Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Azora sat on the floor stareing through the giant glasses of her visionär. She was the high priest of the order of the knowing phoenix. It was her task to look through the visionär, sooner or later she would become insane because of it. At the moment she was watching an epic battle between bees and ants. With its help she would be able to know the result of a battle which would take part in exactly 301 year 23 days and 8 hours. She somehow was sad that she won't be able to see the real battle but that was a problem all members of her order had. They knew what would happen but they never managed to see the near future.
Masked with green outfit
It forced them to become the best librarians on the whole planet. They had giant hidden libraries of the future. Some of the members of the order had the task to read old prophecies to get an idea what would happen soon. But this was tricky. The ones who made the prophecies had no clue what happened between the time in which they made the prophecy and the time of the prophecy. So it could happen that a descendant of current kings was a chef in the future. Everything was very vague the only thing which was at the end really as they forecasted was the weather. So after a few centuries of killed postmen, marriages between daughters of teachers with sons of clerks and most embarrassing foretelling that a bartender would create a drink called "arithmetic destructor" (he really did but one of his ancestors was a genius so they supposed that he would create a completly new mathematics) they mainly spend their time with forecasting the weather for centuries in the future. They could have stopped but as they did not forecast that they did not really see a reason to do so.
masked with green outfit 2
Some outfits are made to be worn without pasties. The black/green gloomy blossom outfit from Brain Circuit Inc. is one of those. It comes on the jacket and trouser layer with modifiable prim parts. The shoes are currently on the midnight mania at Indigo Oddities. They have very pointy heels and fit very well to their name with the frills which remind on a harlequin. The mask was a groupgift at an awesome store with the name Contraption. It isn't available anymore and also will not be sold regularly which is a pity. But this store sells a lot of awesome and unique items like masks, tails and also clothes. They have a section with luckyboards and some cheapies and freebies as well. It is definitly worth to take a look at it as the items are unique and wellmade. And they normaly put out a groupgift for three days when they have a storeupdate.

Mask: [ContraptioN] Devil Mask *stolas* (past groupgift)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ryoko Hair (250 L$ for one colour 1500 L$ for the fatpack)
Outfit: -=Brain Circuit Inc=- Gloomy Blossom (Forest) 249 L$
Shoes: Indigo Oddities Harlequin Heels (0 L$ Midnight Mania)

The poses used for the pictures are a free pose from D!va and a dollarbie from amato. The pictures have been taken in the Squat skybox from a:s:s.

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