Friday, July 9, 2010

Waiting for the party

The go4goal hunt ends soon. So the participating stores are going to have a party together. So while they built up the party area and placed their items in their boothes there i played some football in a dress i found there.
I had a lot of fun. But somehow they got a bit annoyed when i shoot the ball into their boothes and told them "sorry i thought its a goal".
The party will take place in the backyard of 22769 near the entrance of Lust4Art, a gallery which showes at the moment a small but very cute exhibition. At the closing party some dj's will play and you got the chance to meet some of the designers who took part in the hunt. It starts at 10am SLT and ends at 5 pm SLT at the 10th of July. For more information have a look at the huntblog.
The orange dress is a dollarbie from Hasi's at the party place.

Dress: Hasi`s Babydoll Dress orange (1 Linden at the go4goal party (its allready available)
Poses: Juice - 6 Football Poses (200 Linden)

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