Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Jack or Jill 4.0

Jack and Jill, went up the hill, to fetch some games and liquor. Life in the city was no fairytale, no nursery rhyme. The only eggs falling around here were unnamed, and launched from the grubby hands of idle youths.

Jill                                                                           Jack
Headset : A&A Diamante   Rawr! Headset            Shape : Hostyle Shapes   Ben Shape
Eyes : Chus!  Jill Lens in Abyss                          Skin : 7 Deadly s{K}ins GUY T1
Lips :  Pink Acid  Lip Shine Basics - Cab             Eyes : Chus!  Chus! Jill Lens in Grass
Top : The Little Bat - Lets Bone Top                    Cross : etham Gold Cross # 2 [Short]
Capris : Ducknipple Mesh: Ziggo Capris              Tattoo : Fallen Doll Mark of Cain
                                                                       Shirt : CuteBomb Designs Thirsty Tee
                                                                       Pants : Razor /// Millionare Sweats - University
                                                                       Bracelet : SwaggedOut - Bolted Bracelet
                                                                       Ring : Cubic Cherry Kre-ations {Ciaossu} ring
2 Jill and Jack, his hair slicked back, strolled through the night together. Their style so wicked sharp, if you looked too close you just might cut yourself. Their only weapons a killing glance, even on these mean streets, it was all they would need. 3
Jill                                                                                Jack
Tattoo : joli  Magick Tattoo! (JOJH)                                 Tattoo : Endless Pain Tattoos  – Dark Dimensions
Eyes : Chus! Jill Lens in Amber                                     Eyes : Chus! Jill Lens in Mint
Necklace : Epic Drop Dead Candy Heart Necklace!         Piercing : !NFINITY Twin Piercing Black
Dress : dollle Halter Wrap Dress                                    Necklace : Fujiwara’s World Bullet Necklace
Bag : Leri Miles Designs  Enya Bag                              Jacket : Fe Style  Jacket EDVG
Shoes : EMPORIUM  - jOj Heels                                   Pants : Bomshie Mikel Mens Black Jeans
                                                                                   Cuff : Forever Famous  Tree of Life Cuff
                                                                                   Shoes : Duh!  Running Shoes - Black and Grey

4 Jack and Jill would always remain. City lights shone bright, first dates, date nights, still together after all this time they owned the night. Destined by the fate of their names, love and affection writ clear on both in blood and stone. 5

Jill                                                                                           Jack
Tiara : Infliction  Love Me Tiara - Passion Princess       Tattoo : Identity Body Shop Rising Sun - Faded
Forehead Tattoo : ARISE Cusa Face tattoo                 Shades : Body Factory  Player Sunglasses 
Lip Tattoo : Twisted Barbie – His mouth                       Eyes : Chus! Jill Lens in Grass
Eyes : Chus! Jill Lens in Royal                                   Piercing : HollyWeird  PC//28
Tattoo : DATUM Baroque tattoo                                  Waistcoat : twenty13 Mens Mesh Marshall Vest
Dress : Macabre Morbid Ceremony Dress                    Pants : Biscuit Demorte Jeans
                                                                                                  Ring : KOSH - Basalt Ring

Jack or Jill 4.0 is on! Start at the Depraved Nation, follow a path for male, female, or do both and get twice as many prizes! This is always a really fun hunt, such an eclectic range of stores, there really is something to suit everyone! You can find all the SLURLs and a list of clues on the Depraved Nation site here.
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And find your starting point here.
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