Friday, January 7, 2011

Stores moving

It seems to be a time of moving. Today i recognized that Ruru@pino has moved. And that they got items i had not won yet on the lucky board. For example the dress on the right and also the headdress. The wristlet has been for a while there on the boards but i had not won it so i was very glad when winning it today. The blue shirt in the middle is the current groupgift from arnandi. The collar is not free but its just awesome. It comes from Virtual/Insanity. The jeans are currently sold in a set with a shirt for 100 Linden in the courtiers loft. The tattoo with the flowers is a gift from actchio. That cute store also moved and they sent the tattoo to their subscribers together with the new landmark. The shirt on the left is a groupgift from Meteorain.
Left: MeteoRain Group gift-2010.11 (0$)
WTN- Pink-Mist female hunt gift item. (0$ WTN Hunt)
Middle: [arnadi] - Tshirt Pulp Fiction v.2 girl (0$)
22769 f CL January 2. (100 Linden)
Right: Ruru@Pino [FROZEN] (0$)
Ruru@Pino[PA*N*DA DRESS(Brown)]LB (0$)
Ruru@Pino [Marmelo&Karin-Bangle] (0$)
Tattoo: actchio. updates+GIFT! flower tattoo sleeve (0$)
Skin left and middle: (AMD) Lucky Chair - Jessica (0$)

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