Thursday, January 6, 2011


Nobody knew exactly where she came from. And she also had no clue about that. The people who found her, naked and confused, started to call her Eris. It was a joke. But she liked the name of the godess of chaos so she kept the name. She was not really intrested in anything until she found the pictures. The pictures fascinated her. They were black and white. Somebody told her that they would have been engraved. Eris didn't care much about that. She wanted to manage to draw a picture like that. So she started to spend all her time with painting.
In a hot summer night she took off her clothes because it was horribly warm and nobody was around. But suddenly something odd happened. Her skin started to look like being engraved. She was a bit surprised about that.
It was a bit odd to look like being engraved. So she decided that it might be a good thing to visit the hospital. While putting on her clothes she heard a sound. It was a strange sound like something makeing its way through a very very thin layer of paper without destroying the paper. After turning around she saw the man. It was the first person she felt familiar with. He simply smiled and kissed her. Then he asked her to come with him as it would be time that the lost picture would be found again. At the next day people only found five pictures in her room. Not many people had known her but those were very surprised how similar the woman on the fifth picture and Eris looked.
The pictures and the engraved tattoolayers are gifts from Fallen Gods in the What's the News hunt. They are pretty and special and i guess its not needed to speak about the quality of Fallen Gods Inc. Items. The pictures are engravings from Gustave Doré, a french artist who made excellent engravings. Alia wrote a bit more about his ideas and why he made those hunt items in the Fallen Gods Inc. blog. The couple pose is an other gift from the What's the news hunt. Its inspired by that famous picture of the soldier kissing a girl. The jeans with the flares and the grey top and also the belt are a current Courtiers Loft item from 22769. Its possible to change the texture of the inner of the flares.

Pose: Embody Pose MF UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER WTN (0 Linden Hunt item)
Engravings and Pictures: Fallen Gods Inc. : What's the news hunt item (0 Linden Hunt item)
Trousers: 22769 f CL January 2. (100 Linden)

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