Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Just me! ( and the talents of Fooki)

Today I have no background for my picture and this is because I've been pestering my friend Fooki to assist me in editing them. He took this picture and edited it for himself and I am just so amazed by what he has done that I didn't want to do anything to it ( I really did put him to the test because the original picture was so bad I wasn't going to use it) anyway I'm trying to convince Fooki to put his talents into making clothes, I'm sure he'd make some wonderful creations....watch this space!

Hair: Free group gift ( pick up some other great free hairs while you're there too)  > booN
Jacket: Free group gift ( there is also a pack of coloured jeans for L$1 in store ) > Autre
Corset top: Free  part of an outfit with matching shorts on luckyboard ( upstairs  boards rotate every 3 mins )  > Zenith fashion
Scarf: Free Hunt item ( lots of  other dollarbie items around the store) > Zeery
Tights: Former Free group gift but are on sale  L$250 for 2 pairs >MIEL
Boots: L$1 > Courtisane  @ Enky's dollar store
Shorts: Former group gift > Urban girl

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  1. i can't say how glad i am that you blog here Fauna. You find so great freebies. Thank you so much.