Sunday, July 11, 2010

Party hangover

Sitting tired in an egg chair nibbling at it from time to time to get rid of the hangover. But it does not really work. I even felt so bad that i needed to change my shirt. Luckily i had a fresh one.
After some more hours of sleep i grabbed a t-shirt and went to the park to play football with my friends (after asking the octopus if im going to win of course).
The egg chair is comfy, well made and has only 3 prims, well it wouldn t be well made if it would have 30 prims. It comes from cogoo a cool store in the wastelands. Somehow the owners of that store like having their shops in cool places they also have a branch in little china which belongs to the city of lost angels sims.
The longsleeve shirts and the shorts are from the new basics collection from 22769. The shorts have been available in green at the alphabet soup market but as that has been a limited offer and they looked so nice they are going to release them in some more colours. I hope they will do black ones too. The shirt comes as always on all layers.
The last shirt is something mainly germans might like as it is a Günter Netzer shirt. Its a gift from somapop and diapop to the end of the go4goal hunt and available in the sportshuntgroupmessages.

Chair: [[[COGOO]]] Egg chill (120 Linden)
Longsleeve brown: 22769 basic longsleeve pixel night (5 Linden)
Longsleeve blue: 22769 basic longsleeve pixel day (5 Linden)
White t-shirt: [SP] g netzer shirt (0 Linden groupgift in the Sportshunt group)
Blue shorts: 22769 basic blue boardershorts (10 Linden)

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