Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Dawn to Midnight - Fashion For Life 2014

4 High above the rooftops of the city stood the beacon. On the beacon Dawn waited. 2 She had waited all night, just as she did; each and every night. 3 People thought she was a morning person. They were wrong. She was THE morning person, and for that, she stayed up all night.

9 Eleven o'clock was mere hours away, the time the ball was due to start. She and the palace workers had spent weeks dusting away cobwebs and polishing the floor until it shone like burnished gold. Now, wrapped up in silk to match the sky of approaching midnight, she paced the floor. Waiting, waiting, heartbeat racing; then finally, the first knock at the door. 8 working
More from the fabulous Fashion For Life 2014!

Dawn wears :
Hair :  *~*Damselfly*~*Kippar Mesh Bubblegum L$ 200
25% of this goes directly to Relay for Life. Another shade from the many to choose from in the fabulous Bubblegum tones HUD for this style.
Dress :  [LeeZu!] Metropolis Dress M (mesh,material) Couture Black L$ 350
25% of this goes directly to the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life
Now, I know I'm always positive about items I blog here, why would I blog things I didn't like? But this, this is in a league of its own. The design of this is something else. Layers of fabric akin to articulated armour, all in beautifully textured fabric. 
Shoes :  HEYDRA Sera V2 Slink Heel Blue L$ 199
50% of this goes directly to Relay for Life. These beautiful heels are amazing. For your High Slink feet, the colour and style it gorgeous.

Midnight wears :
Hair :  *~*Damselfly*~*Brandell Dark Reds  L$ 200
25% of this goes directly to Relay for Life. More lovely hair from Damselfly, the Dark Reds HUD has the TWENTY colour options, including this pretty blue fade.
Dress : ~The Library~ Athena Dress-Midnight L$ 300
100% of this goes direct to the American Cancer Society through Relay for Life. The talents behind The Library have done it again! Fashion trends are just as real in SL as RL, here the same flowing articulation is worked in the fabric. The beautiful midnight silk is offset perfectly by the metallic shoulder piece.

Fashion for Life runs until the 20th - so get on over to the Sims, and do something wonderful by shopping!
There is also a 'Passport' game to play - pick up a HUD, then on each SIM, in the GACHA section, there's a souvenir to purchase for L$ 50. Wear or add, and your passport gets a stamp. Collect em all, and head back to the TP point of any of the Sims, and pick your Prize, donated by some of the great designers at the event. I went for the -IrodorI- Red peony, a complete outfit with hair! I think it looks pretty good too!