Friday, July 9, 2010

Street sport

Playing football in the streets. And running fast.Shirt: Juice - GOALIE Soccer Shirt (go4goal hunt 0 Linden)
Trousers: Hasi`s G4G#45 Gift- (go4goal hunt 0 Linden)
Pose: Juice - 6 Football Poses (200 Linden)

But then i found a skateboard and tried to ride it.
Skateboard: 'NSA' - Skater (NotSoPro) (50 Linden at the rocking friday)

I balanced a bit on it.
Top: Hasi`s G4G#45 Gift- (0 Linden)

Soon i became better with dealing with it.
Shirt: Go4Goal Ladies gift from cacao (go4goal hunt 0 Linden)
Skateboard: 'NSA' - Skater (Pro) (50 Linden at the rocking friday)

After changing my clothes i tried some tricks.
Shirt: Alphabet Soup Bazaar #Before Sleep# Tubetop [Army] (25 Linden)
Trousers: >>>Poison<<< Grey striped_jeans (0 Linden Midnight mania board)

And managed even to perform a handstand on the board.

And even a more impressing trick.

The skateboards are from No Strings Attached. They are in the rocking friday so they only cost 50 Linden today. The designer is currently working on a attachable version and all who bought the rezz version will get the attacheble version as free update. The boards have a colourchange hud so they could have 4 different looks. Im very glad that this pose set is now available as i haven`t found a comfy way to make pictures of tricks with my normal boards.
I used some outfits from the go4goal hunt in this blog entry. No strings Attached and has some great football poses as gift so if you don`t have them yet go there and get them.
The go4goal hunt will at the 11th July.

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