Thursday, January 6, 2011

More Courtiers loft

I love teal. So i really like this dress from Trendstyle which is currently sold at the courtiers loft. Its mainly golden/green with some teal in the top. Its a very pretty kind of teal even. The skirt comes with a resize script so its comfy to make it fit. The collar also has a resize script.Dress: TrendStyle - Gown Elisabeth teal (60$)

Here some more items. The earrings are from Women's dreamy body shop. There are golden and silver ones included. The blue dress is from Badoura Design. The textures are very well made as the designer and owner of this store is really good in those things. The pink dress is very very short and comes from a store named Mu-Shi Doll. As being able to understand german im guessing at the moment that the meaning of the store name is pussy doll, i do not really know what to think about that. The dress comes with seeable panties. I had a try and found out that it is possible to wear it as top with pants on the undies layer under it. Because it might be really a bit slutty to walk around in such a dress. And in the bedroom you normaly wear lingerie and not dresses like that i would say. Or nothing at all. The skin is also an item from the courtiers loft.
Left: Badoura Design - Lynna blue for TCL (50$)
Right: ::: Mu-Shi Doll ::: Mila pink for TCL (55$)
Skin: *Mayden couture* - Raija Skin (The Couturiers Loft) (80$)
TCL WDB gold Clover square Earrings (50$)
TCL WDB silver Clover square Earrings (50$)

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