Saturday, April 18, 2015

Desert Rose - Block 100 Fair

The city was known as the Desert Rose, it wore its name well. Sandstone walls of pinkish hue towered above the rolling sands, stretching out for days on three sides. The ocean guarded the fourth, it was here that she liked to watch the sunset, the glowing lifegiving orb dipping into the waves drew the finest colours from the city which was her home. The lanterns had been lit all along the shoreline, from the harbour to the thorn gardens. It had been a long walk, but one she took each evening to bid farewell to the sun, and greet the coming of night, easing the transition through the line of fire, each lit from the coals nestled in the urn she carried in her hand. She began her walk at the cliffs, came through the harbour, the first lanterns lit in the brightness of day, the last as evening mists rolled into the thorn gardens. The soft sea fret gilded the roses as beautifully as any morning dew, it was these she picked to adorn her hair; their delicate fragrance, spiced like the desert winds, accompanied her as watched the sun set.
The 100 Block Fashion Fair is back in 2015.
A full sim fashion fair showcasing many designers, each offering up an item exclusive to the fair, available at 50% off! You can shop to some excellent tunes, as on particular nights there are live DJs for your entertainment.
For those interested in photography, showing off the items they have bought - there is a photo contest running, in which you could win prizes valued at over L$ 200,000.
The Fair runs from 9th - 30th April 2015.

Rose Crown : :FF: Fleur Crown Box (Solstice)  L$ 249.
Beautiful crown of roses, four blooms to each side. Delicate chains across the forehead. All controlled via HUD, with four options for the colours of the roses, and four metal tones.
Hair : *~*Damselfly*~* Keats Rigged-Mesh Light Reds  L$ 125
Beautiful MESH hair - HUD driven 20 tones in the Light Reds pack
Gown : :[P]:- Crotan Gown:// Wine  L$ 329
Amazing full length MESH gown from The Plastik. The texturing is amazing, giving the gown a real silk feel, complete with natural 'crumple'. Hidden by the hair, the gown has a rounded square open back, with a discrete smart bow. 5 sizes, from XXS to L

The Block 100 Fair

Sunday, April 12, 2015

A new future

For centuries past, all the lands and seas around the citadel had contributed to its greatness. From beginnings many in the capital today would call inauspicious, a small fishing village on a natural harbour, amazing changes had occurred. Morgyn was a descendant of that hamlet, though her rise had little to do with lineage.
She had spent more than hours, more than days pondering the reasons behind the world, and the way it was today. This intellect had played a part in her attaining her current status, but had not helped her reach any concrete conclusion. Night followed day, and still people came, came bearing the profits of their labour, came to offer it up as part of something bigger than themselves. Those with nothing came to look upon what was made, and were inspired by it.
Still she had to wonder, what was it all for? The charm of the village, as rustic and run down as it was, had been buried beneath stone. Stone was topped with iron, steel, then silver and gold. Precious metals were chased and inlaid. It brought prestige, it brought envoys, it raised the working coastline to an empire. Had piled up riches in the hands and under the feet of those who had never toiled to earn them. Tradition and tradition alone, of appointment by lottery had brought her to these halls, to rest on drifts of diamonds.
She had it. The long night of the celebration ball and all its revelry faded as morning light crept across the shining floor of her chambers. The people came, they brought all they could. Her plans would unfold swiftly, those of the citadel were more misguided by greed and practice than malice, they would see the error of their ways, and the rightness of these new actions. All desired the betterment of their world, it would no longer be confined to their capital. Each would turn their talents and the fruits of their enterprise to their homes, to the lands of their friends. Diamonds and pearls would no longer outshine the beauty of wood and earth. All that could be made would be made, all that minds could imagine, and all would be able to see it.

Outfit : :[P]:- Esme Outfit:// Mermaid  L$ 289
Beautiful top and skirt MESH outfit. Available in a fantastic array of colours, here shown in Mermaid. Check out the side lacing!
Sofa : DS'Elles Baroque Sofa  L$ 700
Fabulous MESH sofa, with 20 individual poses. All poses can be shifted on X, Y, Z axis for a perfect fit.