Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Spellbound at the gor fest

Spellbound is taking part at the GorFest & Merchant Fair 2010. Well they are not only taking part they are even one of the sponsors of the fest, the other sponsor of the event is EMO-tions. The gor fest is a gorean charity event for relay for life. But that does not mean that it is only intresting for people who are into gorean roleplay. Normaly gorean clothes fit also well to other roleplay for example the heidi and the clarissa gowns which i show in this blog entry fit to fantasy roleplay and even don`t look wrong on steampunk sims. The GorFest & Merchant Fair 2010 takes part from July 4th - 11th and everybody is welcome there. A lot of the best gorean designers have a booth at the "Oasis of Hope Market" At each day of the fest in the time from 12pm to 8pm SLT events take place at the fest. You could find the calendar for the events here. Goreans in the Relay For Life is one of the most successful relay for life teams in second life.

Spellbound has many donation items on the fest. If you buy a donation item the money does not go to the designer, it goes to relay for life. For example this red gown. It has a cut i have seen seldom in second life. I like the lace details a lot. As all items i know from Spellbound all the system parts come on all layers.
Dress: [SB] April - Rust (400 Linden Donation item)

This gown in lavendar is very playful and comes with a cute flower headdress. It also has some cute lace pieces.
Gown: [SB] Orchid - Lavender (400 Linden Donation item)

This dress is one of my favourite pieces from Spellbound. Its possible to wear the top as corset (without the red shirt under it). The handwarmers are also very comfy but well they are a bit disturbing when holding a sword in the hand but as it is possible to take them off this isn t a real problem.
Dress: [SB] Clarissa - Red/Black (200 Linden Donation item)

The Heidi gown in cream also has two possibilities to wear it. The shirt comes like shown on the picture and in a version without the lace on the chest. In the sets are two skirts included. One with a overskirt and one without. Both look very good. The cuffs on the upper and lower arms look like they are hold on their position by a band wrapped around them.
Gown: [SB] Heidi - Cream (225 Linden Donation item)

This outfit is very short, very sensual and has a sheer version included. It also comes with a headdress and has a lot of attatchments with flowers.
Outfit: [SB] Summer - Purple (225 Linden Donation item)

The heidi gown is not available in cream there are also more colours of it available. I wasn`t able to resist the green version.
Gown: [SB] Heidi - Green (450 Linden )

And it was the same with the black version of the Clarissa gown. Here i like very much that the corset and the shirt under it both look black but not like they are one piece.
[SB] Clarissa Black-Black (400 Linden)

For this blog entry i used the landmark of the booth of Spellbound at the gor fest. After the fest you find Spellbound in their mainstore.


  1. Great Write up!!! Thanks for visiting GorFest and thanks to SpellBound for sponsoring. Come on down to GorFest to see all their stuff and get some great deals in their RFL vendors!!


    Dagmar, was great to meet you and nice blog!

  2. It's always an honor and I'm always humbled by you and your words. Thank you for taking the time to visit GorFest. It's not just for Goreans, but it is for RFL.