Saturday, August 21, 2010


She knew that it would be her turn this day. So she prepared herself well. She learned and learned. And she was absolutly sure that she would manage to subvert the Theory of relativity. So she stood concentrated in front of her classmates until she heared the first laugh. The laughing became louder and louder, she was irritated. When she looked down she was shocked. She nearly woke because of the nightmare but then she only turned around in sleep and drooled a bit on the cushion.
The schoolgirl uniform is from the Arai lucky board. The top is sheer and it does not even help to wear a bra under it. It seems like the texture is made in a way that it looks sheer. The outfit comes with a short skirt, socks and anklewarmers. The pants are from She's So Unusual Shoes in the Starlust pantie raid. They are rather funny and come with the shocked pose. The t-shirt from the sleeping on the sofa picture will be the hunt gift from its cake in the for the love of science hunt. The cloud will also be a gift in this hunt, it is from [croire]. I blogged the sofa and the blackboard some time ago.
Outfit: *ARAI* School uniform (0 Linden Lucky board)

Panties: She's So Unusual Shoes : When Clams take over the world (1 Linden)
T-shirt: .:it's Cake:. B-Log Tshirt ( 0 Linden For the love of Science hunt gift)
Blue trousers: 22769 : blue boardershorts (10 Linden)

Cloud: [croire] ftlo science hunt giftie! (boxed)
Sofa: blogged before
Blackboard: blogged before

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