Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dancing fail

I was so excited before the great ball. I hoped that Lord Washmouth would be there and maybe ask me to dance with him. So i wore the most beautiful dress i could find. And when he came in i took a deep breath, tried my best to stand elegant and pressed my chest out.
And he looked so elegant in his green suit with the small tie. I nearly felt his hands on my shoulder guiding me to the dancefloor. But oh what happened.
He only had eyes for the huge redhead with the tan skin. Tan skin even.
So when he asked her to dance with him i quickly ran out. Being sad i started dancing around the horse sculptures.
This wonderful copper gown is a relay for life donation item from bellissima!. It has wonderful details and the texture is well made. For example the halter, when looking closer at it it looks like lots of small black pearls are stitched on it. The lower part of the skirt looks in a similar way. The gown comes with fitting gloves in white.
Gown: _Bell_Natalya Gown RFL (250 Linden)

The party dress the sensual redhead wears has also very many little details. For example the backside of the top has a seam in the middle and on the front are some patterns which are repeated on the lower end of the top. The dress comes with fitting boots and a wristlet. It is also a relay for life donation item.
Dress: _Bell_Lace Party Dress - Purple RFL (100 Linden)

And here the mens outfit, gladly i had picked a shape and a skin for guys in the make him over hunt so i was able to show that too and to put it even in a romantic story. It comes with a jacket and a collar with a tie. I like the striped trousers very much. The colours of the set fit perfectly together. I think it could be worn for many events like going on a hunt, a meeting for drinking tea and other events a Lord has to attend. The outfit is a donation item for relay for life so if you buy it (or force your man to buy it) you do something of noblesse.
Outfit: _Bell_Pinstriped Vest Suit for RFL (275 Linden)

The relay for life items from Bellissima! are on the backside of the wall where also the 60 Linden Weekend items are sold.

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