Friday, January 7, 2011


Dress: [ Chantakre Sunny Field 5L ] *
Shoes: [ Maitreya, Welcome suscribo gift]
Pantyhose: [SHOP Toshy, 250L]

*yellow box at the entrance of the store


Stores moving

It seems to be a time of moving. Today i recognized that Ruru@pino has moved. And that they got items i had not won yet on the lucky board. For example the dress on the right and also the headdress. The wristlet has been for a while there on the boards but i had not won it so i was very glad when winning it today. The blue shirt in the middle is the current groupgift from arnandi. The collar is not free but its just awesome. It comes from Virtual/Insanity. The jeans are currently sold in a set with a shirt for 100 Linden in the courtiers loft. The tattoo with the flowers is a gift from actchio. That cute store also moved and they sent the tattoo to their subscribers together with the new landmark. The shirt on the left is a groupgift from Meteorain.
Left: MeteoRain Group gift-2010.11 (0$)
WTN- Pink-Mist female hunt gift item. (0$ WTN Hunt)
Middle: [arnadi] - Tshirt Pulp Fiction v.2 girl (0$)
22769 f CL January 2. (100 Linden)
Right: Ruru@Pino [FROZEN] (0$)
Ruru@Pino[PA*N*DA DRESS(Brown)]LB (0$)
Ruru@Pino [Marmelo&Karin-Bangle] (0$)
Tattoo: actchio. updates+GIFT! flower tattoo sleeve (0$)
Skin left and middle: (AMD) Lucky Chair - Jessica (0$)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Asian Dresses

When it comes to asian dresses i like the ones from Lika Ruby best. She uses unique textures, unique cuts and unique combinations of colours. So i just love the new asian dresses from that store. They come with a collar and a lace top. The skirt also looks like having lace under it. The dress is available in nine colours. So here the pictures:+Lika Ruby+ Asian dress-benda-purple (400$ the dresses are on sale at the moment (80%))

The blue one is combined with a light yellow. The golden lace over both goes well with that.
+Lika Ruby+ Asian dress-benda-blue (400$ the dresses are on sale at the moment (80%))

I love the colour of the jade dress. Its a great green the designer used for it.
+Lika Ruby+ Asian dress-benda-jade (400$ the dresses are on sale at the moment (80%))

Normaly i m not that big fan of white dresses. But from all of those asian dresses i like the white one best. It looks great with the red and the gold. Its just an awesome and very elegant combination.
+Lika Ruby+ Asian dress-benda-white (400$ the dresses are on sale at the moment (80%))

The combination of the colours of the red one is also very impressive. It works with red, gold and black. Normaly that would remind on the german flag but it doesn t at all.
+Lika Ruby+ Asian dress-benda-red (400$ the dresses are on sale at the moment (80%))

The pink one is combined with tones of purple. The lace is also a bit more purple. On this picture the lovely cut of the dress is seeable very well.
+Lika Ruby+ Asian dress-benda-pink (400$ the dresses are on sale at the moment (80%))

The green one come in colours i d call earth tones. The top looks kind of brown which goes well with the green and the pink of the skirt.
+Lika Ruby+ Asian dress-benda-green (400$ the dresses are on sale at the moment (80%))

The black one is just combined with yellow. It looks impressive in my opinion. I was wearing the dress while sitting in a bar at the sim where i took that picture and a guy told me that he loves the dress. So im sure that im not the only one who likes it.
+Lika Ruby+ Asian dress-benda-black (400$ the dresses are on sale at the moment (80%))

This is the yellow version of the dress. Its combined with brown and purple.
+Lika Ruby+ Asian dress-benda-yellow (400$ the dresses are on sale at the moment (80%))

After the Sale the Dresses will be sold for 500$ again. So its a good idea to hurry to Lika Ruby and to buy a dress. There are also fatpacks containing 3 dresses available. Purple, Blue and Jade are in the first fat pack, Black, White and Red in the second and Pink, Yellow and Green in the third. A fatpack is currently sold for 800 $ so i suppose they are also on sale at the moment.

More Courtiers loft

I love teal. So i really like this dress from Trendstyle which is currently sold at the courtiers loft. Its mainly golden/green with some teal in the top. Its a very pretty kind of teal even. The skirt comes with a resize script so its comfy to make it fit. The collar also has a resize script.Dress: TrendStyle - Gown Elisabeth teal (60$)

Here some more items. The earrings are from Women's dreamy body shop. There are golden and silver ones included. The blue dress is from Badoura Design. The textures are very well made as the designer and owner of this store is really good in those things. The pink dress is very very short and comes from a store named Mu-Shi Doll. As being able to understand german im guessing at the moment that the meaning of the store name is pussy doll, i do not really know what to think about that. The dress comes with seeable panties. I had a try and found out that it is possible to wear it as top with pants on the undies layer under it. Because it might be really a bit slutty to walk around in such a dress. And in the bedroom you normaly wear lingerie and not dresses like that i would say. Or nothing at all. The skin is also an item from the courtiers loft.
Left: Badoura Design - Lynna blue for TCL (50$)
Right: ::: Mu-Shi Doll ::: Mila pink for TCL (55$)
Skin: *Mayden couture* - Raija Skin (The Couturiers Loft) (80$)
TCL WDB gold Clover square Earrings (50$)
TCL WDB silver Clover square Earrings (50$)


Nobody knew exactly where she came from. And she also had no clue about that. The people who found her, naked and confused, started to call her Eris. It was a joke. But she liked the name of the godess of chaos so she kept the name. She was not really intrested in anything until she found the pictures. The pictures fascinated her. They were black and white. Somebody told her that they would have been engraved. Eris didn't care much about that. She wanted to manage to draw a picture like that. So she started to spend all her time with painting.
In a hot summer night she took off her clothes because it was horribly warm and nobody was around. But suddenly something odd happened. Her skin started to look like being engraved. She was a bit surprised about that.
It was a bit odd to look like being engraved. So she decided that it might be a good thing to visit the hospital. While putting on her clothes she heard a sound. It was a strange sound like something makeing its way through a very very thin layer of paper without destroying the paper. After turning around she saw the man. It was the first person she felt familiar with. He simply smiled and kissed her. Then he asked her to come with him as it would be time that the lost picture would be found again. At the next day people only found five pictures in her room. Not many people had known her but those were very surprised how similar the woman on the fifth picture and Eris looked.
The pictures and the engraved tattoolayers are gifts from Fallen Gods in the What's the News hunt. They are pretty and special and i guess its not needed to speak about the quality of Fallen Gods Inc. Items. The pictures are engravings from Gustave Doré, a french artist who made excellent engravings. Alia wrote a bit more about his ideas and why he made those hunt items in the Fallen Gods Inc. blog. The couple pose is an other gift from the What's the news hunt. Its inspired by that famous picture of the soldier kissing a girl. The jeans with the flares and the grey top and also the belt are a current Courtiers Loft item from 22769. Its possible to change the texture of the inner of the flares.

Pose: Embody Pose MF UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER WTN (0 Linden Hunt item)
Engravings and Pictures: Fallen Gods Inc. : What's the news hunt item (0 Linden Hunt item)
Trousers: 22769 f CL January 2. (100 Linden)

Gacha going crazy

I've picked up some wonderful items in the gacha machines in various stores recently and would like to share a few with you. For those of you who have never heard of gacha, they are gumball machines by appearance which I often  used to pass in stores and dismiss  as a decoration! They usually have great quality items in various colours for bargain prices!

Shirt: L$10 Gacha red > .Pesca
Belt:  L$1 Gacha orange > Chuculet
Hair Ribbon: L$20 gacha > !1mm***
Shoes: Free as part of a pack red classic ballet flats > Baby monkey
Jeans: Group gift boyfriend denim jeans > Magi take shop
Hair: Mizuki - Marron L$50 > Nodoka
Bangles: Group gift/ subscribo item > The sea hole

Just a little secret

Today I shall reveal one of my super secrets , and that is a a hair store. You'll notice I never change my skin but hair I love and the hair I wear today is one of many that I have from Hair shop Nodoka. This particular one is currently on the lucky board , but if you fancy a different colour and don't want to wait for your letter to come up then you can buy it for   a bargain L$10 in a gacha in store. There's also a pretty bob style with hair bow at L$1 but there are plenty more styles to chose from and the full price items are a steal at L$50 ! that's right I said L$50!

Hair: Free on lucky board > Hair shop nodoka
Top: Free on lucky board ( part of a fabulous outfit that Dagmar blogged previously titled 'look of the day' ) >  Art & Fun
Skirt: Free group gift > C'est la vie
Tights: Free group gift > Latte
Corset belt: Retort belted corset  (silver)  L$25  > Ashoka
Shoes: Free  Circus lolita black > In her shoes
Necklace: L$125 my huge necklace - black Milk motion

Wednesday, January 5, 2011


[50LS sale at Vive9 Mainstore]
Shoes, Shirts, Tanks, Chals, Scarfs, Shoes, Bags, and Dresses.....


Red in Red

Gangparties could be annoying. Being dressed up all fine but the floor is still dity from the last "meeting". At least the colour of the dress fits just fine to the floor. This wonderful dress comes from icing. Its great how the designer managed to make the folds of the cloth look by using only the system layers. The skirt is of course a prim. The dress has a cut on the side so that one leg is seeable (and the highheels could be seen better and knives worn at the leg could be drawn easily). So its not only a dress for an elegant lady it also works for an elegant lady with convincing abilities. Dress: *ICING* Gala Affair - Red (295$)
Jewlery: *ICING* Princess Pearl Set (195 $)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just me! ( and the talents of Fooki)

Today I have no background for my picture and this is because I've been pestering my friend Fooki to assist me in editing them. He took this picture and edited it for himself and I am just so amazed by what he has done that I didn't want to do anything to it ( I really did put him to the test because the original picture was so bad I wasn't going to use it) anyway I'm trying to convince Fooki to put his talents into making clothes, I'm sure he'd make some wonderful this space!

Hair: Free group gift ( pick up some other great free hairs while you're there too)  > booN
Jacket: Free group gift ( there is also a pack of coloured jeans for L$1 in store ) > Autre
Corset top: Free  part of an outfit with matching shorts on luckyboard ( upstairs  boards rotate every 3 mins )  > Zenith fashion
Scarf: Free Hunt item ( lots of  other dollarbie items around the store) > Zeery
Tights: Former Free group gift but are on sale  L$250 for 2 pairs >MIEL
Boots: L$1 > Courtisane  @ Enky's dollar store
Shorts: Former group gift > Urban girl

Monday, January 3, 2011

Octopus's Garden

Pretending to know the future because of wearing an octopus dress. This outfit is a hunt gift in the what's the news hunt and of course related to Paul (may he rest in peace) the Octopus. The item made me laugh although its just brilliant to make such a dress.
Outfit: *diavolicious* Paul-Ine The Octopus (0 Linden Hunt item)

Sunday, January 2, 2011

[(im)pure reflections of silver]

Silver, this week's colour of Luna Jubilee's blogger challenge, is something I mostly link with jewelry, wrapping paper and cutlery, but since I wanted to spare you with a picture of myself only wrapped in foil (I'll keep that for another colour... I think), I dug my way through almost scary amounts of silvery hair shades and jewels to present you my first attempt in working with reflections in PS: silver and light with stains of white.

[(im)pure reflections]

Skin: .:Hermony:. - Kriz ST1 - Shaved
Hair: .:Fiction:. - Storm
Beard: -dD- Beards - Rodrigo

Shirt: {Gisaci} - Cambridge Cuffed Shirt
Corset: A:S:S - Goth boy corset - Silver/Black
Pants: INDI Designs - Pants silver (old dollarbie)
Boots: [CheerNo] - YAJ Boots Silver

Armband: [[SHADE THRONE]] - The Prisonner Bracelet
Nailpolish: A:S:S - Nailpolish

My serenade

Had a lovely time in Greece being serenaded by my beau with his wonderfully melodic guitar! which was the perfect end to my bargain hunt day. I was thrilled to have picked up this skirt on a lucky board at Solita ( there is also another board ) but I can' say enough how well made it is and the textures are fabulous. The items in the store are an absolute bargain so do make this one a must tp. The wrap cardigan was another lucky board item at the new huge Doppelganger store  ( be sure to pick up the 'must have' opening gift by the door while you are there).

Cardigan: Free on lucky chair > Doppelganger Inc
Skirt : Free lucky board item > Solita
Necklace: Free  lucky board item > Mezzo
Shoes : Free lucky board item at Petit pas mall > G Field
Socks: Free demo item > G Field
Hair: Capuccino - Brown L$220 > LoQ hairs

Material Squirrel

Giselle Wings in Light Pink. 0L$ Lucky Board [Material Squirrel]


Dress. Deadly Kitten (red) L$1000 [Otawara]
Face Mask. Lovely Mi Make-up L$0