Saturday, August 21, 2010

[the golden season]

A soft glimmer of liquidized sun
trickles through the roof of leaves
I'm walking underneath
The scent of ripe gold and warm air
speckled with memories and anticipation
of your autumnal kiss
to come

Golden Season

22769's groupgift for August was the right choice for my walk in the park. The longsleeve with its hiked up sleeves and the carefully crafted neckline in it's brilliant shade of red, as well as the pinstriped pants in a sandy-gold instantly reminded me of autumn with its colourful greenery and beauty between light and dark. I'm more than ready for it to come!

Outfit: 22769 - groupgift august 2010


She knew that it would be her turn this day. So she prepared herself well. She learned and learned. And she was absolutly sure that she would manage to subvert the Theory of relativity. So she stood concentrated in front of her classmates until she heared the first laugh. The laughing became louder and louder, she was irritated. When she looked down she was shocked. She nearly woke because of the nightmare but then she only turned around in sleep and drooled a bit on the cushion.
The schoolgirl uniform is from the Arai lucky board. The top is sheer and it does not even help to wear a bra under it. It seems like the texture is made in a way that it looks sheer. The outfit comes with a short skirt, socks and anklewarmers. The pants are from She's So Unusual Shoes in the Starlust pantie raid. They are rather funny and come with the shocked pose. The t-shirt from the sleeping on the sofa picture will be the hunt gift from its cake in the for the love of science hunt. The cloud will also be a gift in this hunt, it is from [croire]. I blogged the sofa and the blackboard some time ago.
Outfit: *ARAI* School uniform (0 Linden Lucky board)

Panties: She's So Unusual Shoes : When Clams take over the world (1 Linden)
T-shirt: .:it's Cake:. B-Log Tshirt ( 0 Linden For the love of Science hunt gift)
Blue trousers: 22769 : blue boardershorts (10 Linden)

Cloud: [croire] ftlo science hunt giftie! (boxed)
Sofa: blogged before
Blackboard: blogged before

Look of the day

Today is a good day for doing the laundry. But waiting is a bit boring so its a good thing to paint a bit until the laundry is done.

I have that dress for a while now and like it very much. It was a gift from oyakin at so kinky 10. So kinky was quite a cool event it has been 4 concerts and if going to them you got some tokons for gifts. The jacket is from mnk. I think it was in a hunt but its also available in the store. I absolutly love the boots from -Perse-. The mask was on a very slow lucky chair and i was very glad when winning although i met some nice furries and tinies at that chair.
Jacket: MNK FurFur_jacket(love)**nikukyu**(MNK*SHOP)
Dress: oyakin*SO KINK*GIFT*dot-minionp*(BLACK&RED
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots Blacks
Mask: Tokugawa Heavy Industries : Hayabusa Helm (0 Linden lucky chair)
Panties: duboo.oops laundry day[tuesday] (1 Linden starlust panty raid)
Crayon and sketch book: 'NSA' - Crayon Artiste

Friday, August 20, 2010

"A good discussion is like a miniskirt..

..long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to retain interest."

One of my current pet peeves with clothing in SL is the mini-skirt with the prim panel sandwiched between the legs. But this LeLutka mini-skirt is nicely sculpted so it doesn't look like it's hanging from between your tush. Here I teamed it up with with everyone's favorite - A&M's "Hole" swimsuit/top (layered). The red Lelutka skirt is a group gift for Avenue Magazine Readers.
Red Mini 01
Red Mini 02
Xelyn is wearing:
Skin: LAQ ~ Elena
Shape: by Xelyn Xaris
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Chiharu" (Onyx) (5000 Member Group Gift)
Eyes: Amacci Real Eyes ~ Purple / Zombie Popcorn Hunt
Skirt: [LeLutka]-PAINE mini(RED)
Stockings: Eret!ka---> Socks star black (part of another outfit)
Necklace: +grasp+/Layered necklace/LB
Boots: [BUKKA] Red Leather (Lucky Chair)
Top: .:A&M:. Hole Clothing Line - Red Bikini + .:A&M:. Hole Clothing Line - Black

More luxory hunt

I went again on the luxory hunt today and took some more hunt gifts.
Marret have this beautiful lace dress in the hunt. It comes with a black short underdress. The sleeves and the collar are prims with the same texture as at the rest of the dress.
Dress: ~*marret*~ flower lace grey luxury hunt gift (0 Linden Luxory hunt gift)

As last time fashion point is taking part in the hunt again. Their gift contains a wrapped up shirt in black with a zebra skirt. The bangels on the picture also came with the outfit.
Outfit: Fashion Point : Black Knotted Shirt+Animal Print Skirt (0 Linden Luxory hunt gift)

Marielicious have a a rather sexy outfit in the hunt. A purple top with a short black jacket. The trousers are mod so it was possible to make them shorter so that they fit into boots. The belt is on the system layer that means its not possible to take it off.
Outfit: Marielicious Luxury Hunt Gift (0 Linden Luxory hunt gift)

White flowers

Looking innocent after having picked a lot of flowers for using them as a white leaf on my shirt. The outfit with the red shirt and the striped trousers is the August groupgift from 22769. The top comes on all layers. The sandstriped trousers come with cuffs and are kind of a sneak preview on the autum collection from 22769. The guys from that store wear many striped trousers lately which aren t sold in the store so i suppose there might be many striped trousers in the new collection.
Outfit: 22769 Group Gift August 2010 (0 Linden)

Blue fairy dreams

A fairy jumping innocently from leaf to leaf searching for a frog to kiss. When getting in danger to fall into the water she flutters her wings quickly. But the frogs know her allready so they hide. Once she managed to catch one and he had to spend lots of time in an old boot while she was thinking if she should kiss him or not.The blue dress is from the midnight mania board at Kouse's sanctum. It comes with three kinds of skirts. So it fits also smaller avis. The shades of blue used in the dress are amazing. The white wings are from the Material Squirrel Wings lucky board. Those boards change rather fast and there are many of them. So its fun to go there because you win a lot.The wings are lovely and come with a hud to adjust the size and the flapping. They even have xcite touch. It was actually Storm who told me to go there and it was a rather good hint from him. I took the picture at greenhouse one of my favourite sims.
Dress: [K~*~S] Kiwi - Teal - Midnight Mania Item
Wings: Material Squirrel Wings : Giselle Wings in Light Pink 4.2.1 (0 Linden Lucky board)

Steam dancer

Ezura has a lovely pick gift. Its a black/brown steampunkish dress. I made the picture at a steampunk sim named Nemo. The sim has different levels and you even could visit a steampunk museum there. Dress: + ezura + Profile Pick LoLita *Choc PB-03

Ezura has also some new stuff on the lucky board for example this lingerie dress with red gloves and a big bow. Its important to wear the parts of the outfit only on one layer else it looks like it is completly black and the lace isn t seeable anymore.
Dress: + ezura + Nebulous Set *Erotic

For the picture with the dress i used shoes from the Ingenue Midnight mania board. Pink wedges. They include a updated version for viewer 2.
Shoes: Ingenue :: Citron :: Vintage Rose :: (Midnight Mania 0 Linden)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

[look of the night: black blood]

As usual, I'm being a little late following my gorgeous fellow bloggers, but better late than never. Since I'm undead by choice, I hope you'll bear with me that I rather present my Look of the Night than showing off my daytime-PJ's... this my second post and I don't want to scare you all off in the very beginning.

Anyways, on the clothes! I picked a tee that's been one of my very first purchases, a nicely shaded piece you can get at *BOOM*. It comes in a set of 4 different versions, from solid to ultra sheer, is unisex and available in a rainbow of colours, so you can layer different shades quite nicely. And all that for a steal deal of only 50L$ per pack!

The lickable latex pants with ankh-pattern landed in my shopping bag at Sn@tch's last sale, come in pants- and underpants-layer and are even transfer, so if you want to gift them, they're really a nice addition not only to your clubbing wardrobe. You can pick from a great variety of motives and/or colours, from gothic to punk.

Look of the Night I

I paid Spider Productions a visit yesterday, and that's where my boots come from. Both textures and prim work are outstanding, and the buckle flaps can be made invisible via menu so you get an entirely different look. Unfortunately, there are no demos in store, but the boots are mod in case you need to make adjustments (and actually fit me well right ahead).

Skin: [Buried] - ^v^ Vampire ^v^ Skin
Hair: [ -7R-] Khan -Hair
Eyes: ::: LPD ::: Creature Eyes - Burnish - Revenant
Ears: :Gauged: - old version (unavailable)
Claws: Faeline Claws v6.2

Tee: *BOOM* Essential T 4pack unisex
Pants: :::Sn@tch Latex Pants (Ankh-U):::
Boots: [SP] Drudge Buckles black
Belt/bracelet: *BLITZED* Plugged Belt, Chorus bracelet
Fingertape: *Linc* Finger Tapes Dollarbie

Cathedral coat

Standing on mars and looking around for something to conquer. But there was only a sandstorm. Omega point has a rather special coat on the lucky board. It looks like a mix of alien and a cathedral. I tried to win it very often and always failed but yesterday a friend was there saw that it was on D and gave me a teleport. The black suit is a dollarbie from the same place. It comes also with a skirt. .
Coat: :::Omega Point::: Mant-heavy EX-1 (0 Linden Lucky board)
Suit: :::Omega Point::: Suit set (1 Linden)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots Blacks (329 Linden)

Magic fail

Igraene always wanted to become an important witch. So she trained a lot and normaly everything went wrong. This day her plan was to make snowflakes in the middle of the summer. But the water started to cook and she had to throw it quickly into a river. When a waterman wanted to yell her she pretended that nothing happend.
Mystic Sky have a new dress on the lucky chair. Its a golden/brown gown. The dress is one of the few empire dresses i have seen here which do not make the avi look pregnant. The patterns of the dress are amazing. At the back the dress has a lacing. It comes with two kinds of sleeves with and without the bow. The headdress with the golden bands also comes with the dress.
Dress: ~Mystic Sky~ Katharina Gown: Brown (0 Linden lucky chair)

Look of the Day: Shiva

My inventory is out of control at the moment and haven't had much time to organize. I found an unopened package from Rotten Toe and nearly fell-over when I tried-on its contents. Surprise! This is !RT's Tudors Dress, won from a lucky chair months ago, unearthed once again. Don't you love that? It's like finding a large sum of Lindens deep inside last season's coat pocket when you're nearly broke. The skirt is sculpted and the main texture is luxurious velvet with gold lace trim. The boots are an old hunt item from Demotik - another goodie that got buried and recently unearthed. Notice the heels with skulls placed in a curved ebony bone base.
LotD: Shiva 01
This one shows the boots a little better
LotD: Shiva 02
Xelyn is wearing:
Skin: *REDGRAVE*: Hunter -Trinity-
Hair: DK (now Ploom) Scarlette - Black
Eyes: *Shine* - Lustrous Aurum
Dress: Rotten Toe - Tudors Dress
Boots: Demotik - Demonic Lass Knee Boots-Black-

Look of the Day: Pompadour


Today I made a new character named Rika.  Rika, named after a social worker in the horror film Ju-on, was dressed up in L&H and Maschienenwerk clothing today.  Unfortunately, both of those stores closed down not too long ago.  I hope at some point they can return, but for now I guess anyone who was lucky enough to shop there will know these outfits.

However, I'd like to show you this awesome hair I picked up yesterday from Shop Seu in CP-Switch:


I didn't even pay 200L for it.  It's lovely and feminine, and the texture is great.

Dress: Butterfly Dusk by L&H Design (closed)
Earrings: Boomboom Rave by L&H Design (closed)
Jacket: US Navy Peacoat @ Maschienenwerk (closed)
Hair: Pompadour Hair @ Shop Seu, 170L.

Look of the day

The look what the cat brought bloggers love fashion - else they wouldn't write about it. But what do they wear when shopping or meeting friends? To answer that question we decided to start a series of postings here named "Look of the day". In the entries the bloggers will present their favourite outfits.

So i have the honor to start the series. I combined a tattoo from actchio (will be in the for the love of science hunt starting at 22th August) with a short dress from tomoto, boots from perse and tights which are also from actchio.
Dress: tomoto, camisole tunique astre (80 Linden)
Tights: actchio. roselace tights in black (100 Linden)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots Blacks (329 Linden)
Tattoos: actchio. sci-fi superhero tattoo: classic (0 Linden FTLO hunt)

Lucky Chairs.....

I have to admited that i'm a luckyitemholic... everywhere i found a mm board i slap it, i sit in every single lucky chair i found and slap as well every lucky board...
Today i found a nice place where they had 10 different lucky chairs, so this made my morning (lol) i spend like 2 hours there and among my letter and wildcard rounds i won this amazing outfits.. And there is something else, besides the outfits you can win, they had like a lindens round, where you can win L$5.. pretty cool isn't.... Enjoy it

Clothes: Ema's (lucky chairs)
High heals: *G Field* Bow Strap Shoes “Kate” -plum- (suscribo gift)
Flats: Periquita (no free)
Hair: (Posh), Magika and Curio (no free)
Skin: Curio (no free)


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

For the love of Dopamin an other preview on for the love of

Its only 3 days till the for the love of science hunt starts. So here an other preview. Kitsch me will have a dopamin shelf in the hunt. Its useful for placing a cuppudding on it. The tattoos are the gift from actchio. The black roselace tights are from the same store.
Shelf: kitsch me - dopamine molecule shelf 2 (0 Linden FTLO Science Hunt)
Tattoos: actchio. sci-fi superhero tattoo: classic (0 Linden FTLO hunt)
Tights: actchio. roselace tights in black (100 Linden)
Rest of the outfit: blogged before


Dress from Soleil L$1
There are another 2 dollarbies and one lucky board as well...
Poses by Marukin


Boots before sleep

When seeing the Pursay boots from Perse i fell for them immediately. I simply love the idea of putting shoes and gaitors together. The boots look classical and elegant and are at the same time very modern. They even fit avis well but its important to be careful when picking clothes. Else you might look like a short legged dwarf. The black white striped dress is from #Before Sleep#. That store had some great items in the alphabet soup bazar and i decided that i should have a look at it again. The prizes in the store are quite fair and they have some cute dresses and nice basics. Dress: #Before Sleep# Barcode Dress [Black] (40 Linden)

The boots also work with short skirts and chuncky jackets. The skirt is also from #before sleep#. It has a prim attachment in the middle and is available in many colours. The jacket is from meriken.
Jacket: Meriken Co. Hood jacket GREEN (200 Linden)
Skirt: #Before Sleep# Stripe Denim (Blueberry) (50 Linden)

I tested a bit more around with more stuff from #Before Sleep#. The boots and the skirt and a shirt looked fine. The combination of a tube top and blue jeans was ok but the outfit would look better with skatershoes. I really liked the look of the black trousers and the romantic teal top with the boots.
Surfshirt: #Before Sleep# Surf Vatican City (40 Linden)
Tubetop: #Before Sleep# Tubetop [Berry] (40 Linden)
Blue Jeans: #Before Sleep# I Dream Of Jeans [Blue] (50 Linden)
Teal top: #Before Sleep# Vintage Top [Sea] (40 Linden)
Black trousers: #Before Sleep# Brave Shorts (40 Linden)

Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots Blacks (329 Linden)

[there is a new face in town...]

...and yes, that's me, proud to present you SL's finest and most extraordinary stuff all those great designers have to offer and to smack the prejudice that there is no great stuff for men around. So fasten your seatbelts, everyone, and join me on my usually turbulent journeys through the SLuniverse.

To match the title, I decided to show off Aitui's latest groupgift, the "Anatomical Display" face tattoo. You need to run a 2.0 compatible viewer to be able to use it, since it comes on the new tattoo-layer, but it's so worth it.

Anatomical Display

I can only recommend to stay in the group since Jesseaitui Petion, owner and creator of Aitui, hands out the greatest gifts to its members - so if you have a slot free, join and get comfortable, you won't regret.

Over and out for today!

Tattoo: AITUI - Anatomical Display (join group, check notices)
Skin: [Buried] - Fate II
Hair: [Shag] - High Fidelity
Eyes: A:S:S - Soultrap eyes
Shirt: Riano Ink. - Deep V
Necklace: VIGo - Thorshamer Necklace

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Foundations for Wardrobe, Part II


Big plans for the company.

As we covered in the last blog, basic wardrobe components consist of neutral tones of clothing that can be layered and paired with more than one thing.  A good example of this would be a pair of black or white leggings--with a sweater or a dress, you get the most use of them, and you can create a different look each time.


Check out this business suit by SF Design.  It goes for 450L, and comes with a multitude of options for creating that perfect business or business-casual outfit.  The jacket and blouse can either be worn buttoned or unbuttoned, and there's both a clothing layer and prim version of the tie.

Better yet, this suit is available both in mens AND womens, so if you want to have an office party with your boyfriend or hubby, you can totally do that.

And here's the best part:


It's no joke how hard it is to find a good blazer or jacket in SL.  If you wanted to buy one, you might end up spending 450L just for the jacket itself.  Instead, this designer offers the entire outfit for that price.  Check out how I was able to layer it over a black tank top and denim shorts.

Next time: more stuff you'll find awesome.

Suit: SF Design Performance Suit Grey (Xstreet), 450L.

Its gonna be a hot summer

Standing insecure at a mountain lake and shivering lightly in the cold. The bikini is not really warming.
But when wandering down i found a nice warm waterfall.
The Hot Summer Bikinis are the latest release from D-Design. They are very short but cover everything decently. I like the rainbow version of the bikini very much. The cloth is connected with bands and golden rings. The rainbow version is striped and the blue version has little white dots on it. The members of the inworld group of D-Design have been quite lucky. They got one of the bikinis as gift.

Rainbow bikini: D-DESIGN Hot Summer Rainbow (150 Linden)
Blue bikini: D-DESIGN Hot Summer Blue (150 Linden)

Summer or Winter... it depends

Hello again...

I looove summer, is such a good time for puting your bikini on, go and play in the beach; besides it helps you to be happy...
But while i live in a beautifull place in sl, near to the beach with an amazing view, in rl i live close to the mountains, and at the moment is winter.... soooo, for those who loves when it rains, or the snow-angels, and all kind of water that goes through your body when you are not in the shower... Enjoy it !!!

Raincoat from .:[Kloka]:.
Hair from W&Y
Umbrella from Esoterica


Blue Blood!

Today i took a little wander to the Blue Blood Mainstore
and picked up some yummy bargains! Let me show you just some of them...
The vintage green dress was gotten from one of a few gacha machines, and this can be gotten in green, pink, blue and black. And a tiny 13L per try! The quality is really good for this price.

The fab Nara lingerie was also gotten from a gacha machine, costing 13L per try again... this one is the white color, but it also can be won in Pink, green and blue.
This is my new favorite lingerie, and i will be most definatly aiming to get the other colors!

I was lucky enough to win the Amelia outfit in purple, from one of the 2 lucky boards. The boards hold this outfit in all colors, or the fatpack can simply be bought for 200L. The board changes every 10 minutes, so it shouldnt be hard to get some in your fav colors! I teamed this outfit up with the freebie SOHO boots from Maitreya Just hit the subscribo, and check history number 7 to receive them!

All hairs worn are from Analog Dog and free! Only previously posted by the lovely Ania Sapphire.
Enjoy! :)


Iam a hairholic, so everytime i can i bough new hair.
Last week i went all the way over to Analog Dog, looking for something new and i find out that they has some new hair on the bubbles that you find in the beach....
So Run to analog and grab this gift, amazing quality, great style and all for FREE...

here is your taxi....

Kisses.... Ania

Monday, August 16, 2010

Hello Nurse! Time for Happy Pills?

katat0nik has a nurse outfit in their lucky board that makes me feel like I overdosed on Psilocybin. That makes for a happy girl on a typically icky Monday :D Here we combined the dress with membrane wings and horns to add a touch of dimension or shall I say...dementia? You decide ;)

Dagmar is wearing the Happy Nurse dress in Dark Pink with Purple Mercure Galant wings from Material Squirrel.
Xelyn is wearing the same dress but in Yellow with Yellow Mercure Galant wings.
Happy Nurse!
Happy Nurse!
Dresses: katat0nik (lucky board)
Wings: Material Squirrel (lucky board)