Friday, April 16, 2010

Go away icelandic ash

Because of the vulcano ash from iceland i can t use my plane so i spend the time training with my katana, listening to björk and checking if everything is fine with my plane.
Im sure the guys from 22769 have some hidden mental powers. Because they told me about that groupgift before the vulcano released all the ash which causes now that nearly no planes fly over europe. So now a quotation of a björk song fits really well.
There is also a normaly shirt in the groupgift not only the tanktop and the jeans. And of course the cuffs come with a resize script. I don t know how the hat is called in english. In german its just named "schiffchen" which means small ship.

Outfit: 22769 groupgift 15th april - 14th May 2010
Pistol: Thadovian LTD Golden ManMelter Ray Pistol v.4 (0 Linden in the Steampunk hunt i don t know how much it is now)
Katana from the first picture: Kimagawa Katana n3 (BOXED) (Lucky chair else around 800 Linden)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Eyes as always (50 Linden)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The eyes and me

Lois Allen Designs have a great outfit in the make him over hunt. So when i read that the designer has a bargain corner i had to take a look at it and met Lois Allen herself there. She showed me her latest creation this great peacock gown. Today she released the gown and for a limited time its sold for only 50 Lindens in her store at 5th avenue.

Standing in the avilion ballroom and wondering if anybody will recognize me. But if nobody has a look at me there are enough admiring eyes in this great gown.
The style of the front reminds me a bit of a sari, as those are also kind of wraped around.

This is the headdress. Its great unfortunatly i do not have hair which really fits to it. But i suppose it would look perfect on hair with one bun at the backside of the head. The gown also comes of course with fitting earrings.
But what i love most is the train. The feather texture looks simply awesome.
Gown: Lois AllenDesigns : Lois Peacock with shoes and Earrings (50 Lindens till Sunday then it will cost more)

Of course there is also a freebie in the store. This beautiful blue dress. It comes with skirs in different lenghtes.
Dress: Lois AllenDesigns : Lois Midnight Beauty (0 Linden)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Eret!ka in gold

Standing all alone in a forest and being glad not to wear red. Else the wolf would have come to pester me again. But today only a quiet forest and no wolfes around. Only some dragons in the sky.
Eret!ka has done it again. They put out a great groupgift. This dress comes with a skirt with a resize script. There are also earrings in the gift but i took them off as they looked giant on my avi.
Outfit: Eret!ka---> vendor Gold dress (skirt menu resize) (groupgift)

Costume party

Today i had fun with lots of costumes. I found some crazy ones so i thought i blog them.

Come puppy, puppy, puppy. As i like cats much better than dogs, i like this cruella costume. It comes with the shape and the hair.
Outfit: Costume Creations: Cruella (Midnight Mania )

Today i won this bavarian dress at a lucky chair. Its very well made and will be a good costum in the autum.

Dress: Mystic Paradise Dirndl Green (Lucky chair)

The Salt & Pepper outfits are rather spicy. They are a gift at Costume Creations .
Outfit:Costume Creations : Salt & Pepper (0 Linden)

This traditional vietnamese dress was at the midnight mania board at the same place where i got the torero outfit from. I like the reds of the outfit very much.
Dress: FallnAngel Creations: FallnAoDaiMauAnhDaoRaHoa (midnight mania)

And this is a very funny avi. Its perfect for a filmthemed party.
Outfit: Costume Creations : Tweety (Groupgift - look in the groupnotices)

Well coated

Standing at a place at isle of wyrms and waiting for the rain. With Aprilgroupgift from Caverna obscura the rain won't be able to do any harm.And it looks great. Its a very well made coat. It comes with a hood.
When writing /3 hood hide the hood which is down disappears so its possible to wear the uphood without looking silly because of having two hoods.
I like the way the coat moves very much. I had a hard time to make a picture of the movement of the coat but finally i managed to make this picture of the movement of the coat.

Coat: Caverna Obscura Monthly Gift Box ~ APR : Green Cloak (0 Linden)
Dress: blogged
Paws: blogged (and i suppose they aren t available anymore in this colour)

Monday, April 12, 2010

Bringing the big city to the country

22769 have a new midnight mania item. A green shirt with a hoodie.
Top: 22769 green surfer hoodie (0 Linden)
Shorts: [BUTT-ERR] Free black booty shorts (NM/C/NT) (0 Linden)

Today i found two nice groupgift at Lycee feelings shop. Both dresses are very cute in my opinion.
Dress: LFS@black feather dress (0 Linden)
Dress: LFS groupgift 0908 (0 Linden)

And now the boots which caused this blog. I won them on a lucky chair. I still do not really know what to wear to them but they are very great in my opinion.
Boots: Sentou Yousei (battle fairy): Big City Boots (Child Size) (Lucky chair) (0 Linden)

Pretty in brown

Standing around and looking impressive in a brown gown.
This gown is really pretty. If somebody would have told me i would love a brown dress i would have simply laughed at this person. But this gown is really great. The cut is elegant and simple at the same time.

Gown: MysticHope Gaia Hunt Gift 2010 (0 Linden)

Black and White

I got a lovely new skin from Lionskins, they're retiring a load of skins between 100 - 200l each and they're lovely! I teamed it with a dress and some underwear from the 10l section of PixelDolls where they've added more to the 10l section!
Saff xx

Who ate my ear?

Crying because i just recognized that somebody ate my ear. How mean. Only because im a chocolate bunny. But how did that happen?
This morning i went fishing at the new Pocos village.
Phant and me had some fun on the swing.
When walking around i met a nice poco who told me about a hunt going on at Loco Pocos Island and Poco Village.
So i got me a hud, searched the eggs and after finding all six eggs i opend the treasure box and became a chocolate bunny.
The hunt is fun. The Eggs are hidden well but not hidden to well. The hunt takes place at Loco Pocos Island and Poco Village. When searching at the Loco Pocos island take also the teleport to the ground (named adventure) and search there. The hunt is rather well done. When starting you get a hud and in that hud the eggs you have to find are showen. The prize is great its a chocolate bunny loco pocos avatar. As all loco pocos avatars it comes with a great hud which contains animations and also possibilities to change the appearance of the avatar. There are also some golden eggs findable. Those contain outfits and stuff for Loco Pocos.
Avatar: LOCO POCOS: Choco2 (Hunt gift 0 Linden)

For those who prefer to be human the gift is a chocobunny pal. The cuddling toy comes also with a great menu. There are four holding possibilities included, the colour of the fur is changeable and its possible that the bunny wears clothes.
Pet: Poco Pal: Chocolate Bunny (Hunt gift 0 Linden)
Outfit: 22769 Honolulu Playboy Club (240 Linden during the make him over hunt)

For those who are not into hunts but love to be a bunny there is a free bunny avatar in the store.
Avatar: LOCO POCOS: Benny (Free version)

The Loco pocos avatars are very well built. And the hud which comes with them is great. It contains faceexpressions, actions and allowed even to choose if the sounds of the avatar should sound female or male.
If you are into 7seas fishing you should also try to take part at a fishing contest at the Poco Village . The winner of those contests wins a special loco pocos fish avi.

Khush hunt...

Hello there....

Recently, one of my favorite stores, Khush make a renovation in the mainstore, and for the reopening they have a small hunt and also a mm board...
You have to look for 5 boxes, is really easy to find them, and the items are really good... and don't forget to slap in the board, the target is really low...

Mini Dress, hunt...

Red Top, hunt...
Jeans, mm board...

Black Belt, hunt...

Green skirt, hunt...

Black and pink top, hunt....


Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kuri Style

The main store of Kuri Style got a bit rebuilt. Now its possible to sit there on a very comfy sofa. And there are some gifts and cheapies in the store. Some of the dresses are even reduced for a limited time. For example this nice green outfit. It comes with shoes and different wearing options.
Outfit: K*S NO.228 flower girl(G) (2 Linden)

Its still a bit cold sometimes so this snow dress is still wearable. I like the blue scarf very much. It fits to the outfit and is elegant.
Dress: K*S OBNE-PIECE219 snow Fairy09 Xmas (0 Linden)

Kuri Style offers clothing for lots of occasions, they even sell panjamas.
Outfit: K*S ONE-PIECE146kyukaruizawa(T) (0 Linden)
Slippers: [SS] BOXED BABY ELEPHANT SLIPPERS (Those slippers have been a birthdaygift - from two friends one of them even blogs here - so i don`t know how much they cost. They are made by Spume Shepherd so send him an im if being intrested in them)

This is in my opinion the greatest dress in the store. I love the jacket. And the jacket layer is so well combineable with other outfits.
Dress: K*S ONE-PIECE216patio rose(P) (100 Linden)

For this blog i used the April gift eyes from sterling artistry eyes. But this month the gift contained also two poses and painted nails.
Pose left: sa_a02j08-0410_Fstand (0 Linden)
Pose right:sa_a02j09-0410_Mstand (0 Linden)
Pants: [SP] RNR HALF jeans light drt (99 Linden)
Top: [SP] N-N skulls top (69 Linden)

The eyes are stunning as always. I m always surprised how much influence eyes have on the look of an avatar.
left: sa_eyes_AprilMist (0 Linden)
right: sa_eyes_AprilFog (0 Linden)

I < 3 beavers and ferrets

Today i wore one of my favourite shirts and was quite embarrassed when i met a beaver.
To pretend that i was just there to have some fun and not to meet a beaver i made a handstand on one hand hoping that it would impress the beaver.
And yes he liked it so i was allowed to sit behind him be proud to be so close to a beaver.
Of course i would have had the chance to be dressed perfectly if i had met a ferret.
Tops: 22769: I love beavers and 22769: I love ferrets (sale will start tomorrow and they will cost 30 Lindens)
Boxers: VITAMEN Monthly Freebie For April @ House (0 Linden)
Boots: Bax

I like to thank Boots Shamrock for his help with the pictures. This friendly beaver agreed to make the pictures at his place, had a never ending patience and made me grin. And he is also a great friend.

Boots outfit:
Tiny Treasures: Uptown Boy - Blue (150 Linden)