Saturday, October 23, 2010

Asian Dreams

Nearly floating in the last release from Orquidea. This store is simply amazing. Somehow they always manage to create wonderful textures which look great. And its one of the few stores which are really able to deal with the skirt layer.
The blue dress comes in two lengths. Short and long. The set contains also a fitting headdress. In the short version the dress is sexy and elegant but ...
for going out in the evening it could be worn as long gown. Now it gives its owner the look all other women hate her for. Of course its still elegant and sexy but its simply a bit more elegant than as short dress. The headdress is great. Even although its not a small one it still looks playful and being made of little flowers and sticks it also does not look like a huge fan. The colour of the dress fits also to most haircolours it might even look great with pink hair. The blue fits well to blond hair, the asian look lets it look great with black hair and as you could see on the picture it works fine with red hair. To say it short this dress is a masterpiece. Although the skirt layer was used for it it looks great and to be honest its sold for only 350 Linden. I have seen dresses which didn t reach the quality of this dress but had been more expensive.
Dress: ORQUIDEA Modern Asian style dress (350 Linden)

For the free and the brave

I d like to mention some free stuff i found in the last days or well some of it have been groupgifts so i could stay at home and nibble at my toes.

I really like the halloween groupgift from likka house. Its a short skirt with fitting top and a lovely hat. I live the funny trousers you wear under the skirt a lot. Outfit: [Group Gift] LIKKA*HOUSE Majocco-pumpkin

Eret!ka gave out a cute halloween skin. Its purple and has some stuff around the eyes on it. Unfortunatly i wore a mask i got in the hateween hunt. The outfit comes from the phoenix rising sale.
Skin: Halloween Skin by Eret!ka (0 Linden Groupgift)
Outfit: -Phoenix Rising- Accountant Tied Up (White) (25 Linden)

I somehow have enough of halloween, all that orange and the skulls and pumpkins. Somehow i can't see it anymore. But i have to admit there are some great items available in halloween hunts. I liked the hateween hunt a lot. Some japanese stores take part in it and so you get some cute free stuff.

Dress: Halcali:::hate ween hunt (0 Linden Hunt item)
Mask: hateween hunt **:::Dimbula Rose::: (0 Linden Hunt item)
Outfit: *deviant girls* vampie (0 Linden Hunt item)
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Mayumi2" (Garnet) KDC Mall limited color! (0 Linden Lucky board)
Top: hateween hunt **izm. 1/3 (0 Linden Hunt item)
Trousers: [*RD*]*Voodoo Doll Hunt Male Giftie* (0 Linden Hunt item)
Shoes: +KiiToS!! Kankae+ Knit boots -for Hateween Hunt- (0 Linden Hunt item)
Top: hateween hunt **!129129**036_Tanktoppp_WHITE (0 Linden Hunt item)
Pants: Shampooo High waist Short Pants(Paple)hateween hunt (0 Linden Hunt item)
Hat: MOGU :: hateween hunt hat (0 Linden Hunt item)

Friday, October 22, 2010

Hidden talents

Edita was a special elf. Her ears looked like somebody pulled on them for hours and her hair. Just not like elf hair. It even looked greasy. But the worst was her behaviour. She wanted to be a fae. Of course she didn't look at all like one of those elegant and beautiful beings. She was dirty, her skin was so rotten that it needed to be stitched from time to time. And she drank. She drank much. But one day she was allready drunk when walking to the distillery. So by mistake she tool the wrong way and ended up in the forge. It was empty as the blacksmith had fallen for a centaur he shoed - but thats an other story. So Edita made her way into the forge.
She had to test all the materials the blacksmith left behind. And she was really surprised about her talent.
First she made herself a pair of wings. It was a mix of cloth and metal and it looked great. She also managed to build fitting jewlery. Edita wasn t the only one who liked her creations. A lot of people came and bought her wings and her jewlery.
So soon she was a rich woman. She bought new clothes. And new hair. And one day she met a magician in the distillery.
It wasn't cheap and it hurt a lot but after a week she had real wings.
Elizabeth Tinsley of Frippery and Cane Sutter of Skinthesis are not only great designers well they are great designers but that means that they are also rather creative. So they had the idea of creating a fairy set which fits to the season. So Frankenfae was born. They invited their friends to take part in the creation of Frankenfairy. So Evie's Closet created a cute a bit torn fairy dress, Angelwings came up with a funny green dress with lots of patches and Milli from No Strings Attached build some great poses (she always builds great poses) which fit perfectly to the theme. Combining those items with the metal wings from Frippery and the skin and the hair from Skinthesis its a great mix for a spooky looking fairy avatar. Its possible to buy the single parts so you could build up your own Franken Fairy.
Purple dress: *Evie's Closet* - Will O' The Wisp (350 Linden)
Blue green dress: **Angelwing** Franken-Fae dress (200 Linden)
Skin with greenish hair: Skinthesis FrankenFairy Pack - Skin, Eyes, Shoes, Hair - .(777 Linden)
Skin with purple hair: Skinthesis FrankenFairy Pack - Skin, Eyes, Shoes, Hair - . (777 Linden)
Wings and jewlery: Frippery: ET~FrankenFae Monster Pack (800 Linden)
Poses: No Strings Attached : Frankenfairy (150 Linden)

Bags and Carpets

Beside the cute poses Croire has some other cute stuff in the for the love of halloween gatcha party. I love the little bows you could get for the head. The bags are also rather cool and many books fit into them. They even got a gatcha for warm carpets with pretty patterns. One of the items from C'est moi is a rather cute shirt.
Orange Bag: [croire] vintage floral tote (creamsicle) (50 Linden)
Brown white Bag: [croire] vintage floral tote (cotton candy) (50 Linden)
Rug: [croire] rug from the attic (25 Linden)
Bow: [croire] fabric & fishnet bow (25 Linden)
T-shirt right: C'est Moi! FTLO GATCHA shirt Chup Chup (10 Linden)
Dress left: * [DIAPOP] * dolce come te - velo marrone (211 Linden)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Bees love pumpkins

Hungry superbee bringing home the pumpkincookie she stole somewhere. Making some buzzing noises. She also wears some fitting wristlets.There is a hunt taking place at the fierce sim. You have to find 31 gravestones well you could find 31 gravestones nobody forces you to do the hunt. But its worth to do it. I like the striped dress and also the yellow dress on the picture below. The hunt ends at 31st October. For the picture i used the its cake gatcha items for the mouth. The bat is so cute. The pumpkin hair is from kin. Its very cute in my opinion. The wristlets are the new dollarbies from Womens Dreamy Bodyshop. The wristlet is well built and it even comes with a resizescript.
1st picture: Fierce**slouchy grouch (0 Linden)
2nd picture: Fierce**Sexy Salem (0 Linden)
Hair: Kin: KinHalloweenHairGift (0 Linden)
Wristlets: WDB Dollarbie Bracelet (1 Linden)
Mouth thingies:
.:it's Cake:. Bat Mouthy (15 Linden)
.:it's Cake:. jack o lanturn mouthy (15 Linden)
Croire : for the love of gatcha (15 Linden)


Will you like a cup of tea.....

The Tea House Hunt has started already. There are 20 asian stores like Tokidoki, !Ohmai, dubbo, and mocha and 22 gifts that you can grab in the most beautifull Tea House. Is only one location and almost all the items can be bought for 1LS.

What i'm wearing
Skin .::Mother Goose's::.
Kimono [kiki], it comes with the sandals, and the hair, is a beautifull set
Eyelashes Mstyle Lashes - Elf (not part of the hunt)

Tea House Hunt


Paint your face

[ a.e.meth ] is a shop where you could get rather unique stuff being created by a unique girl with unique ideas. Now she developed tintable stripes for the face. They are face tattoos but you could tint them in your favourite colour. They come in lotss of different versions so if you have the normal viewer you could combine two of them and wear differently coloured ones. I first choosed one with a full stripe on one side of the face and a half one on the other side. I tinted it red.Then i played around with blue and an other tattoo. And i didn t realize that i somehow managed to get a "braveheart" look.
Facetattoo: [ a.e.meth ] - Dramatic Paint Stripe Makeup (100 Linden)

In Cobwebs

The princess of spiders standing proud in a foreign town. Her fiancée was kidnapped by a foreign tribe so she has to search him to get him back. She choosed him because he looked so delicious. But one night before the wedding should take place he disappeared. He only could be kidnapped. Which sane man would run away from his spiderwife before the mating? The orange spider gown comes from d-design.It also could be worn as suit. The textures are cute and well the dress and the suit allow others to see your navel. So take care not to have any dirt in it.
The set comes with gloves, a bit collar (with resizescript) and two skirts. One with lace and the other one without lace. The stockings are also included in two versions. At the moment the gown without the suit version is on sale. And you even could get fitting jewlery at d-design. The gown is also available with other cobweb colours.
Gown: D-DESIGN Spider Orange Net (860 Linden gown and suit, 460 Linde Gown and groupmembers could buy the gown for 275 Linden)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Training for circus

Standing at home balancing on stilts while training juggling. Why starting with juggling balls like everybody does if you could have fun with something hot.But after the roof started to burn two times i thought it would be time to train something less dangerous. So i drove through the flat on a unicycle. But it was a magical ones so i suddenly had claws instead of feet.
At the moment burning life is taking place. This year its named Burn 2 instead of Burning life 2010 and its much smaller. There are only 6 sims this year. But well that does not mean that it is less fun. Most amazing i found the flying circus which was created by the "Stilt Bitches". It looks a bit like a flying turtle and there is so much to explore and to find. They got some free circus clothes and very cool circus toys. Like the stilts and the unicycle. As Burn 2 will end at the 24th you should get your friends and visit the circus, ride the carousel, fly on the magic carpet, dress up as clown and get stilts.

The dress i used is new from diapop. It comes in four colours and i d like to show 3 of them. Its a very cute dress in my opinion. And i love the things on the shoulders. The hair is a freebie i found with the help of a new lucky chair and freebie group named "Sit Here Slap This". It is finally a group founded by active lucky chair stalkers so the moderators do not tell you to stop when having posted a lucky chair to often in a lucky chair group as it happened to me in Free-licious.
Left: * [DIAPOP] * dolce come te - velo grigio (211 Linden)
Middle: * [DIAPOP] * dolce come te - velo bianco (211 Linden)
Right: * [DIAPOP] * dolce come te - velo marrone (211 Linden)

Hair: LOGO Hair Freebie (0 Linden)

[purple against suicide]

[purple against suicide]
Did you ever think about the fact that this could be your fault?

October 20th has been declared as 'Wear Purple'-day after the numerous, terrifying suicides of LGBT youth triggered by bullying. This day is meant to raise awareness of a worldwide existing problem that is mostly being ignored or not considered worthy enough to be taken to public. However, the growing rate of bullying-related suicides amongst lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teenagers should make everyone question our so-called enlightened society, antiquated role models and if nothing else, our very own behaviour.

If words start to hurt like daggers and the fear of going to school doesn't allow you to sleep anymore, if you're getting harrassed, beaten up, avoided, laughed at and publically denounced simply for who you are, if your ache and fear grow so much that even a cruel and painful death appears to be a release... choose life. No matter how hard it might be at this very moment, or how bad you're feeling: there is hope. And help.

It gets better.

[purple against suicide]

Nothing lasts forever.
Don't let them steal your pride or love of living.
Wear purple to show your support and raise awareness. <3

If you're seeking help and/or information:
It Gets Better Project

The Trevor Project
Resources to Help Stop Bullying

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

[don't leave]

[don't leave]
*BOOM* Aranel's Wings - free at Halloween Spooktacular

There is diversity amongst the winged ones, similar to us creatures that are fighting to survive each bittersweet day under this hopeless sun - yet, I knew you'd been send to me. Only me. To hold me. To kiss each desperate tear from my face with a mere glance from your eyes of amber. But you weren't meant to stay... and as you walked towards the light, I could feel your urge to turn and look at me one last time, me who was waiting, wrapped in brilliant shadows and breathing a last good bye onto your pumpkin-coloured feathers. Autumn will never be the same without you.

Monday, October 18, 2010

[49's for the boys]

Jaunty's '49L Sale for the Dudes' is taking place again from Oct. 17th through the 23rd, and there are a lot of nice items up for graps. Shirts, cardigans and pullovers will be what you find most in this turn, but there is also some pretty cool hair and boots that are waiting to land in your shopping bag. For more info on the sale and all store-SLURLS, clickie here!

[49's for the boys] [49's for the boys]
(left)Hair: [np] Knitted Beanie + Hair (Black), Top: .:A&M:. V-Neck Sweater - Red, Boots: +KiiToS!!+ - Nordic Knit boots
(right) Outfit: 22769 - Preppy in Paisleys, Boots: +KiiToS!!+ - Nordic Knit boots

[49's for the boys] [49's for the boys]
(left) Hair: [np] Knitted Beanie + Hair (Ginger), Top: A:S:S - Mellow pullover
(right) Outfit: 22769 - Golden Leather Shirt Outfit, Boots: +KiiToS!!+ - Nordic Knit boots, Hair: [Shag] - Paper Tiger

[warm in orange]

[warm in orange]

SF Design never misses to surprise me with their awesome monthly freebies. This time you can snatch up a nice pumpkin-coloured cardigan with a white nordic knit-pattern. Belt and bottom part come either as singles for perfect adjustment or in one piece with a resize script, both collar and sleeves are sculpted.

Top: sf design - wrap up knitted jacket sienna (free during October)
Bottom: A:S:S - NF Jeans

Hair: ploom - Ashly (old Stumblebum item)

jaunty jaunt

Its time for the jaunty sale again and 22769 takes of course part in it. They created two outfits for the sale which is normaly for guys - but with some time on the posestand the outfit also fit women.

The first outfit is a red open shirt with a paisley pattern on it. You could either wear it with a top which is also included in the outfit or just without the top. The set contains white jeans too. The second outfit is asian inspired. I just love the black silk top. The pattern on it is great and i also like the cut at the neck very much. Of course there are fitting trousers included. I liked the shirt so much that i prefered to take the picture without the leatherjacket which is the third part of the set.
Outfit on the first picture: 22769 JAUNTYSALE: Preppy in Paisleys (49 Linden)
Outfit on the second picture: 22769 JAUNTYSALE: Golden Leather Shirt Outfit (49 Linden)


The store .:ellabella:. is known by many for its extraordinary piercings made from teeny-tiny prims, and even though I'm not a big fan of spiders when they're not pixelated, I instantly had to run over to the shop when the creator, ellantha Larsson, announced this Halloween-realted, new release - and wasn't disappointed!

.:ellabella:. Woven Thoughts

The 'Woven Thoughts'-piercing turned out to be my favourite, mostly because I like the symbiosis between jewelry and name and for the simple reason that I consider the forehead to be a neglected area when it comes to piercings. This one is really perfectly crafted, and the little spider dangling down between your brows even casts a shadow.

.:ellabella:. It Dangles!

The lip ring shown is a dollarbie and comes, as usual for .:ellabella:.-stuff, in three attachment points (nose/mouth/chin). No matter if drow or not - hurry over to .:ellabella:. to grab yourself some spooky critters for your face!

(forehead) .:ellabella:. Woven Thoughts
(lip) .:ellabella:. IT DANGLES! (dollarbie)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Short and spooky

I'd like to show two dresses which fit to the season (well if you are inside a house and the fire is burning) and are also free. On the left side is a midnight mania gift from Custom iNKZ. Its short but everything should be covered. Evie's closet has a cute dress on the lucky board. As the other dress its black and short. D!va has some new lucky boards the short pink hair is the gift on one of those the brown hair is a groupgift in the same store.
Left: Custom iNKZ "Obsession" - Stars (0 Linden midnight Mania)
Hair: ""D!va"" Hair "Chika3" (Ruby) Lucky board limited color! (0 Linden)
Right: *Evie's Closet* Fable - (Lucky Chair) Halloween 2010 (0 Linden Lucky board)
Hair: ""D!va"" more than 5000 group member celebration gift (0 Linden)

The blushing witch

Ignatiana was searching her cat. So she flew around searching. As modern witch she also used the chance to train some tricks like flying without using her hands and just making her broom fly like she wants with the preasure of her legs.
When hearing something she quickly went closer to the ground.
But seeing what her cat was doing made Ignatiana blush.
So she forced her broom on high speed and flew up high to cool down.
Halloween is near so here an other costume for the modern witch. The purple hat and the cape are a gift from lika ruby i got it in the KDC Mall. The orange shirt is on the Cknife Lucky board its at the same place as the witches hat. The trousers are in the current 22769 groupgift. They are full of blood. No Strings Attached managed something i didn t expect. The broom they created as donation item for the horrorfest contains poses which are really not like the average broomstick poses. The horrorfest will end at 31. 10. 2010 and supports the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.
Broom: 'NSA' - Life's a Witch broom
Shirt: *CKnife* Lantern sleeve T-shirt (orange) LB 1 (Lucky board 0 Linden)
Hat and Cape: +Lika Ruby+ Witch Hat(purple) (Groupgift 0 Linden)
Trousers: 22769 groupgift october 2010 - happy halloween (Groupgift 0 Linden)
Hair: **Pocket Mirrors** Grace Updo Gift (Gift 0 Linden)