Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Wayward Carnival

At the Wayward Carnival the sun was shining, iridescent scales glinted on the seahorses circling the carousel. Soft music drifted in dreamy waves from brass pipes, enticing people from gardens and shore.
Meri had ridden in circles for hours. She was always on the beach before dawn had fully lit the sky, that morning had heard the music, and followed its strains. Crowds had built up around her, the Carnival was so popular when it came. Now as she climbed down from her mount, happy to let others take a spin, she found herself dizzied by the change.
She stood between two of the fine seahorses, a hand resting on the reins of each, steadying herself as much as the riders, the gossamer material of her skirt fluttered with the motion of the ride.
As soon as she could see straight, she would venture along the shore front, the boardwalk resounded with thousands of feet, happy voices raised in exclamation at the pretty stands and stalls. Shrieks of joy came from the field, flung from those on far wilder rides than the carousel. There was so much to see and to enjoy. The Wayward Carnival came just once a year, she would have to enjoy it while it lasted.

The Wayward Carnival from Wayward Events is sponsored by Alchemist, Cheeky Pea, Little Branch, NYU, Pink Acid & Soy. The SIM contains stalls featuring work from some of SLs best creators and designers, as well as carnival rides and activities for you to enjoy. The event runs until 30th July. 

Wayward Carnival

Skin : [PXL] Shara NAT Carnival ~ Makeup02 L$ 499
Skin appliers :  [PXL] Slink Body Mesh NAT applier  L$ 250
Top : {amiable} Shoulder Frilled Bow Top_White/Purple.  L$ 100
Skirt : {Reverie} -Dream On- Black Skirt  L$ 250
Lower tattoo : .Things.- Fehu Tattoo (includes appliers)  L$ 169
Shoes : *League* Vintage T-Bar Pumps -Turquoise.  L$ 325

Monday, July 20, 2015

Hair Fair 2015 - Part 2


phoenix roxanne_001
:::Phoenix::: Roxane Hair Black/Whites: L$ 250
20% Donation to Wigs for Kids
18 HUD controlled colours, different sizes and fitmesh versions

ti harmony pack 3_001
::TI:: Harmony Hair - Pack3: L$ 270
My apologies - I totally missed the donation amount here!
Hair, and Hair for Bewbs versions. Three colours for the metal head chains included. 7 colours controlled by HUD.

tameless uma fades_001
Tameless Uma - Fades: L$ 249
20% Donation to Wigs for Kids
Hair, and Hair for Bewbs. Hairbases for days, there's LOADS. HUD controlled Fades, Streaks Fades, Streaks Fantasy and Streaks Naturals.

zaela peyton - zealot_001
Zalea - Peyton - Zealot Pack L$ 849
40% Donation to Wigs for Kids
36 HUD driven colours. 36!!!

blueberry ida unicorn_001
Blueberry - Ida - Hair Design - Unicorns L$ 250
100% Donation to Wigs for Kids
Hair comes in small, medium and large sizes. 40 truly beautiful fade shades.

e desta redheads this one
[e] Desta - Redheads... L$ 285.
15% Donation to Wigs for Kids
I love a designer who makes the colour of the hair worn on the ad visible! This fabulous hair comes with 12 colours, AND 8 ombres.

The dress worn in all of my Hair Fair pics is from The Plastik's new satellite store.
 :[P]:- Helenius Dress:// Kora