It made her grin. She did not really need more land but humans were so easy to manipulate.
Winged and not really nice
The twisted hunt fills me with anger as no other hunt does. The huntgifts are hidden really mean. I normaly enjoy hunting I go to the stores search for the hunt gift and look a bit around. This hunt does not give any time for that. All the time is needed to find the gift which is really annoying for me. Others love this hunt as it is tricky but what can be said is that the huntgifts are good. As for example those wings from Soul Distraction. They have many beautiful details and the texturing is awesome. The wings come in a version for male which is the one on the picture and a more colourful one for females. They have a resize script. The pose used for this picture is one of the huntgifts from Del May. They created poses which fit to the 7 sins. The one on the picture is the pride one. Del May also have some extre gifts in their store.

Wings: Soul Distraction : Male Unseelie Wings (0 L$ Huntgift in the twisted hunt)
Pose: Twisted Hunt Unseelie Gift - Del May Mainstore (0 L$ Huntgift in the twisted hunt)

The unknown hunt


The unknown hunt is underway and continues until the 30th September. Each item is only 1L each and there are 36 to choose from, the thing to look for is a small leaf. For slurls, hints of more details click HERE.

The top that I am wearing is one of the hunt prizes it's the hibiscus tube top from dark creations and I particularly like the print. I wanted to mix it with another contrast texture and so decided to team it up with these pretty checked shorts which another one of the monthly 1L offers at Humming.

The skin is from Bare Sensual, I've blogged skins from here before and I have to say that I love the eye make and the lips on this one as they're quite muted tones which make for a fresh not too made up  look. The eyes are part of a 3 pack gift at Bonne Chance with options of brown , blue & green.

Hair: 220L - Falling - brown 04 > [Elikatira]
Skin: 50L - Gianna 1 > Bare sensual
Eyes: 0L - gift - vitamin star - brown > Bonne chance
Earrings: 0L - gift -  yelva earring marine blue > Aleida
Top: 1L -  the unknown hunt item > Dark creations
Shorts: 1L -  checked short pants - blue > Humming
Sunglasses: 0L - Luckyboard item > Black Owl

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tennis Heros

Eve tried to calm down. She had trained now for month. She loved tennis so much. But she wanted to be way more than just being good in the game. She wanted to be one of the best and she wanted to be like her idol, Börn Borg.
Tennis girl
Sometimes people tried to mock at her because of her hairband. But Eve had won so many matches while wearing it that she was very unwilling to take it off. She even trained to be as cool as Björn Borg. She payed her brother sweets and in exchange he called her names while she was training. So she became able not to react at words like "Fattie", "racquet stander" or "Armmuscle composer". At other days her brother disguised as judge and made wrong desicions to anger her. This trained her also to keep herself under control in real matches. Only once she nearly gave the judge of a real match some marshmellows.
Tennis girl3
Wasabi Pills released the ultimate hair for all tennis players. It is called Nami. The hair has a resizescript as all Wasabi Pills Hair and the hairband can be coloured in several ways. This makes this hair also fit for roleplayers. For example it fits to warriors who wear a hairband to keep their hair out of their eyes during fights. The hair is available in many colours and I counted 23 possibilites to tint the hairband. The hair is mod so its possible to tint the hairband using edit.
The outfits for this blogentry come both from a new store with the name Ariel 5. The store sells mainly well textured outfits for women. The upper outfit is called Eris. It comes with a skirt which looks like being made with a thicker fabric. It is combined with a top which looks knited and a knited drape. The drape and skirt are resizeable so it is easy to make them fit. The outfit can be worn in a sporty way like on the picture or combined with boots it works well to go shopping in it. The second outfit is called Hydra tank. Although its called tank it comes on the shirt, undershirt and undies layer and as far as I checked it covers all bits. So that it maybe could even be used as one of those swimsuits which have a hotpantlike cut at the legs.
The shoes are from Duh, the wristlets belong to a set from Dilly Dolls and the legwarmers to some shoes from Diapop.

Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Nami Hair - (250 L$ for one colour 1500 L$ for the fatpack)
1st pic:
Outfit: Ariel 5 *Eris* Cloud (capsule) (200L$)
Legwarmers: * [DIAPOP] * pointe* (160 L$)
Shoes: ::Duh!:: Women's Sneaker Boots - Black Out (20 L$)
2nd pic:
Outfit: Ariel 5 *Hydra Tank* (75 L$)
Tennisracquet : APT Racquet (0 L$ Marketplace)
Wristlets: *DD* Male - Tommi Teal

The pictures have been taken at Stepford.


Azora sat on the floor stareing through the giant glasses of her visionär. She was the high priest of the order of the knowing phoenix. It was her task to look through the visionär, sooner or later she would become insane because of it. At the moment she was watching an epic battle between bees and ants. With its help she would be able to know the result of a battle which would take part in exactly 301 year 23 days and 8 hours. She somehow was sad that she won't be able to see the real battle but that was a problem all members of her order had. They knew what would happen but they never managed to see the near future.
Masked with green outfit
It forced them to become the best librarians on the whole planet. They had giant hidden libraries of the future. Some of the members of the order had the task to read old prophecies to get an idea what would happen soon. But this was tricky. The ones who made the prophecies had no clue what happened between the time in which they made the prophecy and the time of the prophecy. So it could happen that a descendant of current kings was a chef in the future. Everything was very vague the only thing which was at the end really as they forecasted was the weather. So after a few centuries of killed postmen, marriages between daughters of teachers with sons of clerks and most embarrassing foretelling that a bartender would create a drink called "arithmetic destructor" (he really did but one of his ancestors was a genius so they supposed that he would create a completly new mathematics) they mainly spend their time with forecasting the weather for centuries in the future. They could have stopped but as they did not forecast that they did not really see a reason to do so.
masked with green outfit 2
Some outfits are made to be worn without pasties. The black/green gloomy blossom outfit from Brain Circuit Inc. is one of those. It comes on the jacket and trouser layer with modifiable prim parts. The shoes are currently on the midnight mania at Indigo Oddities. They have very pointy heels and fit very well to their name with the frills which remind on a harlequin. The mask was a groupgift at an awesome store with the name Contraption. It isn't available anymore and also will not be sold regularly which is a pity. But this store sells a lot of awesome and unique items like masks, tails and also clothes. They have a section with luckyboards and some cheapies and freebies as well. It is definitly worth to take a look at it as the items are unique and wellmade. And they normaly put out a groupgift for three days when they have a storeupdate.

Mask: [ContraptioN] Devil Mask *stolas* (past groupgift)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ryoko Hair (250 L$ for one colour 1500 L$ for the fatpack)
Outfit: -=Brain Circuit Inc=- Gloomy Blossom (Forest) 249 L$
Shoes: Indigo Oddities Harlequin Heels (0 L$ Midnight Mania)

The poses used for the pictures are a free pose from D!va and a dollarbie from amato. The pictures have been taken in the Squat skybox from a:s:s.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Make mine a Raspberry mule

My latest look I've decided is one of effortless sophistication , a look that says 'just going out for cocktails' in a nonchalant way. It's kind of understated glamour  which was inspired by the skin, yet another great one by Mother Goose's. I just adore the way it looks as if I took a little pot of eyeshadow put some on my eyes then rubbed my finger in the pot and smudged it in a quick but professional manner across my lips.

The dress too is a delight, I like the way it hangs but it's one of those dresses that you'll wear over and over. Yes throw it with a fluffy red cape and you have instant glamour, put on a pair of sandals and a hat and you have a great summer look or equally wear with a pair of tights and a sweet cardigan for a preppy autumn look oh the list is endless!

Don't the shoes just finish the look perfectly? they're amazing, the quality is fantastic and again because there are so many colours they'll go with so many outfits I call them my tutti frooti shoes. *glides away to get her Raspberry mule*

Hair: 0L - more than 15k group members celebration  gift > D!va
Hair accessory: 0L - hair accessory gift > A.M.K.R
Skin: 0L luckyboard item - Horang > .:Mother Goose's:.
Dress: 0L - luckyboard item >  Beetlebones
Cape: 0L luckyboard item > Awram Viie
Belt: 90L - Thin belt -  coral > So many styles
Shoes 0L - stilettos serendipity > Prim & pixel

Sunday, August 28, 2011

A small taste of Sl week 61

And for todays look I shall be mostly imitating Alice in her whimsical wonderland, but let me start by talking about Taste of SL. The theme this week is 'wet & wild' and I've picked a couple of my favorites from that event, for 2 reasons. I love the items of course but I also very much like the creators interpretation of the theme. First is this totally gorgeous washstand from Dreamscapes art gallery it's so pretty and I totally love the accessories.

Next is the 'I'm not feeling very well' eyes from Izzie's which has various options  of which I am wearing a very subtle version but there are sad eyebrow shapes, tears with or without run mascara and 4 different shades of eye colour.  I think this is such a great item, i've seen run mascara & tears before but nothing with such great detail and options as this package.

The rest of the outfit consists of a pretty floral & gingham print dress which is a monthly 1L item at Humming and the undershirt is just the vest layer, collar & cuffs of the 'Bow shirt' from the Coco sale.

Picnik collage

Hair: 0l - group gift - WH1 > Yuna's HAIR
Skin: 1L - HoRang (box on the floor) > .::Mother Goose's::.
Shirt: 100L - Bow shirt - white > Coco designs
Dress: 1L - floral check dress > ::Humming::
Earrings: 249L  - cascade earrings - moonstone (comes with 8 gem options) > Bewildebeest
Eyes with Tears: 90L - TOSL item > Izzie's
Washstand: 99L - TOSL item > Dreamscapes art gallery