Saturday, July 17, 2010

Flying away with Ezura

After she failed with dying her hair she just wanted to flee. So she grabbed her favourite jacket and jumped on her little steamflyer.
But even after half an hour of flying she didn`t know what crazy story she should tell her friends to explain her hair colour.
The jacket is the new lucky board gift at Ezura. It comes with a sculpted collar, sculpted cuffs and in three lengthes. Ezura is also taking part in the 60 Lindens weekend and sells two packs of torn stockings for 60 Lindens. They are fun. The first pack contains lighter colours and the socks in the second one come in darker tones.
Stockings: + ezura + Knee-High Stockings *Broken Pack A (60 linden this weekend)

Stockings: + ezura + Knee-High Stockings *Broken Pack B (60 linden this weekend)

Jacket: + ezura + Steampunk Gothic Jacket *Charcoal (0 Linden Lucky board)
Hotpants: *COCO*_Gift_Tee&DenimShorts (0 Linden Groupgift)
Hair: Little Heaven : LH_hair76_beatrice_plum_box (0 Linden Lucky chair)

Friday, July 16, 2010

60 Lindens weekend at D-design

Sitting at home and wondering if the top fits to the jeans or not. But somehow green is always a good choice and to the black jeans it should fit well. To make the causual look a bit more elegant i added a nice bolero and a pearl choker. The tops are in the 60 Lindens weekend this weekend. Its a pack of five metalic looking tops in blue, green, silver, gold and pink.
Top: D-DESIGN Metalic Color Tops (60 Lindens this weekend else 225 Lindens)
Bolero: D-DESIGN Bolero White (available in a multi pack for 300 linden but there is also a silver one sold for 80 Lindens)
Trousers: D-DESIGN Free Memb. Gift 2010-June (0 Linden for a limited time so hurry)
Choker: D-DESIGN White Pearls Choker (65 Linden)
Bangles: D-DESIGN Colors jewelry set (189 Linden)

July with 22769

Sitting at the beach on my new beach mat from 22769 and waiting that my shirt becomes dry again. I had fallen into the water by mistake but fortunatly i wasn`t wearing shoes so they aren`t ruined. The new groupgift from 22769 is well a bit sheer. But so its a good opportunity to wear a nice bra under it. The hot pants are very well made that means they do not deform (some hotpants look rather ugly when the avi makes a step those do not).
Outfit: 22769 groupgift July (Groupgift 0 Linden)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Berries on the way

A raspberry innocently sitting on the way. But it quickly grows and jumps onto its legs planing to run away from everybody who plans to nibble at it.
The raspberry is berry which likes fashion so it wears some cute earrings. They come even with microbling which is a way to use bling without being called noob (and its possible to turn off the bling). The outer prim of the earrings comes with a colour changing hud. So its possible to make them fit to every dress. They are from a store named Womens dreamy bodyshop which is absolutly worth a visit.
Earrings: WDB GemOver Earrings (150 Lindens)

The raspberry dress is a gift from the Kattastrophe midnight mania it comes with fitting hair and well the bra of it is funny too.
Dress: *KK* Rasberry Dress (0 Linden Midnight Mania)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

green and pink

DCNY has a great new outfit on the midnight mania board. Its a green top with fitting trousers. In the trousers a belt is included and they come in a version with and a version without flares. The skin is a freebie from nuuana's skins and is just amazing. I love the contrast between the skin tone and the makeup and its amazing that pink and red could look great together.Skin: Nuuna's Skins Sascha's Pink Freebie (0 Linden)
Outfit: DCNY "Summer Mash-Up" Outfit - #2 (Midnight mania 0 Linden)

Throwing the apple

I heared that some people are going to marry soon so i thought its time to train throwing the apple.So i jumped around in the living room throwing the apple. When the fruit was lying smashed onto the floor i remembered that it would have been correct to use a golden apple.
This is the special edition Eris gown from D-Design. The dress belongs to the Nuit Sensuelle line - the D-Design line for high and special fashion. It comes in green with pretty flowertextures. And as a real Lady wears a hat when leaving the house a fitting one is included. The gown comes even with the necklace and the shoes. All the prim parts are resizeable. Even the prim parts of the gloves are.
The skirt comes in two options you could wear it with the bustle or without it. You also could wear just the bustle but that does not look very good but it might bring some attention.
Gown: D-DESIGN Nuit Sensuelle - Eris Jade (980 Linden and from the 14th to 17th 680 Linden for groupmembers)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

All i need

When playing with the cushion to pretend to be pregnant i used hair from Darkerside (it was a gift in the crazy arse hair hunt). So being curious i went back there and won imediatly a red gown on the lucky board. Then i saw that they take part in the song lyrics hunt and also managed to find that gift. Its a white dress with suiting wild black hair. Its named "all i need" which reminded me on air. This was actually wrong in a notecard the designer explains it is inspired by Within Tempatation.

The hair is amazing and so is the feathery head piece.

White dress: SLH Note #14 - Darkerside (0 Linden)
Red dress: *DarkerSide* GiftBag - Flourish Gown in Blood (0 Linden lucky board)


Only few things go as well with a tux as a nice gasmask. Some people do not really belive that. Like the sceptical looking twin me. Left:
Tux: Bellissima!:_Bell_Pinstriped Suit - Light Blue (0 Linden Midnight mania)
Gasmask: Breathe Apparatus S.01 (White) (0 Linden i found it in a club in insilico)
Right: Hyper Culture HC - July Group Gift (0 Linden comes with the subscrib - o - matic )

I won this arcade game on a lucky chair at CAT'S DIRT Project today. On the screen are changing pictures and it has a flickering light. The blue dress with the belt is also from a lucky chair or board. It has very cute sleeves.
Dress: *PL*UM* Check Dress Blue (0 Linden lucky chair)
Arcade game: CAT'S DIRT Project : TEMPEST ARCADE Videogame (0 Linden lucky chair)

Arya in the forest

Stretching while wandering through the woods and sighting because not have managed even 50% of the way. But at least the long sleeves of the gown are useful to chase away the flys.
To a gown which fits well to a forest a necklace made of leaves is perfect of course. This one comes from alchemy immortalis. Its made of lots of prims, has shadows and its even possible to choose the metal its made of with a menu.
I love the details on the back. And even there the necklace has shadows.
Necklace: ! * )AI ( Ami amet deli pencet Ivy Choker (99 Linden)

The gown, from Mystic Sky, comes with two kind of sleeves. The texture of the dress lets it look like being made of leather with some cotton cloth under it to make it more comfy. It fits small avis as well as bigger ones.
Dress: ~Mystic Sky~ Arya Gown: Emerald (0 Linden lucky board)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mutiny without any acts

Sitting in a bar and pretending to be a smoker. But being a bit insecure at the same time if it works. The mutiny coat from bellissima! is my favourite coat for a long time. It looks great and when being in need to make some jumps while fighting it isn`t disturbing.
The coat was made for men but in my opinion its also great for females. It comes on the jacket layer so its possible to wear something under it. The trousers look also great without the coat. The coat is also available in black, purple and blue. The skin is a lucky board gift, the tattoos too and the sarashi comes from :KAMI-HITOE: .

Coat: _Bell_Mutiny in Red (350 Linden)
Skin: :::Dimbula Rose::: Colorful star clown skin_LB (0 Linden Lucky board)
Tattoo: ::::HORI-MUTO ::::KURIKARA-MONMON (0 Linden Lucky board)
Sarashi: :KH: Sarashi for unisex (50 Linden)

And what i also want to mention the coat also works with other trousers than the ones it comes with.

Hugging Cushions

Testing how it might feel to be pregnant with the help of a cushion. But it does not really work well.
But its a start.

The maternity poses are available at No Strings Attatched. They are named Mother-to-Be and on the description they are made to show the blooming figure but if you are not blooming you could just care for a cushion for example. Besides all cushion jokes those poses are lovely and worth to have a look at.
The dress comes from the Grim Bros. midnight mania board. It has a nice colour and i like the little flowerish patterns.

Poses: 'NSA' - Mother-to-Be (200 linden with mirrored poses, 150 without and 35 Linden for one)
Gown: Grim Bros. : GEMMA EARTH and forest gown boxed gorillagift (0 Linden Midnight mania)

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Party hangover

Sitting tired in an egg chair nibbling at it from time to time to get rid of the hangover. But it does not really work. I even felt so bad that i needed to change my shirt. Luckily i had a fresh one.
After some more hours of sleep i grabbed a t-shirt and went to the park to play football with my friends (after asking the octopus if im going to win of course).
The egg chair is comfy, well made and has only 3 prims, well it wouldn t be well made if it would have 30 prims. It comes from cogoo a cool store in the wastelands. Somehow the owners of that store like having their shops in cool places they also have a branch in little china which belongs to the city of lost angels sims.
The longsleeve shirts and the shorts are from the new basics collection from 22769. The shorts have been available in green at the alphabet soup market but as that has been a limited offer and they looked so nice they are going to release them in some more colours. I hope they will do black ones too. The shirt comes as always on all layers.
The last shirt is something mainly germans might like as it is a Günter Netzer shirt. Its a gift from somapop and diapop to the end of the go4goal hunt and available in the sportshuntgroupmessages.

Chair: [[[COGOO]]] Egg chill (120 Linden)
Longsleeve brown: 22769 basic longsleeve pixel night (5 Linden)
Longsleeve blue: 22769 basic longsleeve pixel day (5 Linden)
White t-shirt: [SP] g netzer shirt (0 Linden groupgift in the Sportshunt group)
Blue shorts: 22769 basic blue boardershorts (10 Linden)