Sunday, January 2, 2011

My serenade

Had a lovely time in Greece being serenaded by my beau with his wonderfully melodic guitar! which was the perfect end to my bargain hunt day. I was thrilled to have picked up this skirt on a lucky board at Solita ( there is also another board ) but I can' say enough how well made it is and the textures are fabulous. The items in the store are an absolute bargain so do make this one a must tp. The wrap cardigan was another lucky board item at the new huge Doppelganger store  ( be sure to pick up the 'must have' opening gift by the door while you are there).

Cardigan: Free on lucky chair > Doppelganger Inc
Skirt : Free lucky board item > Solita
Necklace: Free  lucky board item > Mezzo
Shoes : Free lucky board item at Petit pas mall > G Field
Socks: Free demo item > G Field
Hair: Capuccino - Brown L$220 > LoQ hairs

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