Friday, August 20, 2010

More luxory hunt

I went again on the luxory hunt today and took some more hunt gifts.
Marret have this beautiful lace dress in the hunt. It comes with a black short underdress. The sleeves and the collar are prims with the same texture as at the rest of the dress.
Dress: ~*marret*~ flower lace grey luxury hunt gift (0 Linden Luxory hunt gift)

As last time fashion point is taking part in the hunt again. Their gift contains a wrapped up shirt in black with a zebra skirt. The bangels on the picture also came with the outfit.
Outfit: Fashion Point : Black Knotted Shirt+Animal Print Skirt (0 Linden Luxory hunt gift)

Marielicious have a a rather sexy outfit in the hunt. A purple top with a short black jacket. The trousers are mod so it was possible to make them shorter so that they fit into boots. The belt is on the system layer that means its not possible to take it off.
Outfit: Marielicious Luxury Hunt Gift (0 Linden Luxory hunt gift)


  1. Wow! I feel very honored by posting my Luxory Hunt gift.
    Thank you so much!
    Reach the best greetings from me.
    Liepling Allen