Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Santa Lucia for black haired girls

As its summer now its a good time to start to train for santa lucia. So i spend some time with walking gracefully around singing Santa Lucia songs. The owl pressed her eyes closed and i suppose she also wished to be able to close her ears too. But then i saw myself mirrored in the window and thought "oh no only blond girls could be Santa Lucia". So i decided that there also must be a Santa Nocturna and changed my dress. Instead of a white one i picked a black one. The owl looked a bit irritated when i started to sing "Santa Nocturna" instead of "Santa Lucia".

Adam n Eve
take part at the fashion fest and have those dresses as new release there:
The black dress comes with different skirts and of course pants in different lengthes to wear under the skirts. Its nice with the shawl around the hips.
Outfit: Adam n Eve Amelia Black (600 Linden)
What i like to add is that the pants which are included in the outfit fit very well to other clothes. So with a tanktop and some tattoos they make a good outfit to go skateboarding in.

The white dress which reminded me somehow on Santa Lucia comes also with different skirts. The long ones are very elegant and the short one is rather sexy.
The details on the top are very cute and very well made.
Dress: Adam n Eve Rose White (600 Linden)

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