Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Costume party

Today i had fun with lots of costumes. I found some crazy ones so i thought i blog them.

Come puppy, puppy, puppy. As i like cats much better than dogs, i like this cruella costume. It comes with the shape and the hair.
Outfit: Costume Creations: Cruella (Midnight Mania )

Today i won this bavarian dress at a lucky chair. Its very well made and will be a good costum in the autum.

Dress: Mystic Paradise Dirndl Green (Lucky chair)

The Salt & Pepper outfits are rather spicy. They are a gift at Costume Creations .
Outfit:Costume Creations : Salt & Pepper (0 Linden)

This traditional vietnamese dress was at the midnight mania board at the same place where i got the torero outfit from. I like the reds of the outfit very much.
Dress: FallnAngel Creations: FallnAoDaiMauAnhDaoRaHoa (midnight mania)

And this is a very funny avi. Its perfect for a filmthemed party.
Outfit: Costume Creations : Tweety (Groupgift - look in the groupnotices)

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