Friday, August 20, 2010

Steam dancer

Ezura has a lovely pick gift. Its a black/brown steampunkish dress. I made the picture at a steampunk sim named Nemo. The sim has different levels and you even could visit a steampunk museum there. Dress: + ezura + Profile Pick LoLita *Choc PB-03

Ezura has also some new stuff on the lucky board for example this lingerie dress with red gloves and a big bow. Its important to wear the parts of the outfit only on one layer else it looks like it is completly black and the lace isn t seeable anymore.
Dress: + ezura + Nebulous Set *Erotic

For the picture with the dress i used shoes from the Ingenue Midnight mania board. Pink wedges. They include a updated version for viewer 2.
Shoes: Ingenue :: Citron :: Vintage Rose :: (Midnight Mania 0 Linden)

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