Thursday, August 19, 2010

Look of the Day: Shiva

My inventory is out of control at the moment and haven't had much time to organize. I found an unopened package from Rotten Toe and nearly fell-over when I tried-on its contents. Surprise! This is !RT's Tudors Dress, won from a lucky chair months ago, unearthed once again. Don't you love that? It's like finding a large sum of Lindens deep inside last season's coat pocket when you're nearly broke. The skirt is sculpted and the main texture is luxurious velvet with gold lace trim. The boots are an old hunt item from Demotik - another goodie that got buried and recently unearthed. Notice the heels with skulls placed in a curved ebony bone base.
LotD: Shiva 01
This one shows the boots a little better
LotD: Shiva 02
Xelyn is wearing:
Skin: *REDGRAVE*: Hunter -Trinity-
Hair: DK (now Ploom) Scarlette - Black
Eyes: *Shine* - Lustrous Aurum
Dress: Rotten Toe - Tudors Dress
Boots: Demotik - Demonic Lass Knee Boots-Black-