Thursday, July 11, 2013

Endless Summer Surfing

They had been down at the beach for hours, the sun had risen, and they had talked. As the tides came and went, they moved with them, riding the waves when the swells rose over hidden sandbars offshore.
3 Exhausted, from time to time they would ride a wave all the way in to the beach. Jumping into knee high crystalline turquoise water, feet sinking into shifting sands they hauled their boards with them, finding more purchase at the tide line, driving the boards deep to try off in the sunshine as they rested. As warm as the water could be, being out there for hours, toying with the chilly undertow took its toll. The rest in the sun, now high in the sky, was a welcome change, even as the beach began to fill with day trippers.
2 Families rarely made it this far down the coast, too far away from the all inclusive resorts for too many of the brash rich kids to venture away from room service. The day trippers who came were mostly of their kind, here to appreciate the beauty of sand and surf, seeking both solace of self, and fun with their friends. Brushing sand off their drying skin, shaking it from their hair, thoughts turned to food, and friends. Spotting Chloe walking towards them along the shore, smiles would curl their lips. There would be more time for surfing as the moon replaced the sun, now was the time to relax and enjoy the day.
 I'm sorry it's been a little while in coming, if only all lives were as pleasant and easy as a day at the beach. Anyway, here we have more items from the Depraved Nation Endless Summer Hunt. With some things to please the boys! The hunt runs until July 20th - you can find all the hints and SLurls here...

She wears:
Skin : ::mar::CS. Katherina Skin. [Endless Summer Hunt]
Lips : Pink Acid Barbie BJD Lips - Nude
Earrings :  ...::: Scrub :::... 3 stupid Earrings
Tattoo :  B*FLY - Summer Breeze Tattoo - Faded Ink (tatt)
Bikini Top : [ bubble ] Hula Bikini -Top
Bracelet :  etham - Hook Bracelet
Skirt :  [QE] City Mini- Seafoam

He wears:
Hooded top : DuckNipple Mesh (m): Endless
Shorts : AITUI CLOTHING FACTORY - Denim Shorts - Union Jack

Poses :
Image 1 - Atooly Endless Summer gift pose
Images 2 and 3 -  Demise of Flight - Surfs Up pose boards